Dear Elected Officials,

I urge you to stand up for working families by asking the nation’s wealthiest corporations and citizens to pay their fair share in taxes so that additional resources can be invested in neighborhood schools and other services that build our communities.

At a time when working Americans and small businesses are suffering, large, multi-national corporations are earning record profits and paying little to no money in taxes that are intended to support the communities where they do business. It’s time to close corporate tax loopholes at the federal and state level that cost our students and communities resources that would help the next generation achieve the American Dream.

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The incomes of American workers have not kept pace with the cost of living. While working families are being squeezed like never before, the nation’s top wage earners have more than recovered from the economic recession. It’s up to you to ask them to pay their fair share in taxes.

It’s not right that working Americans have to struggle to provide for their families, while those who can afford it are not asked to contribute their fair share to support the services we all rely on.

Lawmakers: The nation’s students and families are counting on you to make sure the promise of America is for everyone, not just the wealthy few. Instead of robbing children of opportunity, we should:

  • Support tax reform at both the state and federal level that asks everyone to pay their fair share.
  • Close corporate tax loopholes that encourage companies to hide profits in offshore tax havens and send jobs overseas.
  • Require more complete public disclosure of corporate income and tax payments.

Make an economy that works for everyone, not just the wealthy!