Teachers Under Attack

In a few weeks, teachers will start a new semester. There’ll be new students and ideas, lesson plans, schedules and all the other pieces that go into making a school year.

Added to their plates, however, will be a serious and growing concern: the demonization in state after state of teachers and other school employees to silence their voices in the debate on how to improve America’s public schools.

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Share Your Story on Your Senators’ Facebook Pages

The U.S. Senate is currently considering education jobs funding that could help save 138,000 educator jobs nationwide. We need you to encourage your Senators to support this important legislation by sharing your personal stories on how layoffs and other funding cuts are affecting you, your local schools, and your community.


Education Support Professionals at Risk

Headlines in papers across the country bear the bad news about education budgets being slashed and teachers getting laid off. One of the largest papers, The New York Times, recently editorialized how fewer paychecks in a community affect more than just the laid-off teachers. Article after article shares stories of teachers who already know they won’t be returning in the upcoming school year, or are fearfully checking their mailbox each day for a pink slip.

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