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Education activists attend local town halls before congressional recess ends

by Brian Washington


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This weekend will give education activists one more shot at meeting with their lawmaker(s) or attending a congressional town hall before the U.S. House of Representatives returns to work on Tuesday.

House members went on recess earlier this month after taking that controversial vote to replace the Affordable Care Act with TrumpCare. Many members voted for the bill without reading or knowing what was in it. Experts estimate the legislation would leave tens of millions of Americans without health care coverage.

We asked Education Votes readers what they would want to ask lawmakers if they attended one of the many town halls taking place this weekend. Here what one reader told us.

Do you support millions of families being cut from Medicaid as the House plan does?” asked Jim Burfeind.

Those who helped pass TrumpCare have been catching hell from constituents at various town halls across the country. Some have even pulled a “no-show” at these events.

“I would just be happy if (Rep.) Chuck Fleischmann (TN) would just show up,” said Education Votes reader Wayne Cook.

Last month, we told you about an Education Votes reader who was determined to bring up issues that impact students and public schools at the town hall she planned to attend—including the initial budget proposed by President Trump and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, who has no background in education and proves on a regular basis she is unqualified for the post she now holds.

The Trump-DeVos budget would give more than $200 million to private school vouchers. Vouchers, sometimes referred to as tuition tax credits or education savings accounts, drain millions away from public schools and the vast majority of students they serve.

DeVos does not care about education. She cares about profits for the owners of private schools who would benefit from vouchers,” said Bill Owens, another Education Votes reader. “Recent studies have shown that private schools perform worse than public schools.

TAKE ACTION: To attend a congressional town hall in your region, check out the Town Hall Project website. After you plug in your zip code, it will show you the town halls taking place in your region.

And if you’re stumped about what to say, we got you covered on that as well. See the video below to find out how to talk to your lawmaker. Now is the time to take a stand for public education. Our students are depending on you.

Want to learn how you can speak up for students at a townhall event? Watch our training below!


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