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Educators and parents demand less testing…and lawmakers listen

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With congressional efforts underway to reauthorize No Child Left Behind, a burgeoning movement of educators, school administrators, parents and students has blossomed in the fight against high-stakes standardized testing. They have taken action across the country as part of NEA’s Time to Learn, Time to Teach campaign. The message has been heard loud and clear as school trustees, state and local policymakers are finally deciding to let students learn and let teachers teach.

In Florida, Gov. Rick Scott signed legislation in April to eliminate at least one exam and delay the release of school grades until other exams are deemed valid. The Florida Education Association (FEA) and United Teachers of Dade (UTD) had rallied members, lobbied legislators, and worked with parent groups to limit the use of standardized tests.

“It’s time for a new accountability system,” says UTD President Federick Ingram. “One that reduces high stakes testing and uses multiple measures to gauge student progress.”

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