State news roundup for April 18, 2015

NH Coalition Calls on Governor to Reject Business Tax Cuts Out of Concern for State Budget

5299199423_f8de99f3ee_z2Representatives from New Hampshire’s small business, nonprofit, education and faith communities gathered in Concord on Tuesday to speak against proposed business tax cuts. More than 40 organizations,
including 18 small businesses, have signed a letter urging Governor Hassan to reject business tax cuts in upcoming or future budgets; the letter was delivered to the governor’s office on Tuesday morning.

At a press conference held at the Legislative Office Building, McLynch and representatives of several organizations and businesses who signed the letter to the Governor outlined concerns regarding the FY 2016-2017 state budget and proposals to cut business taxes at a time when the state cannot afford to fund critical needs.

“Forty-one thousand school-age children in our state come from homes where there is an uncertainty of having enough food for all household members because of insufficient income or other resources,” said Scott McGilvray, president of NEA-New Hampshire. “Business tax cuts would endanger the public services on which these students and their families rely, and shift the burden for paying for such services directly onto the backs of those who need them most but can least afford them.”

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IEA President: Time for IL Gov. Rauner to stop campaigning and start governing

RaunerReportGraphic2_19_2015Many people have told me they are puzzled by the behavior of Gov. Bruce Rauner. They can’t understand why, five months after winning the election, he is still campaigning.

I’ve seen this behavior many times in my classroom. It’s called task avoidance, defined as purposefully avoiding something because of fears that it’s too hard or that it can’t be done without help.

This is the only rational explanation as to why the governor spends his days promoting ideas no one wants to solve problems that don’t exist.

For example, almost daily, the governor tells local government leaders they should designate areas in their communities where employers can cut wages and benefits without worrying about unions defending working people against exploitation.

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KS State Board of Ed Considering End of Teacher Licensure

At the request of the Coalition of Innovative School Districts, the Kansas State Board of Education is considering a proposal that will allow those districts to hire unlicensed, untrained persons for classroom teaching.

While the superintendents calling for this have been trying to assure others that this practice would only be used sparingly, it begs the question of why they think it’s a good idea to de-professionalize teaching.

Read the entire post from KNEA  Legislative and Political Advocacy Director Mark Desetti

Milwaukee ESP wins top education activist award for 2015

GwenWashington2_350px1Milwaukee Public Schools paraprofessional and Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association Organizer Gwen Washington is the recipient of WEAC’s 2015 Tenia Jenkins Activist Award.

“Gwen’s work with students and MTEA has won her a special place in our hearts,” WEAC President Betsy Kippers said in presenting the award Wednesday evening at the MTEA Representative Assembly in Milwaukee. “Gwen gets it done. Plain and simple. As an education support professional, she inspires, counsels and expects the best from students – and herself. As an organizer, she brings the same skills to the table. When you see Gwen, always with membership form in hand, you know she is ready to do something positive.”

Kippers quoted MTEA Vice President Kim Schroeder as saying: “Gwen is known by all for her willingness to fight for member rights and for student rights. If it will create a stronger, better environment for children and the professionals who teach them – you’ll find Gwen positioned as a champion of it.”

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