13 easy ways you can stymie Trump-DeVos, advocate for students, public schools


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  1. What an absurd title…yes we support education and those are all great ideas…but supporting education and students does not STYMIE Trump-DeVos! Get over it and work with our new Sec. of Education. The fact that NEA or AFT members helped to block a poor school in DC that DeVos was about to visit is totally absurd! Work with her, give her a chance because she’s “it” for the next 4 years. Fighting with her and Trump will get no where and it’s certainly not a way to be good role models for our students. This is the first time I have been ashamed to be a member and past Pres. of NEA.

  2. The teacher who makes $26,000 in his or her first year who has to spend as much as $1,000 to set up a learning environment for students should not have to subsidize the school corporation. We are talking about schools that provide desks, chairs, and books with some technology mixed in. Most school corporations don’t provide the extra pencils, notebooks, folders, etc. for students who have none. They don’t provide the storage containers OR educational games, manipulatives, books, posters, stations, book shelves, tables, etc. that classrooms need for teachers to effectively and efficiently teach. That is just set up. Add up the $10-50 per month some spend in addition, and look at the percentage of income that teacher spends just to be able to do the job. This is VASTLY different from perks such as cell phones, company cars, and expense accounts handed out in other professions in addition to salaries and benefits. And there is NO overtime pay.

  3. It is outrageous even just the thought of Public Education not being funded as it should be for ALL St.UDENTS without prejudice. The illusion that charter schools are better than Public Schools is just that an illusion. We the people (last statistical count 98% of students attend Public Schools in America.Public Schools should be fully funded not private charter schools! We the people do not think that charter schools and private schools should receive funding from our tax revenues. My goodness the dedicated Public School teachers more than three or four times a year pay for supplies for their students. Where is the justice ? There are statistical reports pointing to the fact that students do poorly in charter schools. Why should we the people fund. The administrator of charter schools gets paid 300 or 400 thousand dollars per year? This in itself is ridiculous while the teachers hardly make a living. As soon as a teacher starts making a livable wage they are let go. This is totally wrong and the public should be made aware of this fact. The media should be made aware of this factor-spread this truth far and wide within America.God Bless America!
    charter or private schools? If one wants to send their children to a private school that is fine BUT not with public funding.

  4. One question would be : What does ‘fully funded’ mean? The ideas of teachers buying things/paying for students is not rational. There is a constant complaint that teachers are underpaid so whomever it is that comes up with ideas on these pages ought to consider where the money will come from.

    The continual complaint that teachers do not have requisite supplies and have to use their own money does not seem to fit with the idea/suggestion they ought to use more of their own money to support school/student needs. The martyr-dom syndrome needs to end and the focus needs to be on electing politicians who support schools. But, in general, the voters of this country seem to keep re-electing and re-electing the same old stinking politicians. Since the voters are not smart enough to use their term limit power, there needs to be a term limit rule at every level of elected office. Term limits. Now.

    It seems a bit odd that educators are being advised to protest-stymie federal action before there seems to hve been much action taken. Exactly what legislated action are we protesting today?

  5. I write letters to the editor based on the principle of “taxation w/o representation” when it comes to charter schools. I also reinforce the lack of transparency and influence parents have.

  6. Both Betsy DeVos and BLOTUS are walking talking billboards against privatization. I prefer my son to get the same great education his older brother received in a public school.

  7. We need to fully fund our public schools. When we start using money for charter schools for the few students able to go we hurt the majority of students in public education.

  8. Public Education is a bedrock of our American democracy. It must be supported. It is being held accountable unlike many for profit charter schools.

    Charter schools were formed in order to bring new successful innovative ideas back into the public schools. They were not conceived to compete against the public schools, to skim off public monies and at the same time cherry pick the top students.

    Who is more believable – educatiors who work hard every day to provide a learning environment even amidst lack of funding for all they need,? or owners of for-profits who do not have the same accountability standards, who can pick only those students who are the easiest to teach so that their bottom line will reflect the most profit for themselves?

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