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4 videos show how amazingly unqualified DeVos is to lead our schools


by Félix Pérez

Anyone following the news about the nomination of Betsy DeVos for U.S. Secretary of Education is by now familiar with the primary reasons why she is a disastrous choice to lead the agency responsible for enforcing laws and protections for the 50 million students in pre-K through 12th grade and overseeing a trillion dollar student loan program: she has no experience or training in public education, and she has spent her career and millions of dollars working to dismantle public education through vouchers and unaccountable charter schools.

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DeVos, a billionaire political donor and lobbyist who has left a trail of failed charter schools in her home state of Michigan, only strengthened the case that she woefully lacks the qualifications to lead the department when she was unprepared to answer questions at her nomination hearing this month. The result was an embarrassing display of lack of knowledge of even the most rudimentary education issues.

Here are our top four videos that capture DeVos’s breathtaking lack of of knowledge and her refusal to commit to protect all students.

  • DeVos refuses to commit to uphold federal legal protections for students with disabilities and require charter school and voucher school accountability.

  • DeVos is unable to distinguish between student proficiency and student growth.

  • DeVos refuses to commit to enforce the law for students with disabilities who attend voucher schools and demonstrates she is unfamiliar with the Individual with Disabilities Education Act.

  • DeVos refuses to commit to protect students and taxpayers from fraudulent for-profit colleges.

3 responses to “4 videos show how amazingly unqualified DeVos is to lead our schools

  1. As a retired special education teacher, Ms DeVos and her lack focus, knowledge and support for IDEA is alarming. Surely there is a candidate for this position who is more qualified (even though he/she has not contributed millions to the campaign of the incumbent president). This woman, with her religious agenda, does not support the “separation of church and state” part of the Constitution. Her promotion of charter schools and vouchers will undermine our public school system. We need to fund our public school system…..not abandon it.

    1. Excellent explanation. Public education needs some one whith experience in the field of education in different branches.

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