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Educators, allies nationwide rally for their public schools while defying privatizers

by David Sheridan; image courtesy of AROS

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From Portland, Ore., to Providence, R.I., in more than 2,000 communities, thousands of educators, parents, students and community allies rallied for their neighborhood public schools, while saying “no” to Betsy DeVos, the billionaire nominee for secretary of education, and her corporate takeover agenda for public schools.

Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association

Under the banner of “We Demand Schools All Our Children Deserve,” 71 National Education Association and American Federation of Teachers local unions participated in the National Day of Action organized last week by the Alliance for Reclaiming Our Schools (AROS). Local educators called for full funding and support for neighborhood-based community schools, instead of privatization, as well as smaller class sizes, more teaching and less testing, and positive discipline policies.

In addition, educators addressed Donald Trump’s campaign threat to deport all undocumented immigrants. “As educators, we have to do everything within our power to ensure that all students feel safe in our schools,” said Oakland Education Association President Trish Gorham.

                           Oakland, CA

In Los Angeles’ Arleta High School, student body president Pedro Reyes, an undocumented teenager from Mexico, struck a message of hope despite the fear he may one day be deported. “This new president is not going to stop me from succeeding and going to college.”

In fact, hope and determination marked this Day of Action across the country as public education supporters vowed to continue to stand up and speak out for our students, regardless of what the new Administration throws at us in the coming days and months ahead. As one hand-made rally sign proclaimed: “This is my first demonstration, but not my last.”

6 responses to “Educators, allies nationwide rally for their public schools while defying privatizers

  1. I have received 2 emails from the AFT about the ban that was put in place restricting people from certain Muslim countries from entering the USA. Why hasn’t there been more outreach from NEA?

    1. From certain, terrorist supporting countries, identified by the prior administration….a temporary ban to assess our vetting process. And teacher associations should do what to protest this legal edict?

  2. The article has a mistake. There are not undocumented aliens/immigrants. There are illegal intruders breaking the laws of the country. They need to be sent back to where ever they came from. Undocumented is much more clearly stated at illegal

    1. This letter is a mistake. Most undocumented came here on a visa and overstayed their visit .Perhaps you should be sent back from whence you came. We are all immigrants, unless you are Native American. Compassion is in our culture and constitution ‘s promise.

      1. I guess if I were sent back to where I was born I would have to move to Florida. OK, overstayed a visa= criminial behavior=illegally here, not undocumented. We are not all immigrants. The native Americans, sometimes called Indians, immigrated here from someplace. They too are immigrants.

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