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5 Education Votes articles that will get you revved up about advocating for students

by Brian Washington

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There are times when we all need a little extra fuel to keep us going. Hopefully, today’s post will do just that. Below are five Education Votes stories that may add a little more excitement and enthusiasm to the idea of standing up for students, educators, and public schools. The articles cover topics ranging from educators and communities pushing back on high-stakes testing to thoughtful things you can do and share with others regarding resisting the destructive agenda of President Trump and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. Being an activist for students and public education, at times can be tough, but hopefully these stories will demonstrate that it can also be just as rewarding.

These 5 awesome wins by educator-activists will benefit students & democracy

State and local policymakers are responsible for scores of decisions that affect families and kids, including decisions about public education. That’s why educator and parent activism is so critical during state legislative sessions, city or town council meetings, and school board proceedings. Here are just a few examples where educator activism helped score a win for public education and the common good. Read more.

Educators, community push back on high-stakes testing

4 key examples of communities and educators pushing back on high-stakes testing

Classroom time should be spent on providing students with the one-on-one attention they need to succeed academically. Instead, educators are spending way too much time helping students prepare and take high-stakes tests. Test scores should never be used to punish and label students and public schools as “failing”. Here are four examples where educators and community members have come together to push back against the overreliance on high-stakes testing. Read more.

5 things you can do now to resist the Trump-DeVos agenda

Every citizen who cares about public schools has a role to play in defending public education from the agenda President Trump and Education Secretary DeVos have laid out: to defund and destabilize public schools in favor of vouchers and charter schools that are unaccountable to taxpayers. Read more.

Nevada voucher defeat showcases why elections matter in resisting Trump-DeVos Agenda

Activists hold anti-ALEC rally in Denver.

Elections matter. Period. And more importantly, they can have a huge impact on students, educators, and public schools. This is true whether you’re interested in politics or not. The latest powerful example proving this point comes from out West—the state of Nevada, where educators, with the help of several community partners, managed to strip the funding from a huge voucher program, essentially killing it. Read more.

Educators, community turn up heat on ALEC meeting to draw attention to group’s destructive agenda

Some of the politicians attending a meeting in Denver held by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) may be having second thoughts about their connection to the anti-public education group—thanks to a huge rally and march that involved hundreds of educators, parents, and community activists. Read more.

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