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How to keep up your education activism in the busy, back-to-school season

If you’re an educator or a parent–or both–there’s no doubt you’re busy getting your classroom and your family ready for the upcoming school year. Here are a few tips for how to stay engaged in public school activism during busy times like these.

Stay Informed is an essential resource that helps busy educators stay in-the-know on state and national politics, legislation, and events that affect public education. It offers quick and easy ways to support good initiatives, speak out against bad ones, and to share your story with decision makers.

Subscribe to the EdVotes weekly newsletter and follow EdVotes on your favorite social media platforms and you won’t miss a beat.

For more on what’s happening on Capitol Hill, sign up for NEA’s Education Insider. You’ll receive federal legislative updates on the topics of most interest to you, plus links to NEA’s Legislative Action Center, which puts you into direct contact with the folks who represent you in Congress.

Finally, check out your state association website and make sure you’re taking advantage of the insights and information their political experts have to offer. Follow your state association on social media and sign up for legislative newsletters or text alerts.

Spread the Word

You can make a difference just by sharing pro-public education content on the social media sites you log on to every day. Become a fan of Speak Up for Education & Kids (EducationVotes’ home on Facebook) and follow @EdVotes on Twitter for fresh pro-public education content to share with your networks.

This just might be the quickest way to ensure that the people you are connected to understand what’s at stake in politics for students and schools. It’s more than efficient—a “share” here and a “retweet” there can open up meaningful conversations that inspire others to take action on behalf of public education.

Make Your Voice Heard

This is the part that no one else can do: Sign your name and tell your story for the cause. As an EducationVotes subscriber and Speak Up follower, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to sign petitions, take pledges, and share your story.

“We have to make our voices heard by the people who are making decisions that affect our classrooms,” says Maryland music teacher Jessica Fitzwater, who is also a recent NEA Political Activist of the Year.

“Elected officials need to understand that it’s not just dollars and cents, students’ entire lives will be impacted by these decisions,” she adds. “And we’re the best ones to tell these stories.”

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