Here’s where you are needed now:

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With the release of ‘Waiting for Superman’, there is a lot of talk about how to make schools better in America. We all appreciate the attention to the work we do every day in public schools, but many are disappointed that the debate has recently been dominated by silver-bullet solutions to wide-spread issues. We can only make our public schools better for all students if educators are driving the debate.

It’s time to Speak Up!

America needs you in the debate, on the discussion boards and in the public forum. What do you see every day on your school bus, in the classroom and after school. We need your positive input, ideas and best practices to be a part of today’s growing debate. We know that it’s hard, but we also know that educators are the everyday heroes, who stand ready to transform our schools and ensure that a great public education is America’s priority.

NEA Vice President Lily Eskelson comments on ABC News

Here’s how NEA members and other education activists are Speaking Up: