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NEA Vice President Lily Eskelsen and Director of the Center for Advocacy, Kim Anderson, will be appearing on three different panels at this year’s Netroots Nation on Thursday, June 7. Check out a description of each event below and be sure to come back and watch live coverage of the panels beginning at 3:00 on Thursday.

Update: All three livestreams have now concluded. Archived video of the first two panels has been added below so you can watch at your leisure. Video of Lily’s Keynote will be added as soon as it is available.

Bully: From Movie to Movement

Time: Thursday, June 7, 1:30-2:45
Featuring: NEA Vice President Lily Eskelsen, 17-year-old LGBT activist Katy Butler

The new movie Bully has captured national attention and given a voice to youth pushed into the shadows and the families that fight for them. Join National Education Association VP Lily Eskelsen, online activist Katy Butler, and Christie Marchese to discuss next steps in the Bully-Free movement. #BullyFree

Katy Butler, another of the panelists for this event, is the 17-year-old openly lesbian Michigan high school student who led a national campaign to get the Motion Picture Association of America to change the ‘R’ rating of the film Bully to ‘PG-13.’ She created and publicized a petition, then hand-delivered over a half-million signatures to the MPAA, causing them to change the rating. Butler is an outspoken activist on anti-bullying and LGBT issues and is the youth producer for “The Bully Chronicles,” an upcoming film from the perspective of bullies.

Whose Law Is It Anyway? ALEC’s Influence on State Legislatures and What We Can Do About It

Livestream Time: Thursday, June 7, 3:00-4:15
Featuring: NEA Director of the Center for Advocacy, Kim Anderson

The American Legislative Exchange Council has been behind virtually every major right-wing state law in the past two years, including union-busting, teacher-bashing, voter suppression, attacks on immigrants, privatizing basic public services and gutting environmental and health regulations. Learn more about ALEC, who backs them and what you can do to stand in their way.

Opening Keynote

Livestream Time: Thursday, June 7, 7:00-9:00
Featuring: NEA Vice President Lily Eskelsen

We’ll kick off Netroots Nation with an opening keynote from New York’s Attorney General and the man the American Prospect calls The Man Banks Fear Most, Eric Schneiderman. Other speakers will include: Providence Mayor Angel Taveras, environmentalist Bill McKibben, Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards, NEA’s Lily Eskelsen, and Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin.