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Ohio Voters Respond to Governor’s Voting Rights Attack

by Felix Perez, photos courtesy of Fair Elections Ohio

Ohio’s voters dealt Governor John Kasich a stunning rebuke last month by repealing the law that stripped teachers, police officers and other public service workers of their right to have a say at their workplace.

With last Friday’s announcement that the state’s voters have collected enough signatures to place another law engineered by the governor and statehouse Republican leaders on the November 2012 ballot, the odds are good that Kasich’s divisive agenda — and job approval numbers — will suffer another staggering blow.

Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted announced Friday, December 9, that his office has certified 307,358 signatures to put the law on the ballot. Petition organizers exceeded by more than 75,000 the number of valid signatures required by law.

According to a statement from Fair Elections Ohio, the coalition that organized the volunteer driven petition drive, the law, HB 194, “makes harmful changes to Ohio election law by making it more difficult for citizens to cast a ballot. By limiting access to voting and making it more difficult for voters to express their views, this legislation is designed to benefit one party’s voters and to exclude others.”

The Ohio law would shorten the early and absentee voting period and shorten voting hours. It would eliminate Sunday voting and removes the current requirement that poll workers tell voters they are in the wrong precinct.

The Ohio announcement came two days after the Advancement Project, in partnership with civil rights, labor and other civic organizations, launched a petition drive to submit signatures to the U.S. Department of Justice to “deny approval to new repressive voting laws in states governed under the Voting Rights Act such as Texas, South Carolina and Florida, which this year passed legislation that will suppress votes from people of color, the disabled, youth and the elderly.”

Are radical GOP governors and state elected officials deliberately trying to skew the 2012 elections through restrictive voting laws aimed at specific groups? Tell us what you think below.

3 responses to “Ohio Voters Respond to Governor’s Voting Rights Attack

  1. Latinos are no different than any other American citizen. If the city or town where they are concentrated suffers of fraud or illegal immigration, the authorities have the right to screen them. If they are in order, they have nothing to fear; on the contrary, they should be willing to have a clean and legal system and should do everything in their power to help. The laws are the same to every American; the illegals are the ones that make life difficult to others. Everybody can understand this, it is simple and logical.

  2. Of course they are. They are also trying to privatize education and any other thing they don’t like. This is all done in order to put more power in the hands of the rich just as the ruling that Corporations are PEOPLE under the law. Wake up Middle Class. You are slowly becoming slaves of the Wealthy.

    1. For the last four years we have been progressively enslaved by this leftist (with the true intention of taking us into communism) government. They preach to the poor, while they squeeze the middle class. They blame and hate “the wealthy” but they are amassing as much weallth as they can. They live like rich but the difference is their wealth comes from the government which means from the people. The real wealthy (the ones they hate) have built their wealth by working, saving and investing. The wealthy (outside the government wealthy) pay the highest taxes and after them, we the middle class. The poor, do not pay any taxes but still complain. Why? because some have no idea of what they are talking about and others because they expect the rich and the middle class to support them.

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