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Part 2! Worst governors who put rich corporations and CEOs before students and schools

By Amanda Litvinov and Colleen Flaherty

Wow! Our article “The 5 Worst Governors Who Put Rich Corporations and CEOs before Students” really got you talking. Our Facebook fans and Twitter followers were quite vocal about other top offenders who weren’t included on our list.

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Sadly, so many governors currently in office make it a point to give tax breaks for jets and yachts and turn their heads to crumbling schools and crowded classrooms that there just wasn’t room to include all of the worst offenders in one article.

But we’re listening, and decided to add five more bad actors to our list based entirely on your comments. Please share these graphics with your networks now! After all, most of these governors are up for re-election this fall, and people need to know what they really stand for.

#5: Maine Gov. Paul LePage

LePage meme
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#4: New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez

Martinez meme
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#3: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie

Christie meme
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#2: North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory

McCrory meme
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#1: Ohio Gov. John Kasich

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14 responses to “Part 2! Worst governors who put rich corporations and CEOs before students and schools

  1. It’s time we start impeaching governors who don’t want to help those of us who need change for our better interests. I’m sure they aren’t losing money. It’s only us tax paying citizens getting screw

  2. Five terrible, heartless Governors in this article – and five more in Part 1. Let’s see… many of the ten are Republicans? All of them. I’m proud that Mark Dayton, our governor here in Minnesota, understands that tax cuts for the wealthy are destructive to the state as a whole. As heir to the Target fortune, he’s one of the state’s richest people (certainly in the top 10) so tax cuts should be a top priority for him, and for people like him. WRONG! He’s done just the opposite, increasing the top tax bracket by 2%. That doesn’t sound like much, and it isn’t, but that translates into millions of dollars for the state – and it’s being put to good use: improved roads, water systems, parks, schools, the list goes on and on. Unfortunately, he’s in his second term and he’s already said he won’t seek a third. I really, really hope he reconsiders this, because he’s done an amazing job. He’s beloved by Democrats, respected by Republicans, and admired by almost everyone here. We’re lucky indeed.

  3. I agree that too many public officials are neglecting our public schools, have no clue what it means to be a teacher, and are interested only in cutting spending when the reality is that spending money for qualified and inspiring teachers should be a priority. And obviously our American public schools failed dismally in educating previous generations on how to be good citizens because too few even care enough to become fully informed and knowledgeable voters. Since we are on the topic of education, I would like to point out that the word “fazed” is what a couple of commenters were searching for rather than “phased”…it means to frighten, disconcert or intimidate. I’m not trying to be picky, just hoping to inform. And yes, I’m from Maine where our rude, crude and bullying governor makes a joke of our educational system and seems to have completely enthralled a segment of our population who like to brag about being red-necked and offensively outspoken.

  4. Definitely need to add Nathan Deal of Georgia to this list! However, there is hope on the horizon with Jason Carter, Jimmy Carter’s grandson, running for governor this fall on a very strong education platform!

  5. It appears there are very few Govenors that are phased by concerns of their constituents. They lie to get into office and have no interest in doing the job they were elected to do. America is going down! Good luck people. If you keep voting for these idiots you ‘re going to get what you deserve! What’ s the matter with people in America today. Why can’ t we be human beings that stand for something , instead of a herd of sheep!

  6. I think you overlooked one more idiotic governor…
    C.L. “Butcher” Otter of Idaho.
    That pinko-Nazi P.O.S. Otter and his legislative henchmen
    chose to ignore the will of the people by wasting
    our tax dollars to massacre our wolves and other
    wildlife towards extinction, just to appease a mere handful
    of ruthless redneck livestock barons and trophy hunters,
    when the money could have been wisely invested into
    funding schools and creating jobs!!
    Not only that S.O.B. Otter ought to be thrown out of office,
    he should also be prosecuted for his crimes against Nature,
    condoning animal cruelty and violating the First Amendment
    rights to free speech and freedom of the press by passing
    the illegal “Ag-Gag” law, as well as abuse of office for his own
    personal and political gain (which amounts to TREASON).
    Personally, I don’t live in Idaho, but still, we need to expose
    Otter’s flagrant acts of corruption to the rest of the nation
    and bring that “dictator” to his knees in shame!!!

  7. Where are the NY and Connecticut Governors NOT on the list of people who are anti-public schools? Maybe the list of the next 5? I hope you continue to rate them. I am from California, but from what I read every day, these two are anti-public schools just as our current President and his basketball buddy! It is time to wake up, public schools are now only for the leftovers! Sad day in America. President Jefferson must be turning in his grave seeing this development.

      1. The president and Arne Duncan are pushing charter schools, merit pay, and same agenda as these Governors when it comes to education is why he blames the president.

  8. Governor Martinez appointed a Secretary of Education that violates our state constitution because she has absolutely no experience of any kind in public education. She was recorded (found on mother jones) saying that they would cut teacher pay even though she made campaign promises not to–then they would cover it up with youtube videos saying otherwise. This is politics as usual in the Martinez house.

  9. Governor Martinez cares for no-one but herself and her political ambitions. There is no transparency under her administration! The children of New Mexico should be a priority, and she is using them as a stepping stone to further her political career.

  10. When the cameras are up and running, Governor Martinez cares. She hugs us. She even talks to us, but as soon as those cameras are off, silence. She claims to care about us in New Mexico, especially when it’s a story the media can sensationalize, but in reality she is very unapproachable. At least our previous governor, Bill Richardson cared and talked to us. Our Attorney General, Gary King is willing to listen to teachers, students, business owners, even parents like me. He wants to know our concerns about public education, health care, the economy, and the environment. I have emailed Governor Martinez and her secretary designate of education, Hanna Skandera and again, silence. No reply. No answers to my questions. I am a taxpayer, I am a mom, and I care about New Mexico’s future. I completely agree with my governor making this list. Too bad it won’t phase her or her administration. We are just a stepping stone to get her to Washington DC.

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