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Photo Gallery: Educators, activists march on Washington, D.C. for public education

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by Brian Washington

Several thousands of educators, parents, and activists came to the nation’s capital to show support for public education. The “March for Public Education” took place on the National Mall over the weekend. It was designed to protest the destructive budget being pushed by President Trump and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. Both want to slash public education by billions of dollars and create a national private school voucher program. Vouchers drain valuable dollars away from public schools–and the vast majority of children who attend them–in order to pay for the tuition of a small few at private schools.

Utah educator and NEA President Lily Eskelsen Garcia, who represents millions of educators across the nation, was one of the guest speakers at the march. In addition to highlighting the importance of public education to our democracy and the future of our nation, she also entertained the crowd with songs of solidarity and strength. Education Votes was also there and managed to capture a few of the highlights. (See photos below)

Similar marches took place in Detroit, Miami, Austin, Texas and Lincoln, Nebraska.



NEA President Lily Eskelsen Garcia sings solidarity songs at march for education.


NEA President Lily Eskelsen Garcia stresses to the media the importance of public education.
Activists march on the Mall for public education

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