Thank a school nurse today; it’s National School Nurse Day

by Robert McNeely School nursing requires much more than just than applying a band aid on a student’s scraped knee. Ask any student or teacher and they’ll tell you school nurses are more than a human first-aid kit, which is why they’re being honored for their commitment to health and safety on National School Nurse Day (NSND). … Continued


ALEC puts its fangs to education

By Amanda Litvinov / photo by gsbrown99 If you’re a fan of vampire stories—and lately we’re surrounded by them on the big screen, the small screen and in print—then you’re well aware that those bloodsuckers are hard to get rid of. They shape shift. They do their damage in the dark. And just when you think … Continued


Giving Thanks

EdVotes would like to offer the following reasons why we should give thanks.

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