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5 education programs that will lose big under the Trump-DeVos budget

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  1. Does anyone wonder if one plan is to get kids to stay in school, attend regularly & participate? Education must be reinforced at home & sadly, in low income homes, it’s not & the parent (s) never stayed in school themself (ves). Adult Ed may close here for those who didn’t graduate. I am a p-t TA in adult ESL in a non-profit agency. Our budget was cut in 1/2. We have a few who come, but never get past first level or come consistently. They do it to stay in America, haven’t put effort into it for 8 years & won’t use English in class. They are high-maintenance. Others come, quit so much it’s hard to keep track of them & some I’m very proud of. Our goal is to not only teach English, but for students to become citizens & productive ones. I love teaching ESL, but our school may close, esp. when you look at the #s of those costing us, but playing around. Same with those trying to get their diploma, some won’t be serious, have trouble with the law, aren’t regular in attendance. Here agencies that help 55+ get part-time jobs have closed. I have put in for early retirement to cover my rear, as my husband’s been disabled for 25 years. I expect more cuts to non-profit agencies.

  2. I am a retired teacher with 40 years service. I taught primary grades through 4th grades, high school ESL and primary ESL. I taught adult ESL for a community college. With the appointment the current Sec.of Ed. I see the attitude moving toward elitism and frankly racism. That scares me. I seen in person the affects on kids who deserve equal treatment and status in public schools. I wonder if Abe Lincoln would have been denied an education because he was poor. But he rose above those eliteist times and became the most pivotable Presidents who had a global affect for the whole world. Just think about it , Mr. Trump. Shame on you for your racist attitude. I am predicting that history will view this President was the most divisive unqualified person to to hold the office. God help us all!!!!!!

  3. I teach students with severe autism and fear their needs will not be met when public education is butchered by this administration. Public education is critcal to having a productive citizenry. Good public schools level the playing field for so many students who are disadvantaged in some way. DeVos has no idea of the range and depth of children public schools reach

  4. Education has proven time and again to improve a country’s economic well being. Devos wants to take this country back to the damn dark ages..

    1. Maybe just maybe she wants education to fit the needs of students instead of funding bureaucrats and Superindents fat salaries! Money does not improve education – teaching to the student and their needs works! Education is run by politicians who demand dollars and not teaching!

  5. Education is not the responsibility of the federal government. The cabinet-level department of education was, and still is, a payback to the non-professional side of the NEA. Education cannot be managed at the national level – witness NCLB. The education of our children is the responsibility of parents, either directly [School Site Councils in California] or elected representatives [local school boards]. Charter schools have long ceased to be the professional laboratory schools as envisioned by the New York AFT. They are businesses and should be governed by the regulations passed by the individual states to oversee business practices. States need to treat Charter schools as they treat any private school.

  6. My daughter is an inner city public schools teacher in Columbus OH for over 15 years. She works twice the hours she’s supposed to. My 4 year old grandson is autistic. He is in a special program through their public school system that is helping him emencely! All children have the right to education. I have seen many charter schools in our area fail because they are Money Not Student driven. President Trump & Mrs DeVos have never been in the shoes of these children.

  7. Devosneeds to spend time in the classrooms of students who struggle everyday at home and in school. She needs to see poverty up close and for more than one day or week. She needs to respect those who teach students whose needs are great. Without needed support and resources hope is lost and we are all the losers.

    1. The only way she’d be able to understand the poor is to live like one for a month. But she likes her money and her privilege to much, and she’s too much if a chicken to do it

  8. I sincerely hope these great comments are also being forwarded to their representatives in congress. Our voices need to be heard so that their reelection goals are considered when they cast their votes. At this time that seems to be the only threat they are listening to. Never give up !! RISE UP, ORGANIZE AND BE STRONG !!

  9. This is a heist of our tax dollars at the expense of the future of our children. It is obscene greed, these entitled ones do not have our view of humanity, our children are just a pence in their pockets.

  10. Not only is DeVos overtly unqualified for this position, she’s never worked a day in her life; which causes me to wonder if that’s the reason she putting so-called more control to states. She can’t handle the demands physically or mentally or academically. She’s in over her head! I would also like to see her try to pass a high school end of year, high-stakes test, and the Praxis content and pedagogy exams. If she passes those, I might consider her qualified.

    1. Remember, Heidi. DeVos is a product of private schools. Either she is not very bright or not well educated, or she is both of these!

  11. I think we should send all behavior problems and children failing in their subject areas to Eva Moskowitz,s charter schools in NYC, through the wonderful voucher program. This will show the validity of the voucher program and charter schools. What a sad attempt to ruin our public schools by a person who is totally unqualified to sit in the White House

    1. One successful charter school does not validate all charter schools and invalidate public schools. As an 83 yr old woman mother of 4, grandmother of 4, and great grandmother of 2 I was educated in public shcools, my children and great grandchildren were educated in public schools and all of us not only survived but have been productive members of society.

  12. If Trump wants America to be Great Again!
    He has to start with supporting not cutting/gutting funding to education.

    Where are the protest marches to voice our concerns.

  13. How dare she do this. Is there no way to stop her. As one who works in inner city this is a travesty. I. Can only hope Karma gets her good. Dont you dare call yourself a Christian you are a goodless lover of the almighty buck.

  14. Visit Pontiac, Flu t, Detroit, rural schools in Michigan to see the needs of students who struggle to lift themselves out of poverty through education. I cringe to see the proposed cuts to public schools because of using public tax dollars to promote charter schools.

  15. These cuts are unfortunate moves toward underprivileged communities and children. It is difficult to build a strong America when we seize to provide support to implement programs to improve our education programs. We are speaking in terms of children born into poverty without adequate resources to develop and meet their potential and those with learning deficiencies that are in need of supplementary programs. Our President and his staff should take the time to visit areas such as schools in the Mississippi Delta and other states that don’t have resources, decent buildings and highly qualified staff to ensure an adequate education for every child. There are schools without textbooks, technology and other needed resources to meet their learning needs. Our children are not able to speak up and fight for themselves therefore, I hope that those that can will!

    1. I see public school teachers, principals, and other staff and volunteers working hard to educate students. Public schools need more money for the buildings, the staff, and for the books and other materials that are available for children in private schools.

      I have no children, but I join others to give as much time and knowledge I can to support public schools. The children, administrators, and teachers deserve more from the government than this administration is giving.

      Just a bit about myself: I went to segregated schools in Orlando, FL through high school. The Supreme Court decision to stop segregated schools in the south didn’t change any thing for three of my family. We went to college, however. I also graduated from Harvard Law School.

      Show me and all the people in the US that the Trump Administration will make sure that public schools have more money and resources to educate public school children. Focus on the most needy. Good brains are out there. Your job is to ensure that they are properly nourished.

    2. Many children suffer because their parent (s) didn’t stay in school and can’t/won’t work/can’t get a job w/o a diploma/GED. It’s sad for the ones who want to learn & have the ability to so that the cycle doesn’t keep repeating itself and of having many children, esp. out of wedlock they can’t afford. Not the kid’s fault, none of it. They deserve whatever chance can be given them so they don’t turn to crime, etc.

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