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5 things you can do now to resist the Trump-DeVos agenda to wreck schools

Every citizen who cares about public schools has a role to play in defending public education from the agenda President Trump and Education Secretary DeVos have laid out: to defund and destabilize public schools in favor of vouchers and charter schools that are unaccountable to taxpayers.

Marches, protests and petitions all matter, but these lower-profile, everyday actions are just as important. Get started today!

1. Add everyone who represents you to your mobile contacts.

Include all elected leaders—from your district school board members to your members of Congress—with their D.C. and back-home office numbers! Be ready to hold them accountable, and thank them when they do right by public schools.


2. Attend your next school board meeting.

Invite a friend or colleague to go with you and see firsthand how decisions are made. Request to speak on issues important to educators and students.



3. Strengthen school-community connections.

Invite an educator to speak to your faith or community group. Bring local community leaders into your classroom so they can learn about your students, and vice versa.



4. Create a public school defense team in your neighborhood.

Establish several means of communication—email, phone, and a closed group online—and provide updates on local school issues. If your district comes under attack, alert the entire network! When the time comes, this group can spread the word about pro-public education candidates at every level of government.



5. Help educate your community about what’s at stake for educators and students in the Trump-DeVos era.

This is a good project for your neighborhood public school defense team. Work with your neighbors to host a community teach-in on the dangers of turning over public school dollars to private schools.


Do you have additional ideas of how activists can stay involved in the fight for public schools? Please share your best tips in the comments section!

9 responses to “5 things you can do now to resist the Trump-DeVos agenda to wreck schools

  1. I’m a member of the VT NEA, building rep, and local association VP. I firmly believe we need to work harder to change the nature of the discussion about public education. We need to create dialogue that is pro public school and features the value and awesomeness of what we do instead of only defending ourselves against slander. We need to own the discussion and frame it in a more positive light!

  2. Everything DeVos says should be ignored. She is a disgrace and disservice to the nation’s schools, teachers, students, and future! She needs to move to Russia.

  3. As an educator and someone who has seen the importance of support for all my students’ I feel very strongly that public schools are our best hope for the students of our country. The accountability is there the training is there and the accountability is there. Unlike for profit educators who have a terrible track record overall.

  4. Agreed. As an NEA member and retired professor, I say:

    Putting her in charge of education is as sensible as hiring a five-year-old to paint your house. She has no clue and no qualifications. All she has is wealth to buy her way into politics. Disgusting.

    I’ve taught at both private and public colleges. No comparison as to the quality. Private colleges are all about making money and are as far away from pure education as you can get.

  5. Someone who knows nothing about education or protections and assistance for disabled children has no business being in this role! She has no idea what it’s like to borrow money for a college education and then be saddled with so much debt you will spend years paying it off plus paying for a mortgage and all of the other things that you have to pay for in life. She is the worst possible pick for this position.

  6. The charter school funding assistance that DeVos proposes favors the wealthy because most low income parents will not be able to afford their share of the cost.

  7. Betsy DeVos has no business serving as Secretary of Education. She cares little about public education.Her qualification for her position is her monetary contribution to her political party. She may be Trump’s worst political appointment. Welcome to the swamp.

  8. I am from that part of Michigan that DeVos is. The Amway bunch she belongs to has no respect for public schools. Finally they think they can dismantle a very effect Michigan Public School System and the Michigan Education Association. There is a very, very fundamentalist religious group along Western Michigan and they want more and more public money for their religion promotion. As our president says so often “sad” and “bad”. The public school are open to all and those who want to introduce religion into schooling need to support their own private schools.

  9. The whole Trump Devos administration is a BIG problem for education in the this country.(as well as the country in general)
    Again, it’s for the rich and powerful to keep the average man/woman under their thumbs and to break them….it’s time for people to understand what these people are about, and to fight them in every way possible.
    They are ruining the country for us and our children. The education system in this country is so far behind the rest of the world that it’s a joke, and Betsey Devos???? is NOT the answer.

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