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Four tips for staying engaged as a public education activist this summer

By Amanda Litvinov / photo by Filip Pticek

Those who would attack and dismantle public education never seem to take a vacation. That’s why it’s essential for public education activists like you to stay informed and engaged during the summer months.

Part of our mission at is to make it easier for you to keep up with legislation and policies that affect public education and working families—for better and for worse—and help you find ways to speak out and take action on issues that matter for students and educators.

Here is our tip list for keeping your activism going throughout the summer:

  • Get involved in the 2016 election NOW. There’s already a large field of presidential candidates. You can keep up with everything they’re saying about public education by “liking” the Strong Public Schools Facebook page and joining the Strong Public Schools campaign to elect a president who believes that strong public schools mean a stronger America.
  • Sign-up for quick-read newsletters that will help you keep up with timely news of state and national politics and campaigns to invest in public education: The EdVotes weekly newsletter and Education Insider provide coverage tailored to the education activist.
  • Take action online and share pro-public education content with your networks. “There’s no denying the power of digital activism,” says NEA political director Carrie Pugh. “We see every year how educators, parents and students raising their voices online can open important conversations and lead change.” Here are four stunning victories driven by digital advocacy. Looking for content to share? Simply follow EdVotes on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Keep this chart handy to remind you that elected leaders at every level of government need your valuable perspective as an educator. Share it with friends, too.
  • BONUS TIP: Find some time to rest and recharge so you can start the next school year strong and ready to fight for public education!

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