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5 ways Trump-DeVos have undermined students, educators and public schools

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  1. Our children are our future! Their Futures start with Great Public Schools! Most parents want their kids in near by local public schools! Make them great with great public schools! PUBLIC SCHOOLS ARE AS AMERICAN AS APPLE PIE!

  2. Marine Bob. After seeing your 3rd comment on a site that you are obviously not very enamored with, your venomous comments have become tiresome. I couldn’t believe that they kept coming and coming. I ask you; do you think one thing that you have said been helpful to ANYONE but you? Do you think that someone has read your comments and thought, ‘By golly, now I see the light’?

    I came to my public school on this pretty April Sunday to prepare for classes in elementary art because I hit the ground running on Monday through Friday. No doubt that many of my colleagues are at school on Sunday too. I do this commonly on weekend days simply because I do my job the best I can, and because I have a home and a family too. Having a minute to look at an article that comes from a “union” that I have been a member of for 30+ years, and one that I believe is honest reporting, is important to me. I don’t have the time or desire to read in forums that I disagree with, and then write sniveling grumbles that are of no use to anyone.

    Oh well, I guess that I just wasted some of my precious time even glancing your way. Folks like you just get on my nerves. POWER TO PUBLIC EDUCATION! (no matter what sailor bob says!)

    1. Honest reporting? Really? What kool aid have you been drinking? Any organization that summarily rejects everything another group (democrats vs. republicans) proposes obviously has some sort of issue with reality. No group, person, enterprise, has all the right answers and most groups have some right answers. To collectively reject anything conservative is lunacy. To accept everything progressive or liberal is nonsensical ideology.

  3. There is a concerted effort on the part of Republicans to sully every public agency and privatize everything so that someone can make a buck. Only PUBLIC agencies have standards that everyone must abide by. Only Public agencies have rules that keep them TRANSPARENT.
    And it is easy to do: First, bad mouth Public Education and Educators, (or the US Postal Service, or the EPA, the DNR…) You don’t even need to state the truth, because you are a PRIVATE entity. Then boldly state that Private entity would be so much better. There too, just keep plugging at it: Rarely nowadays to the sleeping people realize that their programs are about to be cut. Once you have the narrative, and it gains traction, then install Legislators who will do your bidding, like the DeVos of this world. Now you have a war chest and the crooked swamp legislators working with ALEC, and you can claim that we need to kill Public Education, public Healthcare, public Postal Service and you can do real harm to this country.
    After all, propaganda and trolling, isn’t that how this last election was subverted?

  4. I was an Instructional Aide and worked with children with special needs. The children I was with would not be able to be in a regular classroom with an Aide such as me, The teachers had the whole class to teach and these children needed much more help. But, every teacher I was with was still involved in my charge’s education, social, and emotional growth. That said, the teachers I knew did not need to be told what to do. They knew what the student was supposed to achieve and were very creative in getting them there. Privatizing schools is a scheme to defund public schools, thereby getting rid of the unions. The teachers do so much more than what they are paid for. Their summers are spent creating new lesson plans for the next year, going to school, and workshops.

    On the subject of making money off of people’s college loans is obscene.

  5. I am appalled by the vitriol of some of the responses given here. I believe that most of the people who have responded attended public schools; therefore, I cannot understand there negative responses.

    Charter schools are found mostly in cities. Think of the small towns that have one or two schools. How will vouchers help the students there? What happens to public education in rural areas?

    The people who will benefit the most from vouchers will be middle-class families who need additional money so that their children can attend private schools. Where a profit is to be made, many private schools will pop up to take advantage of the vouchers. Whether these schools will be quality schools will be the question. The “dumbing down” of America has already begun.

    1. The dumbing down of American started with accepting Bill Clinton as a role model for a president. Been down hill ever since. He is a philandering, lying excuse for a man.

      1. MarineBob – So the dumbing down of America started with accepting Bill Clinton as a role model for president and its been down hill ever since? Then by definition you’re casting shade on our current president-elect and his supporters. For once there’s something here I can agree with you! This administration is certainly down hill from the Clinton era thanks in part to an uninformed electorate.

      2. Marine Bob, Your ignorant and unkind words don’t help education whatsoever. Nor do they shed light on any problems. They simply create a stronger hold on ignorance and unkindness.

        1. But complaining about a legitimately elected president is helpful? Trust me, I am far from ignorant. I have far more life experiences than most who have posted here and have a far deeper understanding of how the real world works. Kindness and wishy -washyness has nothing to do with progress. Hugging and smiles do not fix problems. Constant resistance to anything not progressive or not promoted by the Democratic party is counter productive to forward movement.

          Believing the nonsense and tolerating the goofy little videos posted on sites like this are childish and immature demonstrations of limited understanding of how things get done.

  6. A Republican from the home of “Pence” one commented, ” If teachers would agree to minimum wage and no benefits, I would declare public education in the state of Indiana the greatest educational system in the world.
    See the real issue?

    1. Why should teachers agree to minimum wage? Do you compare them to WalMart or fast food workers? Or perhaps you don’t see the value in education which you have already proven.

      1. Teachers are teaching our children we need & want the best teachers they can get! Minimum Wages won’t do that!

    2. John, could you please provide the reference for that comment? I have a suspicion it may have been in some sort of context that is not accurately portrayed in a one liner.

    3. In 2015 NJ governor and Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie proposed teachers get paid minimum wage and a bonus for every student that passes standardized tests b/c in his words “if students are failing, teachers are nothing more than glorified baby-sitters.” His thinking is wrong on so many levels I don’t where to begin first, but his attitude really doesn’t surprise me since Republicans have long been hostile to educators who tend to mainly vote Democratic.

  7. #1 I’m calling bull shit on this one. It’s the Republican’s fault that teachers expect curriculum to be delivered to them. Prior to the Dubya administration, there were many creative programs. I was teaching grades 2 and 3 in a multi-aged elementary school. We grouped 2 grades together in every classroom in order to provide a structure that supported Developmentally Appropriate Education. There are many details I could go into, and I know there are teachers who disagree with this approach. The point is we were creating our own program with enthusiasm and putting in the extra hours to make it happen. Then the “Standards Movement” gained traction and our beautiful program that we believed in and children were thriving in got tossed aside/forbidden. Every grade had to go back to buying those expensive reading programs. Endless hours of testing K – 12, yes K too, we had to get the others doing something so that we could pull them one by one to test them. When they told us we would have to do this, we laughed, “This is unsustainable if you want us to do academics.” It won’t last.” It is still going on. In poorer areas, such as parts of Oakland, CA, if a school was deemed underperforming, there were people whose job was to go from classroom to classroom making sure that every teacher was on the assigned page of the assigned program and those who were not were disciplined – some let go at the end of the school year. It was THE DESTRUCTION OF CREATIVITY. Teachers across the US were dragged kicking and screaming out of Developmental Ed., out of Whole Language, out of Science based approaches. Now DeVos is criticizing teachers for asking, “What curriculum do you require of us. We are ready, willing and able to follow your lead because you have demanded this of us and we are now used to being told, “You must…”, now you criticize us for doing what we were told?” Careers were ruined over this. If you’ve changed your minds, I guess that’s good, but you will need to support these changes financially and that doesn’t seem likely. Aren’t you trying to cut taxes on the wealthy? Change costs money, starting with throwing out those expensive “one-size-fits-all-reading” plans. Harcourt Brace will be lobbying against their losing all that business. Wait a minute, we thought you liked to support big business. The real reason GW Bush and DeVos have for these changes is to make it so hard that eventually public schools can be replaced by private schools – the second that this is achieved there will be no more money for charter schools – school will be for those who can afford it. The children who can’t afford school will get jobs – there are laws against child labor, but laws can be changed.

  8. A for-profit college has been teaching an 18 mo. program in the profession that I have a BS degree. Professionals that have hired the graduates, indicate they are unable to preform necessary procedures required for the positions they were hired. The students are charged over $55,000 for 18 mo. of education. I have spoken to employers that refuse to hire graduates from the for-profit school due to lack of training/education. I am fortunate to have received my education from one of the top 10 programs in the USA at a non-profit university.

  9. This is a death sentence for anyone in a public school!!!! I hope everyone who voted for the recent administration is happy and I hope your child isn’t disabled because this also a death sentence as far as their education. They don’t care what happens to the children in inner city schools or anyone in public schools!!! All they care about is the bottom line, the rich and to make sure the owners of the privately owned schools are made even richer!!! I don’t think people realize that a lot of the charter schools are owned by other countries and they can bring a teacher from another country!!! Lesley Stahl did a segment on 20/20 and the man she talked to was on a TV monitor and she revealed a lot about what goes on as far a charter schools!!!! It’s definately worth googling!!!!

    1. “Frump” and DeVos have three traits in common with what they would love to see PUBLIC schools eventually look like, as far as the types of students they are willing to fill them with….disabled, disenfranchised, and disappointing. If those two were also left to survive on only the meager crumbs thrown their way, as our public education system, indeed, could realize in time, they would dry up and blow away. After all, neither one of them could EVER be as STRONG, UNITED, and PASSIONATE as just one single public school teacher in this entire country!! Oh, and, one more trait they share…DYSFUNCTIONAL. However, THAT, for those two, is a BIG compliment…..I wonder how they can actually sleep at night….but, I suppose one doesn’t sleep when he/she is about the business of “sucking the lifeblood out of innocent victims.”

  10. #1 is an exact expression of Orwell’s 1984’s “Double-Speak.” If teachers are “waiting to be told what they have to do” it’s because legally defined education standards and methods keep changing at an astronomical speed, with never enough time to figure out new requirements, to collaborate on best practices and content, to assess students, to evaluate results, and then to modify accordingly. All that would require five years OR MORE to have it right, but…the educational ‘industry’ doesn’t make enough of a profit ‘killing’ that way. They have to alter requirements fast and endlessly for their own purposes. Privatization is their ultimate goal and now they’ve got an administration that will reward their deceit and disregard for students, teachers and the public sector (OUR commonwealth). By making public education impossible, they get to argue that private, goal-driven, non-union educational environments are best. They make official policy ‘failure’ inevitable and then blame teachers and unions for their self-fulfilling prophecy. Meanwhile they come up with privatized schools that don’t have to comply with many of the public education standards requirements.

    But they’re wrong all around. While “waiting,” teachers get creative and go deeper with their students. Much of what they do cannot be checked off on a standards rubric. Literally saving the emotional, intellectual, and sometimes physical life of kids have no little boxes to check off. Expecting teachers to resolve all of society’s neglect and abuse of our vulnerable and compromised children, is a way for anti-public sector privatizers to avoid any responsibility for economic and social justice. Instead they blame the lowest paid, but most devoted, professionals in the nation – our teachers. BETSY DEVOS IS WRONG!!! We don’t wait around. We’re in there loving the kids every day.

  11. What did the people of the United States think when they voted this clown into the
    white house!!! I have tremendously less respect for the people of the United States
    than I used to!! Many US citizens are both selfish and stupid. Sad but true!!
    (“Idiocracy” is here!!!)

      1. Everybody who thinks Bill is a good role model, put up your hand. Who would want their daughter working in his office?

      2. You have no place in this conversation except to provide an example of the mindset of a poorly educated individual. Donald Trump said he loves the poorly educated. Why? Because they don’t have the intellectual ability to discern the truth using critical thinking and reasoning skills. They merely parrot the ridiculous conspiracies and fake news that those of poorly educated people. Extreme Conservatives and the wealthiest 1% of this country do not want the rest of the people to reveive a decent education so that they can get away with further enriching their greed without public protest. Their is much corruption in politics but whatever real or imagined things you think the Clinton’s did, you haven’t seen anything yet. Clinton left office with a surplus in the budget and created programs to help those in need. He also passed a bill to make those on welfare work, so don’t waste your time with that ” welfare queen” BS. Hillary worked to get healthcare for people and the Clinton’s charity continues to help people around the world. Then came George W and Cheney who started a war for false reasons leading to the death, maiming and permanent mental damage of your fellow service members ( if you really are a Marine) only to have them come home to a poorly run VA ( something else the Conservatives want to privatize which, believe me will not be a good thing). I won’t even waste my time talking about Obama, because if you don’t like the Clinton’s, you certainly don’t like him. I will say the ACA saved my life. Now we have the King of all greed in office being guided by an Alt Right pig who is running the show and wants to destroy public education by putting the clueless Devos in charge of education. Well, this may be news to you but Bannon’s not that smart either and his social experiment is rapidly going down the drain. It didn’t take long for the corruption to appear in Trump’s administration, in fact it started before his Presidency began. Thankfully for you, you won’t be hurt too bad by the lack of intelligence that led you to vote against your own interests. I realize that it’s doubtfull anything I have written will be absorbed into your thick skull, but I took the time to write it because I understand and appreciate the hard working poorly paid public school teachers out there who went to college to be a teacher, not to become wealthy, but to give a good education to the people whose parents couldn’t afford to send them to private schools and to help ensure that the future and prosperity of this country would be in the hands of sufficiently educated people. I don’t know what happened to you Marine Bob, I guess you fell through the cracks somehow. It’s never to late to educate yourself.

        To the teachers out there, I especially my 4th grade teacher who inspired me to choose the career I continue to love after 25 years, I thank you for your hard work and wish you made the amount of money you deserve. Also teachers, I would ignore this troll Marine Bob because he is the one “drinking the Kool Aid” (what an original accusation ?).

        1. Of course I have no place here. I am smart enough to disagree with the nonsense the NEA promotes.

      3. Like so many men and Presidents before him, Clinton may have been distracted by sexual desires, but if you think a Rhodes Scholar is dumb (Google it if necessary), then I don’t know what the equivalent of your level of intelligence is.

        1. Oh my? So Billie Bumpkin, enticing an intern into his office for well, a ‘meeting’ shows what a good man he is? This is exactly the thinking to which I constantly refer. Anyone with any morality understands that Clinton is a slimy excuse for a man. Another post got several thumbs dumb when asking about having a daughter work for that man. If you would really want your daughter working with that person you do have some issues to sort through.

          1. MarineBob – Quit playing the morality card Bob. It’s an exercise in hypocrisy. Your current president-elect has been caught on audio making boasts of sexual harassment. And oh, he admitted cheating on his first wife proclaiming in an interview it was “beautiful.” Yet I’m hearing no criticism whatsoever of HIS actions coming from you. Why not?

            1. Because what he did is irrelevant as to his behavior as president. He is no pillar of morality but in the White house? Do you recall his flat out lying? The blue dress? And dumb enough to get impeached? Because Trump is slimy does not make Billy Boy any better.

            2. I love how conservatives can compartmentalize behavior when it suits them and then proceed to vote for a candidate that boasts of harassing women fully aware of his slime ball tendencies ahead of time. That makes you a willing enabler Bob. Please don’t even get me started on who wins the grand prize for being a pathological liar.

    1. Why should anyone have to be told the school’s students have high debt? My experience has been those students with high, unpayable debts are associated with majors in liberal arts for which there are few reasonable paying jobs. Its not the schools’ fault those students chose a course of study that did not offer a pathway to good paying jobs. Students chose those majors and are 100% responsible for the debt they willingly incurred.

      Maybe the government ought to stop subsidizing schools that offer courses of study for which there are not good paying jobs and stop supporting loans for students who chose those ‘non-paying’ majors. Might make some people think before signing. Alternatively you can hope that Sanders gets into office some day and forgives your legal obligation to repay. Let the tax payers pay. Live with mommy and daddy until you are 35.

      1. First of all, the purpose of an education is not necessarily to make a lot of money. In the past, and also now if you consider the opinions of educated people, those who studied things such as philosophy, art, literature, music social sciences, etc. that did not result in a large income, were/are not looked down upon because they developed their minds and contributed to thevminds of others. In the past, these types of studies were limited to the wealthy. Now if someone who is not wealthy wants to study these subjects, they are aware of the loan costs and choose to be waiters or whatever to support themselves. The problem with student loans now is the fact that lawmakers have raised interest rates especially for graduate degrees. Even those who go to school for careers with high incomes e. g, Doctors do not have an easy time paying off their loans. Doctors, who earn anywhere from about $156,000 a year for pediatricians to about $315,000 for more specialized doctors such as orthopedic surgeons, and cardiologists, still have student loans that are difficult to pay off.

        1. Yes they do have big loans and they pay them off, not try to get the government to forgive their legally incurred debts. There is no issue with anyone wanting to get a degree in philosophy, early German art, political science or anything else. The problem arises with those individuals legally incurring huge debts then complaining they can not repay the loans they willingly accepted.

          There is a more fundamental problem with colleges that seem to be related to the debt issue and that is that (depending on the source) 1 of 3 or 1 of 4 freshmen entering college need remediation in math and reading. Why are those students admitted to college? They do not belong there. Maybe that’s part of the loan/good job/ambition problem?

  12. how about this have a national month of a public school walkout for entire nation including public higher education. sending a message to especially the trump voters & 1%. Next have a month long boycott for all businesses. No street marches but hurt these greedy & ignorant people, stay home & have family time.

    1. Good idea, don’t buy any food, electricity, fuel, medicine, doctors, tourism, clothes, water, building repair supplies for a month. That sounds like a swell idea. Hopefully the ‘no school’ month will coincide with the no business month. Kids and teachers without hot water and no showers might not be all that pleasant after the 3d or 4th day

  13. As Trump was companying he stated he was different from those in the republican party . Well what I see is the same thing the good old boys club its like the Bush administration all over again . The support for teachers and education . look out vets you might be next

    Retired Teacher

  14. The visual theatrics contained in this article are unprofessional. It appears to be a fake news, tabloid piece. Not helping the students’ cause.

    1. Hi Mike-I agree that the theatrics are distracting, but I suspect they’re trying desperately to get people to read the content. I hesitate to be too critical, particularly if it works.

      1. If a story needs goofy , sophomoric idiocy to get attention, doesn’t that say something about the value of the content?

  15. Please knock off the ineffectual attempts at empathy and humor with those GIFs. They are not witty like a good cartoon is, and undermine any attempts at projecting a balanced and professional approach to this information.

  16. We, as teachers in public education, need to stand up for our students and continue to show that ALL students need to be represented.
    The gifs are not necessary. Make these points meaningful!

  17. Why hasn’t the NEA fought the public money giveaway to private and parochial schools?? They take and get tax money for books, busing and other things intended for public schools and this Millions of dollars has been going on for years. If people want to send their kids to private schools fine but make them pay for the whole affair. The public should be giving anything to help. All this lost money could be used to provide Equal and better education. JH

    1. Better add in the kids who are home schooled. That takes public resources for that private education.

      1. Seems spending money on review of ‘private’ home schooling, using public resources appears OK to some readers. So why is that different from charter schools getting public money? In my understanding just about all home schooling programs must be reviewed and approved by the local public school district. So why do the home schoolers get a free ride?

  18. RISE UP PEOPLE! Since the Regan era, the wealthy have not paid their fair share of taxes, because of that the national debt has sky rocketed. Union’s have been attacked and dismantled. Health care, and hospitals has been privatized for corporate profit. Now they have figured out how to make more money by privatizing the education system. You have the power to educate the new generation, teach them the tax history, the constitution, this country was founded on the belief that we are by the people, for the people. RISE UP

  19. This is totally horrible. Public Education covers all students – low ELD levels, special ed students, low learning students, behavior issues, and more. Here in Los Angeles I have seen at different schools that huge get kicked out of the Private Charter Schools because they don’t want them anymore. I am a Theatre Teacher for the Elementary Arts so I go to different schools and I saw this where 27 students came back to the Public School because the Private Charter School kicked them out in October. I was at a Public School where there was a Private Charter School there where the teachers had to work 10 hours every day, (then going home doing all the other things teachers have to do everyday) , they had no health insurance, and the only they got paid was $43,000 the whole year. The Principal at that school got $380,000. The Private Charter Schools so change usually in a BAD way!!! Some Private Charter Schools again are like Trump where the ones making the Private Charter Schools get lots of money!

    1. So, why do those teachers work there? Returning problem students to their public school district school ought not to be allowed. You get the student, you ‘own’ them: good , bad or otherwise.

      1. Hum??? OK then, it is OK for charter schools to send problem kids back to their ‘assigned’ schools, keeping the myth of ‘all charters are bad’ alive. Or people to chose bad, low paying jobs and then complain about those jobs.

        1. I hope that the thumbs down for comment one are different people from the thumbs down on comment 2.

  20. I agree with Laura. This administration is using shock and awe tactics. Let’s not pretend it’s funny. When predatory lending is encouraged and public education is threatened, peoples lives are at stake. Gorsuch’s confirmation and lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court, a seat that was stolen from the Obama administration, would be a supreme miscarriage of justice and a severe blow to human rights and the environment. We can’t afford to laugh about it.

  21. The problem with education in Amerikkka is that for far too long we allowed people whose children never attended public schools to make decisions about public schools. We let the fox in the hen house now we have an orange wolf and a ding-a-ling making the rules about education for OUR children and not theirs! Don’t misunderstand me, I fault Obama for ushering in and legitimizing this foolishness through people like Arnie Duncan and Mary Landrieu. Now we have to make stewed rooster and baked hen or we’ll continue to eat crow!

  22. Big corporations will only be happy when ALL schools are for profit, and they can charge interest on fees incurred for K-12 education, as well as college costs. We can be all paying for the rest of our lives for any education!

  23. This JOKE of a president is certainly no joke to our education system. We can only hope that sanity somehow, some way takes over by our correspondences with elected officials/congressman and senators.

  24. It never ceases to amaze me that the education of our future adults is left in the hands of those who basically know nothing about what it takes to educate ALL of our students.

  25. What a sad day for public education. We fight year after year for students then to have this happening is devastating.

    1. The gifs make this difficult to read, and undermine the message. We are not entertained by them.

      1. I find those goofy videos pretty sad. They appear to be a statement of the leadership of the NEA. Very sad indeed.

      1. Come on, take a side. You either like the videos and want your money used for them, or you don’t like them and want the NEA to stop wasting your dollars. Which side? Or is it better to just complain?

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