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  1. As I understand it, police and fire personnel are exempt from this heinous ruling.
    I suggest teachers, nurses, LIBRARY workers, all public works employee unions STAND as one, to fight this.
    I am retired from a small town library in Massachusetts. About 4 years ago, our security was threatened by an overzealous Selectman who wanted to balance the budget by stripping our health coverage and dismantling the retirement system totally.

    We came together, all police, fire, teachers, DPW, librarians…united, and fought. It was organized. We did door-to-door leafleting, what public information coffee hours, went to Town Meeting and talked to caucus members, etc. The Selectman lost. We won. The public fears loss of its’ safety personnel..if theses ‘protected’ workers join with the more vulnerable workers, it carries a strong message.

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