Missouri lawmakers hand bipartisan defeat to so-called right to work

by Félix Pérez

In a display of bipartisanship despite deep-pocketed pressure from the Koch Brothers and out-of-state corporate lobbyists, members of the Missouri House of Representatives voted last week to sustain Gov. Jay Nixon’s veto of so-called right-to-work legislation.

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The vote, 96-63, was hailed as a victory for workers, families and students — and an embarrassing defeat for the Koch brothers’ campaign arm, Americans for Prosperity.  The House needed at least 109 votes to override the veto.

Right to work, which weakens labor unions by allowing non-union workers to benefit from union-negotiated contracts without paying dues, has been found to result in smaller paychecks, no improvement in a state’s employment rate and lowered health and safety standards. A growing body of research studies shows that right-to-work laws are harmful to workers and local economies.

“Today’s bipartisan action by the legislature to uphold my veto of this divisive, anti-worker bill is a victory for workers, families and businesses here in Missouri and across the country,” Gov. Nixon said in a statement. “I thank the members of the General Assembly – both Democrats and Republicans — who sent a clear message to the nation that Missouri will stand by its workers and oppose attempts by outside special interests to cut wages and weaken the middle-class.”

The negative effect of right-to-work laws on students is not lost on educators. Wrote Missouri NEA, the state’s largest teacher-led union, at the time of Nixon’s veto:

States with ‘Right-to-Work’ laws trail behind in important aspects that matter to children and schools. Those states generally have lower wages, less investment in public education and healthcare, reduced access to employer-provided healthcare and higher poverty. Educational success for students often lags behind in ‘Right-to-Work’ states.

The high-profile stakes of the vote drew nationwide interest. For instance, presidential candidate and former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton issued a statement. “I applaud the leadership of Governor Jay Nixon and the bipartisan group of legislators who successfully blocked a harmful “right to work” law in Missouri.

right to work is wrong

“A number of states, bankrolled by powerful corporate interests, have passed these laws in recent years. Their name is misleading. Instead of respecting workers or protecting their rights, “right to work” laws depress wages and benefits, undercut unions, and concentrate power in the hands of corporations and their allies. They’re bad for workers, bad for the economy, and bad for America. . .

“In Missouri, lawmakers said enough is enough. And by doing that, they scored a victory for Missourians and workers everywhere.”

Another candidate who has his sights on the White House wants to expand right-to-work. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker announced this week that, if elected, he would enact a national right-to-work law and eliminate unions for federal employees. Walker, whose candidacy has been sinking in national polls, signed a right-to-work law in March despite repeated pledges he had no interest in the divisive matter.  The state law signed by Walker is identical to model legislation drafted by ALEC.

Unhappy with the bipartisan defeat of the veto override, Lt. Governor Peter Kinder, a Republican candidate for governor, promised to keep the issue alive. Kinder is an ALEC member.

2 responses to “Missouri lawmakers hand bipartisan defeat to so-called right to work

  1. Don’t be fooled, “Right-to Work” (for less) states are merely chipping away at the Unions’ collective bargaining rights; another tactic used, mainly by the Right Wing and their think tanks (ALEC, Americans for Prosperity, Heritage Foundation, Free Congress Foundation, CATO Institute, etc.) to increase $$$profit$$$ margins for corporate and financial sectors.
    This Union-busting Trojan Horse is appealing to workers because Right Wing politicians who push for it can posture as though they are fighting against the “Union Thugs” on behalf of the worker. But just like the largely GOP backed Free Trade Agreements (GATTT, NAFTA, The S. Korea, Columbia, and Panama, WTO, the upcoming, secretive TPP) that promised increased USA jobs, but delivered hundreds of millions of USA jobs to offshore sweatshops, this Union-busting tactic is designed to further Union decline in the USA. This amounts to the cynical ruse, “Just lay down your only defense against the growing Oligarchy, and it will all go well with you…”
    The current national issue of favor for $$$Moneyed Interest$$$ and the decline of the USA middle class is THE critical issue of our time! Yet the GOP, beholden as they are to $$$MONEYED INTEREST$$$, including Wall Street, corporations, tax breaks for the rich, and bills that advance the corrupting influence/control of $$$MONEY$$$ in our legislature, cloaks their rhetoric in the false narrative of GOD, Guns, and a return to “the way it used to be,” social issues. When all the while, the way it used to be 40 – 50 years ago, was brought about by a national policy that created a dynamic middle class consumer economy, including the establishment of UNIONS! The party that stands up for the refortification of the USA middle class, is the party that will advance the interest of the return to the days when the USA actually had budget surpluses and could still afford the proliferation of the world’s largest military, win the Cold War, investment in her magnificent infrastructure, as well as lead the industry of medical and technological research, and win the Race to the Moon (NASA).

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