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Congressional Hispanic Caucus Calls for Education Funding

On June 21st, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus sent the following letter to the House Appropriations Committee in support of education job funding.

Dear Chairman Obey and Ranking Member Tiahrt:

On behalf of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, we write to express our strong support for including funding to save education jobs in the emergency supplemental appropriations bill.

Our nation is facing an education emergency – a catastrophe that is growing worse by the day and threatening our children’s, and our nation’s, future.  According to a recent report from the American Association of School Administrators, nearly 300,000 educators, most of whom are women, have received or will receive pink slips for the next school year.  Over 25,000 Hispanic and 30,000 African American teachers and education support professionals could lose their jobs.

The impact of this crisis on our nation’s children cannot be overstated.  More than 80 percent of school districts across the country have had to layoff educators, leading to crowded classrooms and dramatic cuts to after-school programs, arts, music, sports, and vital subjects like social studies and history.  A Child’s education should not suffer because he or she is in school during an economic crisis.

As we move forward on education reform efforts, we must be mindful that real reform will be impossible if schools continue to lose teachers.  Fulfilling the promise of public education requires investing in the quality staff necessary to make sure every child has the individual attention and assistance necessary to excel.  In contrast, massive layoffs will lessen the quality of education a student receives – a result that may prove irreversible in the long-run.

A national emergency requires immediate action.  And, this is clearly an emergency.  We need to act now to save jobs and secure our children’s future.


Nydia Velasquez
Congressional Hispanic Caucus

Raul Grijalva
CHC, Education Task Force

To download a pdf version of the letter, please click here.

To email your members of congress and ask them to support education funding in the emergency supplemental bill, please click here.

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