The Dream Act, the most inclusive solution for DACA recipients and others brought to the United States as children, provides multiple pathways to citizenship via higher education, military service, or employment.

Since September, when President Trump declared an end to the DACA program, 800,000 people brought to this country as young children have been living in fear, not knowing what their future holds.

Almost 15,000 people have already lost their status already and the clock is ticking. Every day without a solution is another day that more than 100 young people lose their protections, leaving them vulnerable to deportation.

The American people and a bipartisan majority in Congress want a permanent solution to protect Dreamers. But we need your help today to ramp up the pressure and make it happen.

Call your Members of Congress today and tell them to support passage of a clean Dream Act.

Dial 1-855-764-1010 now.