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Educators speak out: Congress must act to support special needs students

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The budget proposed by President Trump and Education Secretary DeVos is devastating for students and our nation’s public schools.

It slashes opportunities for the students most in need by cutting $10 billion from education funding, including a $113 million cut to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) – a program that helps ensure all children with disabilities receive a free, appropriate public education.

That’s right – Trump-DeVos want to roll back IDEA funding to pre-2001 levels!

Click on the videos below to hear from educators themselves how these cuts will affect their students. Then contact your Representatives and ask them to support the IDEA Full Funding Act.


Kizzy Nicholas, Learning Support Teacher, Pennsylvania

“We lose programs that would drive our country forward because schools are having to pay for their special education programs because Congress hasn’t funded special education.”


Emilly Osterling, Middle School Special Education Teacher, Ohio

“I see some of the students I’ve had over the years working … and they are members of the community. To see that [program] ripped away from students is very sad.”


Martha Patterson, Middle School Special Education Teacher, Washington

“When you shortchange education funding to special ed students, you are shortchanging our future.”


Rudolph Burruss, Instructional Paraprofessional, Pennsylvania

“We’ve asked people to volunteer, we’ve had people give of their own, we’ve had parents give to us, so that we can continue this program and keep these kids moving forward in their life. We need Congress to fulfill its promise to our students and fund the programs fully.”

2 responses to “Educators speak out: Congress must act to support special needs students

  1. My son has cerebral palsy and has benefitted enormously from special education programs mandated by IDEA. I adopted him from Russia where those programs do not exist, and I was SO PROUD to bring him to my country where I knew he would get the opportunity he needed. I can’t tell you how disappointing it would be if my country is no longer a leader in this area. Thid I’d what America is all about! Congress, please vote to fully fund IDEA programs!

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