Join educators across the country on January 19 for the Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools day of resistance


On January 19th, educators and parents across the country will engage in local action at public schools to advocate for the education all our students deserve. In October, more than 2,000 schools in 238 different communities took part in the Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools (AROS) walk-ins.

October’s events focused on the over-reliance on standardized testing and the unchecked proliferation of charters that drain funding from public schools. On January 19th, AROS partners will be walking in to their neighborhood public schools to fight for Education Justice and Racial Justice, fighting against the school-to-prison pipeline, and ensuring that our most vulnerable students (such as LGBTQ and immigrant students) get the high-quality public education that ensures America’s future prosperity.

To get involved in the January 19th AROS event, visit learn more and sign up to attend or host your own local action.

Reader Comments

  1. Schools are closed Dec 19 for Winter Break. Go to your state capitol for the sake of the election and for democracy to be upheld by the Electoral College votes in your state. #resistance

  2. I’m the proud product and proponent of public education. I’m concerned about truth and facts being ignored. As educators we need to change our tact then since few respond or even understand truth and facts. What concerns me the most is why do both political parties have their fingers in their ears? Why wasn’t education or for that matter many important issues brought up during the past year or so? I’m wondering if the reason might be deeper than pure profits. Could our republic be at risk like the PIGS? I’ve lived abroad and wonder if the our way of life is at risk. Social Security, Medicare, public services and alike might have a bleak future. BPA causing low sperm counts in men and slowing the birth rate. Getting rid of immigrants and discouraging they who want to come. I’m 63 and have believe that my expected state pension and federal benefits will be slashed so we won’t become like the PIGS.
    When I was a child the national news would have segments for differing sides to express their ideas. It was a different time when people would watch and discuss the news. It was also a law to provide that time. Now, each news source slants information according to it’s owner’s will.
    Isn’t that the essence of our duty as educators? Here’s an idea, before our national clout goes down the crapper why don’t we offer a national platform for both sides? Just like in the news paper, if a side doesn’t want to participate their offered area is blank where the other sides would be clearly seen and available to read.
    I’m sure that there could be a way to control who constitutes a legitimate party with the right to participate.
    There has to be a way to use social media to get the message out, Complacency is something the powers that be count on. As individual teachers we would risk our jobs if we spoke out. Due to the new evaluation tools and the fact that many of us have lost tenure that protected us from this vary thing we are reluctant to join in the conversation. So I challenge our national teacher associations to step up to the plate in our names.

  3. The drill and kill is not good enough. Test and punish isn’t good enough. Charters run by robber-barons are not good enough. Vouchers which buy literally nothing are not good enough.

    We need to stop private entities who concoct schemes like these from stealing from the education budget and hurting children in the process. This is unacceptable.

  4. I say it’s broader than this. The first 3 years of school should be focus mainly on character development vs academic. We grew a community of selfish narcissistic individuals now we should raise caring social other focused mature citizens like Japanese schools do.

    1. When a kid gets to school, there ought to be absolutely no need for character development. Of course the huge number of single parent families, many dysfunctional families, illegal alien families, drug addicted families, fail to develop character in kids. So, when they arrive at school, they are like their so-called parent(s): just waiting for the next government handout, not willing to put in the effort required for their own advancement.

      1. Sorry, Bob, hate to be the bearer of bad news but ‘illegal alien parents’ and many single parent families DO NOT teach their children to look for handouts. I taught in the barrios, and I taught on the border, and in migrant areas as a migrant teacher; those parents gave us some of the best behaved kids, kids who wanted an education, kids who didn’t miss school, parents who taught their children respect of others, especially the teachers. I was also a single parent with 5 kids after I got tired of my husband beating me up. My children were not expecting handouts, they were taught respect, manners. I married a single man eventually, with his own son, who was adopted, and we raised all the children together and we were both teachers, and 2 of them are teachers,. I have had children in high school, whose parents were well educated, and who thought their little dears could do no wrong, they could tell a teacher to shut up, they could refuse to take a test because they ‘had been to a ball game the night before’, and these were the kids with the character education issue..

      2. Bob sounds somewhat bigoted with his blaming attitude of the downtrodden and unfortunate, assuming they all are morally deficient.
        I know many families who, because they are in difficult positions, put forth extra effort to become good citizens, encourage their children to have good manners and work hard to have a future better than their parents’ have had.
        I think Bob needs to get off the blame train, spend a day with some of these families and see the reality of their lives.

      3. Character is about self-reliance as well as orientation toward the good of the community and being willing to help one’s fellow classmates and community members. Plenty of kids also arrive as selfish, bullying, entitled sociopaths. This is why a balanced character is modeled as well as embedded in instruction in a well-functioning classroom. It’s not as simple as Bob states it.

  5. The use of vouchers and growth of charter schools is a way for the wealthy to create segregation without really calling it that. No taxpayer dollars should be spent to pay for church-based schools nor for-profit charters. Keep public education strong and support the 90% of U.S. students who attend public schools.

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