Betsy DeVos has been confirmed for Secretary of Education after the Senate split 50/50 and Vice President Mike Pence cast the tie-breaking vote. An extremist billionaire with no experience in education, DeVos has no degree in education, has never worked in a school, and neither she nor her children ever attended a public school.

Her sole connection to public education is her decades-long mission to destroy it.

DeVos supports unaccountable, for-profit charter schools and vouchers, which drain public schools of critical resources. She pushes so-called “school choice” schemes that typically offer no choice for the most vulnerable students—those with special needs, those who don’t speak English, and those living in poverty.

This is a good time to speak up on behalf of our public schools and our students.

Tell Betsy DeVos why public schools are worth fighting for. If you work in a school, educate her about the challenges of the job. Tell her what issues your students face outside of school that affect them in the classroom, and what she should do to help now she has been confirmed as Secretary of Education.