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Reminder: If you experience any difficulty voting, encounter voter suppression, or simply have a question about your rights, call the Election Protection Hotline at
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12:35 PM

Another defeat was handed to corporate education reform backers tonight with the loss of Tony Bennett, the Superintendent of Public Instruction in Indiana. Bennett, who has led a so-called education reform group backed by former Florida Governor Jeb Bush called Chiefs for Change, was defeated by Glenda Ritz, the Teacher of the Year in two different school districts in Indiana. Ritz is one of only 155 teachers in Indiana to obtain the highest teaching credential, National Board Certification, and she established a strong literacy program that led her school to become a nationally recognized Blue Ribbon School and an Indiana 4-Star School. Ritz has been the President of the Washington Township Education Association for 15 years.

12:01 PM

Maryland’s question 4, also known as the Dream Act Referendum, has passed. This will allow undocumented immigrants to pay in-state or in-county tuition at Maryland colleges.

11:58 PM

President Barack Obama has won in an historic election for our nation’s students. Gone are the fears that the public education system will be replaced with voucher schemes and privatization, as supported by challengers Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

11:24 PM

In Virginia, one of the tightest US Senate races, Tim Kaine (D) has defeated former senator and governor George Allen. As a senator, Allen voted in favor of cuts to the Pell Grant program, while Kaine fought to preserve education funding during the recession and is committed to working with parents, students, and educators to ensure that every child has access to a world-class education.

10:52 PM

Jay Nixon (D) has been reelected as governor in Missouri against challenger Dave Spence. Nixon has been a staunch support of public education, including making public university affordable and increasing funds for K-12 schools.

10:35 PM

Claire McCaskill (D) is the victor in the hotly contested race against Tea Party favorite Todd Akin. McCaskill, the first female senator from Missouri, has fought to protect the federal school lunch program and Pell Grants and says early childhood education “critical.”

10:33 PM

Tammy Baldwin (D) has been elected as the country’s first openly gay senator in Wisconsin, defeating former Gov. Tommy Thompson. She has consistently supported pro-education policies, legislation to aid the middle class, and she’s been a champion for women’s rights.

10:29 PM

Bob Casey (D) defeated Republican challenger Tom Smith in the US Senate race in Pennsylvania. Casey, who volunteered in a fifth-grade classroom after college, is a strong supporter of early childhood education and last year he introduced bipartisan legislation to help prevent bullying in schools.

10:08 PM

Joe Donnelly (D), who has fought to make higher education more affordable and fund the modernization of public schools, has defeated extremist challenger Richard Mourdock to represent Indiana’s 2nd district in the US House of Representatives.

9:53 PM

Incumbent Sherrod Brown (D), a strong supporter of childhood education and public schools, has defeated challenger Josh Mandel in the US Senate race in Ohio. Last year, Brown introduced the Fix America’s Schools Today (FAST) Act, which would create jobs while repairing neglected schools and community colleges.

9:51 PM

Elizabeth Warren (D) from Massachusetts is the projected winner in the heated Massachusetts Senate Race. Warren has been a longtime supporter of education, making college affordability one of her top priorities in her home state and nationwide.

9:24 PM

Maggie Hassan (D) has been called as the winner in New Hampshire’s gubernatorial race. Hassan has stated that education and jobs are her first priority as Governor, and that you can’t have one without the other. Read the complete NEA statement here.

8:56 PM

From Education Votes: “Stand Your Ground: Vote!” That’s the message that the Unity 2012 Voter Empowerment Campaign hopes resonated throughout African-American communities nationwide on Election Day.

8:44 PM

Chris Murphy (D) has defeated Linda McMahon (R) in the US Senate race in Connecticut to replace retiring Senator Joe Lieberman.

7:46 PM

Reminder: As long as you are in line by the time your polling place closes, you have the right to vote. You can report any voting irregularities to 1-866-OUR-VOTE where you will be connected to highly trained volunteers and attorneys who can address any issues you may have.

6:59 PM

From Reuters: Complaints about voter IDs, ballots, long lines in US election

6:34 PM

The headline for this news story says it all: “America’s Most Disgusting Political Ad: Florida Republican Group Links Elementary School Teacher To Jerry Sandusky.” It’s all the more reason why everyone who supports students, teachers, Education Support Professionals and public education should make every effort to make it to the polls today.

5:50 PM

Read a National Public Radio news story about how a dozen teachers are running for state legislative seats in Ohio in response to a failed effort last year by Gov. Kasich to strip educators’ and other public employees’ collective bargaining rights. EdVotes will report later on how these teacher candidates fared.

5:33 PM

From Huffington Post: Education in the election: Key state ballot measures that the National Education Association is tracking

5:01 PM

From CBS News: Ohio faces controversy over voting machines

4:41 PM

Submitted via facebook, “DC Voters at 7:30am – Fired Up and Ready to GO!”

4:23 PM

One of the EdVotes writers, Felix Perez, submitted this photo via Facebook with the message, “My wait to vote this morning in Takoma Park MD — a deep, deep blue town — was 75 mins. In my 16 years living here, I’ve never had to wait more than 20-30 mins. Remember, you gotta vote. Don’t let anyone take your right away.”

4:07 PM

NEA lawyer, Al Campos, manning the 1-866-OUR-VOTE hotline and answering questions from voters and poll workers across the country. If you run into any difficulties voting, call the 1-866-OUR-VOTE hotline to speak with highly trained volunteers and lawyers, just like Al, who can help with any issues you may encounter.

3:02 PM

From Elizabeth Blunt-Geppert via Facebook: “Precinct 23B, the machine was not working, my vote will have to be hand counted or if they put my ballot thru another machine and there is just 1 error, my whole ballot will not be counted.  I am glad I voted in person, otherwise we would not have been there to REPORT the machine was not working and have the opportunity to get the lawyers out there.”

2:10 PM

From the Boston Globe: Campaign winds down with swing state trips

1:17 PM

From the Huffington Post: Education a top election issue for voters, National Education Association polling results show

12:55 PM

From The New York Times: In case of a recount, a long wait for Ohio

12:24 PM

From Richard Sauls via Facebook: “3-3 lower providence. The people at the table were very good. They asked for I.D. and said unless this is your first vote here you don’t have to show I.D. Do you have a photo I.D. because the next election you will need it, if you don’t here is a sheet to tell you how to get one. No partisan politics!”

11:45 AM

From Terri Hayes via Facebook: “We voted early here in Florida but our friends have been sending messages from the polling location where they are voting and they have been in line for 5 hours. We have a 5 page paper ballot and there is only one machine to count all of the ballots . . .”

11:32 AM

From CNN: Romney breaks tradition with Election Day campaigning

10:57 AM

From the Huffington Post: Education in the election: Education became an unexpected star in the campaign

10:40 AM

From Politico: 5 things to watch on election night

10:07 AM

From The Washington Post: Union effort in Nevada going strong

9:58 AM

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9:00 AM

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