Iowa teacher: We must empower students to reverse the “Trump Effect”


By Guest Writer Maggie Mnayer

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As a high school English teacher in an urban school district smack in the middle of Iowa, I take seriously my responsibility to teach my students the importance of their word choices, of respecting and valuing the diversity of their peers, and of always, always treating each other with dignity and respect.

We spend the first few weeks of every school year establishing a classroom climate that is free of bullying and hurtful words, a space where we do not attack or belittle each other.  We commit to being a community of learners that support, encourage, and empower one another.

But on a daily basis, I am reminded that the “Trump Effect” is very real in my school and in the lives of my students.

Maggie Mnayer (center) with two students who helped raise funds and build a bus stop shelter for their community.

My students and I were dismayed long before Election Day at the debacle our presidential race became, specifically by the behavior displayed by then-Republican nominee Donald Trump. It has been heartbreaking for my students to see a presidential candidate brag about committing acts of hate and getting away with it because he is famous and wealthy.

Now Trump is the president-elect, and I, like many educators across the country, am having very difficult conversations with terrified students about what it means for them and their families. My students have given me the green light to share how we have come to grips with this tumultuous election in our classroom.

Since long before November 8, students have expressed during class discussions their shock at how Trump talks about people from races other than his own, other religions, women, and the disabled. My students of color have shared how they have felt more vulnerable to attack by white students since the start of election season. Some are terrified about what Trump can do to their families now that he has been elected.

“I’m a Mexican-American and even though I was born here, I am worried that Trump will deport me and my family just because we are Hispanic,” wrote my 16-year-old student Antonio as part of his classwork. “He won’t ask questions or check, he will just do it.”

“The president of our country should not make people . . . feel down about themselves,” said Paishence, who is fifteen. “A lot of bullying is taking place and if it isn’t stopped it will result in many deaths.”

Many of my students have brought up fears that Trump might start a nuclear war with another country. They are unnerved by the capricious attitude he has displayed toward weapons that could potentially wipe out a country.

I can’t let my students sit with this level of fear. So all throughout the election and now in the aftermath, we’ve worked together to create the world we want to see, if only in our classroom.

We start by sharing our perspectives. We acknowledge that we might see complex issues like race differently, even if we agree with the basic premise that everyone deserves equal rights.  I provide facts about how the government works and remind my students that a president cannot go entirely unchecked in our democracy.

But beyond just giving students facts, I want to empower them to face tough issues head on, express themselves with passion, and learn how to truly listen to those who don’t agree with them.

I also try to give them a better understanding of how hate operates.

Early in the school year, my classes discussed the Pyramid of Hate developed by the Anti-Defamation League. We focused on  how critical it is for them to speak up on behalf of those being targeted—even if the behavior is at the lowest block in the pyramid (stereotyping and acts of prejudice) before the perpetrators have a chance to move up into the more aggressive acts (discrimination and violence).

I challenge them to be agents of change, to use words to defuse tense situations and encourage others in their spheres of influence to examine their own beliefs and how they treat others so that our community becomes more inclusive, more compassionate, and more reflective.

I believe the president-elect would benefit from spending time with my students, who understand that it takes self-control to do the right thing.

Donald Trump has done so much damage to many of my students’ sense of hope and belonging that it will take years to overcome. My students are losing faith in our government to do and be what is best for us as a nation.

I leave school every day hoping that they understand it will largely be up to them to change all of this. They will be able to vote in the next presidential election. And when they do, they would do well to remember what their classmate Devin said: “We can’t have someone as President of the U.S.A. if they don’t respect everyone in America.”

Let’s hope we never do again.

Maggie Mnayer teaches English at Waterloo East High School in Waterloo, Iowa.

Reader Comments

  1. I teach in a very diverse middle school. Several of my students said almost the identical fear. I simply told them the truth. If you are a citizen or are here legally there is no concern. If someone is here illegally they are subject to deportation as it has always been! They were satisfied and are now fine.

  2. I would suggest, the students of these no account schools need to demand the opportunity to gain a good education rather than the Socialist one they are currently forced to endure. Many teachers have become a detriment to actual education and are most certainly the cause of a young society who have low morals and values. I am sure they are proud of their contributions to the implementation of the communist manifesto.

  3. I have to say, it is refreshing and reassuring to read the comments by rational, non liberal thinking people. Maybe there is hope for America

        1. Bob – Maybe you should be telling this to your president-elect who through a string of deferments avoided the draft and never served during the Vietnam War. Yet, he knows more than the generals.

          1. Why is it you will not accept personal accountability ? Typical liberal view: let the government take care of everything at the expense of taxpayers.

            But since you are into tossing useless sentiment, why is it that your girl Hillabeast lied about not being able to get into the Marine Corps? A woman, mid ’70’s, Yale law graduate? Such a person would have been a gold star in the hat of any recruiter. So the simple answer is, like many liberal, bleeding heart thinkers, sucking on the hind teat of the nation, she lied. In her defense, she can not tell reality from fiction.

            1. Face it Bob, your president-elect is a draft dodger, who pretends he’s an outsider, pays no federal taxes, and has delusions about knowing more than the generals. He’s all yours.

            2. Or face reality, Trump is OUR president. Perhaps you know of some exemption rule that allows you to claim he is not the president of all citizens? You could always leave the country if it is all that upsetting to you.

  4. The current agenda preached by the various ED facilities is closely related to one which one might see in a communist country. I doubt if anyone currently enrolled in our 1-8 grades, can recite any portion of the Constitution or any of the Amendments. Nor do they understand that the needs of the many DO NOT OUTWEIGH THE RIGHTS OF THE FEW.
    However, I would not question that many could cite the agenda supported by the Communist Manifesto.

  5. Trump railed against the donor class who pay to play while presenting himself as an outsider and now proceeds to appoint billionaire Betsy DeVos who contributed millions to the Trump campaign. Not exactly draining the swamp is he Bob?

    1. Hans Kosenkranius
      Uninvited, I chime in and offer my two cents or more; Trump was not my choice for the office. That being said; I don’t think he has the murder of several American Soldiers on his resume’ as hillary does. Although a somewhat corrupt method does exists by which we select our government, so far it hasn’t resulted in the murder of millions. I think the latest unofficial count for the Clintons is somewhere around 100. But that’s another story.

      1. AHP 1081 – The murder of American soldiers is NOT on Hillary’s resume in as much as 9-11 is not on the resume of George Bush. These overly inflated and still unproven accusations along with the emails fit the Republican narrative of the story. I guess innocent until proven guilty isn’t in your vocabulary.

        1. Of course its not on her resume, but it happened on her watch, she owns it. It was her fault, she owns the incident. Not a popular theme these days to be responsible, She want the authority without the accompanying responsibility. Why are we still worrying about Hillary? She is old news, hopefully out to pasture and gone. The next problem will be Obama attempting to over rule the new president’s undoing of his marginally legal, ridiculously moronic actions. His efforts will be to defend what he perceives to be an important legacy. Already starting with masked praise for Castro.

          1. Bob – Yeah you’re right, Hillary is done. Obama’s on the way out. You won the election but soon you’re going to realize you also lost…and you’re going to own it big time.

        2. It is on her resume in as much as she ignored numerous pleas for more security in Benghazi. If those pleas never reached her desk, she is responsible for that, too.

    2. I guess you are right, Trump has been elected for 2-3 weeks so we ought to all be convinced he is a failure. Now that is a mature, thinking approach.

      Keeping Clinton out of office to continue the destruction of our nation was the most important swamp action so far.

      1. Kamb5991 – Just google Betsy DeVos and donations to Trump campaign and there are articles from Forbes, New Yorker, NYT, and Washington Post, among others.

        1. Try this citation: “During the presidential campaign, Betsy and Dick DeVos NEVER publicly supported Trump, although other members of DeVos clan donated $245,000 to a fund to help elect Trump and other Republican candidates.” Detroit News

  6. The media is in a frenzy. They can not find anything useful to publish so every tidbit since the election is prefaced with some derogatory adjective preceding any Trump news. One would wonder why the press is not pressing Hillabeast’s camp on the Jill Stein attempts at recounts. Total waste of money by that nutcase Green party person. See how easy it is to plop in a word?

    Instead of wasting millions on a useless recount, Stein’s morons could donate the money being wasted to the NEA who could do something equally as useful like support for chicken clucker Lizzie ‘Pocahontas’ Warren in her next election bid. Problem with her is that the young Kennedy kid is guaranteed the Mass senate seat. It is a god given right that a Kennedy get that seat.

    So, it is time for the adults to put away their crayons and playdough, get over it, face reality.

    Stop the nonsense and grow up.

  7. Isn’t that what we have under the past administrators? People who have no clue calling the shots. Maybe a business person will give us a better look than the idiots we’ve had.

  8. This is outrageous! Educators should not be forcing their political choices on students. They should be teaching them to research and make their own decisions….any teacher imposing this racist opinion should be fired.

  9. If a student is worried that his family is going to be deported, that student has no one to blame but his or her own family. There is a process to becoming a citizen of the United States. That student’s family ignored that process.

    1. Not only that, but this teacher’s responsibility it to actually research the lies being spread by mass media and put her students’ fears to rest. Almost unilaterally, all of these ridiculous rumors are completely distorted and untrue. Shame on her! She should be reassuring them of their constitutional rights. And teaching them the meaning of the Constitution.

  10. As a teacher for the last twenty-three years, I have learned how to lower my student’s fear and anxiety about 911, a pipe bomb found on campus, war in the middle east, and many other stressful situations that student and staff have been through. What works is calmly and confidently reassuring kids, regarding thir anxiety and fear of the unknown. Any good teacher should do this as such scenarios come up.
    What I dislike about this article, and this website, is the use of kid’s feelings to promote the leftist values that you espouse to. I believe that such teachers, like the author of this article, use these moments, not to assuage a student’s fears, but rather to groom them into future progresaves like themselves. A good teacher should do their best to be politically neutral in class, so that kids can make up their own miinds, as they mature, how they feel and believe politically.
    What about students that espouse more conservative values? Does this publication ever support and stand for their values? They, and I ha e been in “fear” for the last eight years that the America that we grew up in , had nearly turned into a socialist, globalist contry, devoid of constitutionally guaranteed freedoms, ruled by elitist progressives, like Obama.
    We all have differing values and beliefs, but a good teacher realizes the influence and power they wield, and choose to allow kids to come to their own conclusions.

    1. As a retired teacher of 36 years, Jon, you are absolutely right. Teachers should NOT be promoting their own political agenda onto their students. The fears mentioned in this article are essentialy false. No one with any common sense would believe that a Trump Presidency will lead to storm troopers in jackboots coming into classrooms and ripping students from their desks to be deported. This is so much hogwash,
      and no teacher should be a part of justifying this fear.

  11. This country is already in a bad place. The children today sometimes take any opportunity to make excuses. I’m not talking politics. I’m talking about the “woe is me” attitude we have allowed the younger society to have.
    We are letting them believe that there is always someone else to blame for their failures.
    We need to get back to hard work and our faith in one another. We need to parent better and hold these kids accountable for their actions. The fact that everyone gets a trophy, and no child left behind has coddled the few that don’t have to try in believing they will be rewarded. Because they deserve it. This mentality has done nothing to close the education gap. What it has done however, is lower the bar to allow everyone to slide by.
    Our education system is broken. Who wants to deny that?
    Trump may be horrible. Clinton may have been horrible. Obama, was he horrible?
    These 3 play NO role in how we should have raised our children.
    Now we have adults that expect everything to be given to them. Despite their true efforts to obtain what they expect.
    Wake up. Let’s support our local government, our federal leadership, and let’s work hard to better ourselves.
    As a past educator, I believe the students will excel in society if we quit allowing them to feel sorry for themselves.
    But first, we must quit feeling sorry for ourselves.
    Just as I would tell my students, the president did not forbid you form doing your homework or studying for a test. No president has ever told a student to stop interrupting class and allow the other 25-30 students to learn. No, that is our job to instill respect back into society.
    Remember, success takes work. If it doesn’t, then it’s called luck.
    We can’t teach luck.

    1. Excellent as I am a teacher of retirement age and now focused on creating enrichment and life skills – attitude programs to fill in the gaps missing today with what I thankfully learned both in home and school. It’s giving back yes and to perpetuate such formative values.

    2. You win. This is the best comment I’ve seen on the internet in a while. And I’m one of those youngsters – but I wasn’t raised with the “everyone gets a trophy” mentality, praise the Lord my husband wasn’t, and you can sure as heck bet our children won’t be.

      Schools do not raise children. Parents do. And it’s disgusting that the teacher writing this took advantage of a situation to teach her own views.

  12. If ANYONE comes into the United States illegally, it’s a crime. Illegal is illegal no matter which way you slice it. Get the picture? People who are here illegally need to go back to their home country and apply for citizenship in the United States in the legal manner. The immigration laws and restrictions are written to protect the LEGAL CITIZENS of the United States; not the other way around.

  13. Donald Trump is the best thing to happen to this country in at least 8 years! Stop being sore losers and help try to make this country great again!!

  14. I certainly hope you corrected your students misconceptions about President-Elect Trump’s policies. If someone is here legally, they should have absolutely no fear under a Trump administration.

  15. We watched and listened to Trump say appalling things, unfiltered by the media. HE is the source of fear. Followers who take cues from him that it’s all right to bully people are also a source of fear. Let’s be decent human beings, respecting even when we don’t agree.

  16. I feel saddened that an educator would use her respected position as a teacher to preach her own political views. I didn’t vote for Trump either but it doesn’t mean I should blame him for everything that is happening in my school. That is like me blaming “Maggie” for my disillusionment of the education system. If your students are losing hope, it’s because trusted adults they look up to are feeding their fears. It’s up to us to teach our students to hope, think, reason and plan to make a difference.

  17. How about you, NEA or personal teacher stop encouraging your students to be victims and making a problem where there is none.

    You’re damaging students by keeping the campaign rhetoric alive rather than explaining it for what it was. Use this as an opportunity to show how in even our founding fathers would campaign in similar manners.

  18. I am yet wondering how people voted for him in the first place. All of his hateful rhetoric and disparaging remarks should have been enough for reasonable people to refute his eligibility to govern all Americans. But it wasn’t and now we are left with what we have. I am praying that the electoral college will revisit their pledges and on December 19th, vote the voice of the people and elect Hillary Clinton. Though she has her own flaws, she is still the only one who will govern for the sake of all Americans and not just some.

  19. It isn’t Trump who is causing these fears because Hillary and her co-horts were involved in this messy election also. Why not put the blame on the news media and social media where it really belongs! Misleading lead-in lines, half-truths, and blatant lies filled the air for too long until people believed everything they heard and read. Gather and sort through information. The teacher needs to explain these things to the students, as do their parents. Hate and fear cause harmful needless unrest. As a retired teacher of 36 years in the classroom, I find today’s classrooms’ atmospheres disturbing. Until parents start parenting and young people realize there is a reason for rules to be followed, our country will continue to struggle with social ills. A civilized society will flourish. . .but not a “me” society. If you break the rules, you should pay the price. You don’t break rules, you have nothing to fear. Get the chip off your shoulder.

    1. Teresa – What did Hillary or anyone in her camp say that helped raise the level of bullying and minority bashing to toxic levels? Other than her “deplorables” remark, basically ALL the divisive, racist, and misogynist comments were made by the now president-elect. Put the blame where it belongs and don’t chastise the media for simply reporting what’s said!!

      1. Hillary supported murdering unborn children later term and disrespected our military. Her and Obama have caused the great divide, and notice are doing nothing to discourage their mess!!

      2. Teresa’s comments are on the mark. If I hear another parent say…. I can’t do that, little (put in your favorite politically correct name) will be upset. I want him/her to be my friend… amazing? Grow up and act like a parent. Your kids are not your friends.

        The media is void of journalism other than sensational headlines that attract the attention of the millions of morons who believe the government is the solution to their problems, not the source. So, blaming an elected official who will not support their agenda of popular culture spread is vilified.

        1. Bob – This is typical. When you can’t defend the message, then it’s time to attack the messenger. Trump’s hateful words are indefensible, so let’s attack the media for supposedly twisting his words.

          1. Trump’s hateful words….. what, exactly were they? This man, who promotes women, minorities, and LGBTQ people based on their MERIT instead of their category, hardly deserves the bashing he gets from the press. (Which by the way has been largely funded by George Soros or his organizations or those he’s paid.) Then let’s take an honest look at NY Times. Who’s the largest shareholder there? Mr. Carlos Slim. Know who he is? Why, he’s part of the Clinton mess, that’s who.

            1. Pam – You have a short memory. Here’s a quick recap of Trump’s words: Disputing the fitness of a judge based solely on his race, calling mexicans’ “rapists,” mocking disabled people, insulting a muslim gold star family, calling captured U.S. veterans “losers,” mocking women based on their appearance, and his sexually explicit comments against women. You’re ok with all this? I think a press bashing is well deserved.

    2. First, I would like to state that I am a teacher. I have been for 32 years. It truly frightens me that we actually have teachers/educators who believe their job is to mold eager young minds to conform to their own beliefs. That is not our job. I believe my goal should be to facilitate dialog, etc about issues at hand. I do not dictate what my students should believe in. I find it atrocious that some teachers believe in this method of instruction. That is indoctrination. Our students are not being taught to be individuals, only to parrot back what they hear in order to gain favor with the teacher and other classmates. The fact is that I have come in contact with many students who are afraid of having an opinion different than their instructors or peers, for fear of the consequences socially and academically. As much as President elect Trump said, which in many cases was inappropriate, there was plenty of hatred, dishonesty, and violence that came from the Clinton camp. Her lies just kept on multiplying. She and her party basically cheated (given debate questions ahead of time, etc.) in so many blatant ways without consequences. The Clinton camp emails were just the icing on the cake. Poor Bernie Sanders didn’t know what hit him. His own party screwed him…good examples of truth, honesty, loyalty and tolerance exhibited for our children. The fact that most of our rioting/demonstrating students( some being destructive and out of control) didn’t even vote in the election. You don’t have the right for this type of indignation when you didn’t participate in the American process. Again, there were no consequences or any of them held responsible. Although I found the entire election season disheartening, I still believe it is one of the greatest privileges we are given as American citizens. It’s not perfect, but it sure is the best the world has. Our job is too instill in our students a sense of responsibilty, the ability to think for themselves, to respect others even if their opinion differs from ours. Behavior on both sides became shameful in this long process, but our children need to hear all the sides and facts so they can form their own opinions. There needs to be open dialog, minus the violence, the hatred, the name calling. There must be a “safe place” were all can think for themselves and feel protected and respected. I really hope their schools provide this for each of them. The day that I tell a student what they should believe in, is the day I put my retirement papers in and say a prayer for all of our children. Let’s try to make this holiday season a time of reflection, tolerance and hope for all. We all need this for our terribly divided country.

    3. I hope there are no students in this woman’s class whose parents voted for or support President-elect Trump ( I’m certain after an hour in her class they wouldn’t tell her, though). I can’t imagine the “fear” of retaliation and isolation they must be feeling after some biased, partisan government lessons from a public school teacher. Also, I hope that instead of feeding the fear of students like “Antonio”, she is reminding them that if their parents didn’t do anything illegal, they shouldn’t be worried about consequences for criminal acts….And that if their parents did do something illegal, they should speak with their PARENTS about their fears or a school official.

      It is frightening to see so many teachers overstepping their boundaries, trying to do the job of parents and authorities, and going outside of their training to “help” students. Are they certain that they aren’t substantiating and feeding these childrens’ (perhaps irrational) fears and contributing to a sort of hysteria?

      Stick to teaching the facts and critical thinking skills, and stop imposing your opinions on students. Your opinions do not (no matter how much you think they do) represent the opinions of ALL your students and in the grand scheme of things your opinions are the least important thing in your classroom. Ive seen way too many gigantic egos leading diverse groups of learners in public school classrooms. The irony of how these egos are responding to this president-elect is laughable.

    4. Having been a life long educator myself, I despise all the name calling and negativity of this past election. I despise Trump’s remarks about feeling up women, and what he can get away with. However I despise a life long habitual liar like Hillary Clinton even more. Her life long pursuit of political gain in office, and using her position to get away with murder, fraud, money solicitation, and power brokering from our enemies, is even worse. I’m sick and tired of politicians conveniently not remembering or forgetting about bad thing they did. Everyone needs to be accountable for their life and help others less fortunate. Maybe it’s about time we tell our kids they need to tell the truth, be honest, make friends with everyone, and not talk negatively about others. It’s time teachers step up and put moral character as something to be proud of.

  20. Trump’s classified ad for an education secretary:

    Wanted, secretary of education. Must have no experience as a classroom teacher or school administrator. Must have an adversarial attitude toward the system that educates the vast majority of students. Must be an inflexible ideologue. Serious educators need not apply.

    I think he found someone who fit his requirements.

    1. Perhaps a better choice ought to be a socialist teacher, fan of the NEA, union organizer who wants the federal government to control everything in everyone’s lives. The country does not need the federal government control everything we do.

    2. Are you a teacher, Larry? Because I am. If you ARE a teacher and you actually believe the federal government should wield control over every school district in the country you are the sorriest excuse for an educator I’ve ever met. Have you read the global statistics on school systems? How low the US is currently on the world’s totem pole of education? Trump’s goal is to return to the individual states and districts their lost right to educate their children to the standards they elect locally. And, that’s how it needs to be. Teachers are so sick and tired of No Child Left Behind and the insane “Common Core” it’s not even funny.

  21. The “Trump Effect” is a result of negative press by the Left leaning mainstream media. The hype over a supercharged politically correct agendas promoted by the NEA, CTA, &other Teacher Organizations has also had a detrimental effect on the understanding of the real world and cause & effects of hyper sensitivity as demonstrated by “safe zones”, play rooms, etc. From the beginning of our USA History education has been about necessities of life and how to solve problems & respect for core Values & Traditions. We encouraged “Legal” immigration of those coming for better life and to assimilate. Both are terribly the opposite now. So for that view we are being excoriated, excommunicated from public instruction, and vilified, therefore projecting these attitudes toward students. Opposite of making good citizens and fulfill goals of teaching adequate Life Skills & Goals.

  22. Give me a break! This is the garbage that you are putting in your newsletter? I will not be renewing my membership once it is up! Come on! There are real issues. How about teacher workload? How about removing discipline problems from the classroom instead of blaming it on teachers? How about placing accountability back on students and parents? This is what you worry about? Are you doing your jobs to support TEACHERS rather than push this garbage liberal agenda? Yes, I will not be renewing my membership and will call for the end of teacher associations unless you start doing your jobs!

  23. There is no Trump effect, there is only blithering idiots predicting doom because their Chosen One didn’t win. The job of teachers is to EDUCATE not INDOCTRINATE. I find it highly doubtful that a President Trump will attempt to destroy our education system. On the contrary, the only way America can become Great again is for him to Promote better education for our children. If that means changing what hasn’t been working, then which dimwits will demand we continue the status quo? Students are concerned with girlfriend, boyfriend relations, dances, sports games and social media not politics. Any political fears or concerns at school are mostly brought on by narrow minded and misinformed educators bleating their own form of PC Liberal,One World lets everyone hug, BS. The real world operates differently, like it or not. Donald Trump will sincerely do his best to restore American Greatness. Greatness, that for generations others have LEGALY come to our shores , to share in. It’s time for American Educators to realize that America is DIFFERENT from the rest of the world and that’s what makes our way of life desirable to us and others. If all you can do is trash our lifestyle, and our country while refusing to abide by laws you don’t agree with then move to Cuba. It’s close, it needs new ideas for its socialist government and we can get you there quickly and cheaply.

    1. Cuba is a fine place, seems our outgoing president is hedging his bets with an unintelligible statement about Castro’s death. I suppose the hundreds of thousands of people who left Cuba did so because they found it so appetizingly hot.

  24. So I have four more years of listening to whiny, thin-skinned, self-righteous teachers spewing this kind of crap? If this teacher were honest, how about being terrified of Democrats still running Chicago – the city with the highest murder rate in the world where black kids are the victim weekend after weekend. Or take DC, a horrible place to raise a kid – violence is rampant. And both cities have incredibly bad schools (thanks, NEA and AFT). Most likely, her students fears are things she put in their mouths. This teacher should be aware that contrary to what she thinks, most people are now quite optimistic about the future – things will get better under President Trump. Will some people who are here illegally have to go home? Yep, and rightfully so. Both Canada and Mexico have more stringent laws regarding illegal immigration. Go home and come back LEGALLY. Did this teacher mention that maybe the reason there is some nervousness is because their parents BROKE THE LAW? Nope, not likely. I am so glad DeVos is going to run the Dept of Education – with any luck the Democrat party rule over public schools will finally be broken.

  25. “I’m a Mexican-American and even though I was born here, I am worried that Trump will deport me and my family just because we are Hispanic,” wrote my 16-year-old student Antonio as part of his classwork. “He won’t ask questions or check, he will just do it.”

    Uh, Maggie, you DO know that a person born in the US is automatically a citizen and his/her birth certificate is proof of same, right? So do you mind telling me why you made NO attempt to assuage his obviously misplaced fears? I thought that was one of the roles of high school teachers. Oh, I forgot. That is not the job of indoctrinators like yourself.

    It’s going to be fun watching your DemLibProg movement trying to Bork every one of President Elect Trump’s Cabinet appointment. And falling flat on it’s face. But I wonder how many Anita Hills (though she tried to take down a SCOTUS nominee, but you catch my drift) you have sitting out there in the bushes waiting to ambush these appointments? Let the games begin!

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