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ICYMI: The Trump-Devos budget is bad, really bad, for students

by Brian Washington


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If you’re a frequent reader of Education Votes, and we trust that you are (and if you’re not you should be), by now you already know how awful the education budget proposed by President Trump and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos would be for students.

However, on the slim chance that this is new information for you, don’t worry. Here are a few short stories you can check out over the weekend to get up to speed.

Slammed for time this weekend? No worries. Here’s a quick download as to why educators across the nation are contacting their lawmakers and warning them about how this budget would negatively impact students. For example, more than 20 education programs would see a collective $9 billion in cuts, including:

  • 21st Century Community Learning Centers (supports after-school programs)
  • Title II, which helps states hire and train teachers
  • TRIO and other college access programs that put higher education into reach for more students
  • The Comprehensive Literacy Development Grant program
  • Impact Aid, which provides funding for schools near federally protected lands that do not generate local tax revenues.

The budget also seeks a $1.4 billion boost to voucher and charter school schemes and a rollback of education spending to pre-2002 levels in today’s dollars, excluding federal Pell Grants. The Department of Education would see a whopping 13.5 percent cut.

This is why educators and pro-public education activists must contact their lawmakers in Congress and urge them to oppose the Trump-DeVos budget cuts. A student’s opportunity for success should not be left to chance—whether it’s a charter school lottery or a private school voucher—both are risky propositions with no assurances. What every child needs is a quality, well-equipped school right in their neighborhood where he or she can learn, be inspired, and thrive.

One response to “ICYMI: The Trump-Devos budget is bad, really bad, for students

  1. Get over it! Billionaires need their tax breaks! The GOP (Guardians Of Plutocracy) will not stop until every red cent of public capital is privatized to turn a profit for the investment crowd. They just can’t get enough!

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