Education Funding

Reach out to your members of Congress at home before they head back to D.C.

Congress is wrapping up its August recess, but you may still have an opportunity to connect with the people who work for you in Washington while they are back home.

Take advantage of this time by meeting with your members of Congress at their back-home district office or at a town hall to focus on two issues that matter a great deal to students, parents and educators:

  1. Oppose ANY Trump/DeVos budget cuts to public education. NEA believes in a strong and inclusive public education system that ensures that all students can succeed regardless of their ZIP code. Tell Congress to ensure that public schools have the resources necessary to provide the education our students deserve. Click here to find out more.
  2. Oppose private school vouchers, no matter what they are called. The Trump/DeVos budget proposal drastically slashes education funding by $9 billion in order to fund private school vouchers that harm students and communities, and undermine the public schools that educate nine out of 10 students. Click here to find out more.

Our message is straightforward: Do not cut funding for public education and students most in need. Do not shift tax dollars into private school vouchers, including through tax reform. Regardless of what they’re called, vouchers, education savings accounts, and tuition tax credits rob public schools of vital funding and resources, forcing taxpayers to pay for two school systems.

When lawmakers return to Washington on September 5th, we expect a battle over the budget plan and on efforts to advance private school vouchers.  Given our shared success in beating back multiple efforts to repeal and “replace” the Affordable Care Act (thank you for your amazing work!), let’s keep the fight going on these other critical issues.

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