Seattle teachers went on strike for six days in September, in the end, with the active support of parents and community residents, winning a historic contract that benefited students, teachers and education support professionals. Beyond including the first cost-of-living raises in six years, the contract guaranteed, 30-minute, daily recess for all elementary school students, created committees at 30 schools to look at equity issues, including disciplinary measures that disproportionately affect minorities.  seattle strikeStudent standardized test scores will no longer be used to evaluate teachers — and teachers will be included in decisions on the amount of standardized testing. Additionally, special education teachers will have fewer students to work with at a time, and there will be caseload limits for other specialists, including psychologists and occupational therapists. “This agreement signals a new era in bargaining in public education,” said Seattle Education Association President Jonathan Knapp. “We’ve negotiated a pro-student, pro-parent, pro-educator agreement.”