Top 10 silly laws about education

by Jeremy Deaton

These bizarre laws on education are somehow still on the books!

  • In Athens, GA, it is illegal to read a book to your friends after 2:45 am.
  • In West Virginia, children may not attend school if their breath smells of “wild onions.”
  • In Alaska, a child is not allowed to build a snowman taller than him or herself at school.
  • In Arkansas, teachers with a bob in their hair may forfeit pay raises.
  • In Fresno, CA, elementary schools are forbidden from hosting poker tournaments.
  • New York City has banned the words “dinosaurs,” “Halloween,” “birthdays,” and “dancing” from city-issued standardized tests.
  • In Cumberland, MD, It is illegal to curse on a playground.
  • In Cerritos, CA, it is against the law to bring your dog to school.
  • In Florida, it is against the law to transport livestock on a school bus.
  • In Cheyenne, WY, it is against the law to spit on the steps of a school.

Know of any crazy education laws in your state or city? Let us know in the comments below!

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27 responses to “Top 10 silly laws about education

  1. I wish I could find references for some of these – they would be perfect for a project I am working on, but most of the links are dead and there are no citations.

  2. I am from Wyoming. I think it’s just about time I took a trip to Cheyenne to tour the schools and spit on the steps. Better yet, I’ll empty my mellophone’s spit valve on them! Oh what fun this will be!

  3. Why is it silly to prohibit cursing on a playground?

    Why would anyone want to bring a dog to school?

    1. What’s silly is that it’s specifically “on a playground.” Apparently cursing in the classroom is totally fine!

  4. I can think of other body odors just as objectionable. How about some cheeses? Anyway, after the first minute or so your nose becomes accustomed to the odor. Next they will ban onions on hamburgers. Anyway, the real point is that some laws are stupid not whether the odor comes from onions, ramps, or cheese.

    1. This site misquoted the law referencing wild onions in WV. It is directed to a cousin of the onion the wild rampion. Ramps are in season at the end of winter and early spring and they are strong but delicious. Consuming ramps gives you a body odor that can be compared to the worst in the world.
      The only way for it not to disrupt the educational process is to make sure every student is consuming ramps. If you eat them other ramp enthusiasts are not noticeable. Since that is an impossible and unlikely solution, it is best to discourage consumption on school days.

  5. As a former clinical microbiologist, I have to say that I don’t think the law against transporting livestock on a school bus is silly. Livestock are not housebroken. Bacteria do and parasites can inhabit animal feces. It’s a health hazard for our children and for the person who has to clean the bus.

  6. This is hilarious and reminds me of the most famous law: “Mary’s little lamb followed her to school, which was against the rules…”

  7. Ramps are among the most odorous things in the natural world. Good ramp breath could wipe out classroom activity. However, ramp eating is not the common activity that it once was.

  8. I live in Alaska ,used to teach never heard of that law ..not saying it isn’t so just never heard of it ,,kind of funny the interior the snow is too dry to make snow men other places well we have broken the law more then once ..silly huh..
    you want silly look up what teachers could or could not do before and just after turn of century also what took to pass 8th grade ..wonder if any of us could do it …

  9. Actually, I think it should be against the law to spit on the steps of school or the steps of any building unless it is an emergency….it’s called “respect” which many students are lacking and it’s getting worse. (teacher for 34 years)

  10. Made an error in my last post, I meant, most laws pertaining to education in the state of Florida are crazy/a joke!

  11. I am surprised and relieved that my state (Arizona) did not mske the top 10 list. I think this just goes to show how hard education advocates like senators Steve Farley & Stephanie Mach are working for us.

  12. In an increasing number of states, teachers are evaluated based on standardized test scores that depend mostly on parenting and socio-economic status. Teachers can be fired for trying to teach poor children or those with bad parents. That’s pretty silly.

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