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Trump-DeVos budget threatens students, public schools, and working families

by Brian Washington

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UPDATED: Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, who has showed on several occasions she is unqualified for her new post, appeared this week before a U.S. Senate committee to talk about the Trump-DeVos education budget—which educators say is a blueprint to harm students and public schools. Check out her testimony in its entirety below.




Below are some DeVos testimony highlights:



Also check out the Trump-DeVos budget plan in its entirety. For those short on time, the some of the plan’s destructive points are listed below–in terms of what it would do:

  • Cuts the federal investment in education programs in FY2018 by 13.6 percent;
  • Cuts $10.6 billion in federal education initiatives overall;
  • Eliminates 22 education programs;
  • Cuts $1.2 billion from after-school programs;
  • Cuts $27 million from arts education;
  • Cuts IDEA (special education funding) by $133 million;
  • Cuts $2.1 billion from funding to reduce class sizes (which is key for providing the one-on-one attention students need to succeed) and support professional development for educators; and
  • More than $700 million in cuts to college loans for low-income students.

Trump and DeVos also want to take more scarce resources away from our public schools—where 90 percent of the nation’s children are enrolled—and funnel them into private and/or religious schools that are unaccountable to the public. We’re talking more than $1 billion.

This budget will harm every working family in America. That’s why we need education activists nationwide to contact their lawmakers on Capitol Hill and urge them to reject the Trump-DeVos budget.

Last month, after DeVos went before a committee in the House to tout her and her boss’ destructive spending plan. NEA President Lily Eskelsen Garcia, a Utah educator who represents about 3 million educators nationwide, issued the video below describing how education activists could make their voices heard. Check it out…and take action! We cannot allow Trump and DeVos to ruin our students’ futures.


9 responses to “Trump-DeVos budget threatens students, public schools, and working families

  1. A compromise by our Iowa Democrats in 2013 left home schoolers to their environment without checks and balances. Two teenage girls have died in the last few months because there is not enough resources in DHS and they were being homeschooled. The cases are purely abuse. We all have to care and we all need a way to be caretakers for those who cannot care for themselves. Our country has statistics on healthcare for people of poverty below Chili. Citizens don’t seem to care if people are dying. Our public education system is the only equalizer and now the powers that be want to take that away.

  2. Overtime I have seen that DeVos answers complex questions the same way a 10th grader writes a book report on a book she’s never read…with a lot of BS!!!!

  3. It appears that the Demos are more interested in thrashing deVos’ thoughts well before they have heard her answers. Demos in their unadulterated arrogance do not come to the table to do more than prove their own assumptions. It is boring and uninformative as well as not helpful in proving their superiority in judgment, devotion to education, intelligence. Regardless of all the money poured into education in the past 4 years the programs which change every year bc of their falure reflect this limited (albeit seemingly altruistic) mindset. I taught from 1958- 2014,

    1. Ronna – If someone is trying to burn down your house, do you wait until the torch is applied to stop them? Betsy DeVos is clearly not an advocate for public education. Every idea in her toolbox amounts to a slash of funding and/or a funneling of resources into private sector/religious schools.

      You clearly dislike democrats, but they’re the only ones standing in defense of public schools. The GOP isn’t, or are you yet another public educator that tends to vote against their own self interest? Don’t you get it?

      1. What our education system is doing obviously is not working or we would not have so many kids below grade level or need seclusion rooms. Let’s try some alternatives. Home schooled families I know are excellent. Private schools I know are excellent. Why do you think parents choose them for their kids one shot at education?

    2. Ronna – as an educator I suggest that you edit your comments before sending them off – it is something we teach students beginning in first grade. Unless you prefer to spell “failure” as “falure”….
      Assuming that it is just an unedited typo, let’s talk about failure! You are right – we have failed our kids in many ways. You are right that many quick fixes and new programs have not been the magic bullet. But, if you have been truly a teacher, as you state, then you know that smaller class sizes, as much 1:1 attention as possible for struggling (and non-struggling) students, special ed support, psychological and therapeutical support, arts and sports, food programs, before-and after- school programs, and much more are all crucial to successful education. Well, Betsy DeVos is planning to cut most of this – so, what do you think about that?

  4. Let’s get them out of office before the completely destroy this country. Devise it’s not good for education. We have and amazing education on board right now for our country. Having been in education for more than 47 years, I realize that once again it will be destroyed by them!

  5. As a special education educator of 40 years in a rural, KY community, I beg those who hold the purse strings for education dollars to please pay attention to the devastating proposals of The Trump-Devos budget plan. Our children deserve better!

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