Massachusetts educator warns: “Romney would move us backwards”

By Amanda Litvinov As Lois Jacobs’ job evolved from library teacher to media specialist over the course of her 23 year career, she saw the first computers, Apple IIs, brought into school libraries to replace paper card catalogues. Now retired, Jacobs doesn’t recall feeling nostalgic about the transition. “I am not interested in going backwards,” … Continued


NEA interns lobby Senators on the student loan interest rate increase

by Tim Reed/photo above by NEA intern Kate Jeszeck Hundreds of students, including a number of NEA interns, visited Capitol Hill yesterday as part of Campus Progress’ Student Debt Day, to lobby their Senators on the looming student loan interest rate increase. If congress does not act by July 1st, the interest rate on federally subsidized … Continued


Romney pulls down ad after New Hampshire student cries foul

by Félix Pérez Presidential candidate Mitt Romney had it all worked out. Run an ad in New Hampshire laying the blame for the student loan debt crisis on President Barack Obama while Vice President Joe Biden was in the state speaking to college students. But what sounded good in theory, didn’t exactly pan out in … Continued


Find your state and local affiliates on Facebook

research by NEA intern Avianca McKoy Want to stay up to date with all the latest news from your state or local education association? Why not follow them on Facebook? More and more of NEA’s local affiliates are joining Facebook every day, and joining those pages is a great way to keep up with the … Continued