Amid Trump-inspired spike in school bullying, Clinton announces national initiative


by Félix Pérez

Anne McQuade, an English language learner teacher in Manchester, NH, has seen firsthand how rhetoric from Donald Trump has trickled into her classroom and community, and she’s concerned about the immediate and long-term harm to students.


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McQuade, whose middle school has students from more than 30 countries and where more than 50 languages are spoken, recounted a recent incident. “An student, who is Muslim, told me that when she got off her bus, a man yelled, ‘Go home terrorist. You shouldn’t be in this country.’ ”

The so-called Trump Effect, chronicled by the Southern Poverty Law Center this spring, is producing fear and anxiety in schools across the country. In its national survey of educators, SPLC found:

  • More than two-thirds of the teachers reported that students — mainly immigrants, children of immigrants and Muslims — have expressed concerns or fears about what might happen to them or their families after the election.
  • More than half have seen an increase in uncivil political discourse.
  • More than one-third have observed an increase in anti-Muslim or anti-immigrant sentiment.

Said McQuade:

Children need positive role models, and they’re watching. A lot of my students feel they will be separated from their parents, their families. They fear they will be sent back to war-torn countries.

A. McQuade

McQuade, who has taught at the elementary, middle and high school levels and works closely with refugee and immigrant students, shared the incident involving the immigrant student while participating today in a news conference with officials from the Hillary Clinton campaign to unveil an anti-bullying plan. The initiative, Better Than Bullying, would provide $500 million to help children, families and educators confront the challenge of bullying and heal divisions in communities around the country.

McQuade said that the majority of her students have seen “war, destruction and death. Imagine when they are met by statements made by a presidential candidate who condones bullying and spreads fear.”

From mocking a reporter with a disability, to demeaning women for their appearance, to calling Mexican immigrants “rapists” and “criminals,” Trump has used demeaning and divisive rhetoric and behavior since the launch of his campaign. Trump’s divisive rhetoric has encouraged an increase in hurtful behavior and intimidation that is being reported in communities across the country.

Tony Coelho, former chairman of the President’s Committee on the Employment of People with Disabilities, said Trump “has brought hate back. . . We have a national figure from a major political party who is bullying and mocking others. The stigma that he’s left in the disability community and in other communities is shameful.”

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Reader Comments

  1. I cannot understand some people. They are just like Trump thinking that bullying is okay. Well it is NOT!! And no Ed, it is not a crock. You are so Trump. It makes me sick!!!

  2. My mother lives in her home. Her insurance is paid for by the affordable care act (I refuse to use the phrase the press likes to use). When Trump is elected and I believe he will be because most people are uninformed and the lying is out of control, my mother will lose her insurance and will have to go to a nursing home. The average cost in a nursing home is $100k minimum add on additional services and it goes higher. My mother deserves better but this country doesn’t care about people anymore it’s all about “the self”. We don’t have the money to pay that bill so guess who’s going to pay? You and me through our taxes. My mother, she’ll last about a month in a nursing and probably will die there, not in her home, alone. Thanks folks for being such informed voters. Try reading, it’ll change your life.

  3. Our children, and I am a K-6 teacher, are more afraid of abortion killing their siblings. We work on anti-bulling in our school and and without strapping another $500 million to taxpayers!

    1. Perhaps the NEA and other teacher organizations can direct some of your dues to these government programs. Why not? These organizations like to ‘speak’ for all their members using their money.

    1. Come on….Hillary is the best role model ever witnessed in an American election who can slip and slide out of every slimy act in which she is involved. Who can’t use that skill? Ian Fleming once commented, once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action. Maybe, just maybe, Hillary has gone way past the three times, and really is guilty of something. The trail behind her and her philandering husband (payoffs without admission of guilt, resignation of law licenses, careless handling of sensitive national security information…on and on) is so long, so smelly, so sordid, no thinking person should not stop and think what her character represents.

      In her defense, at this point, she can not really separate reality from what she believes is the truth. But then again, Jennifer Lopez says Hillary is the one to elect. Sold me.

  4. America needs to have positive role models as our leaders. Because of Trump’s incendiary remarks about immigrants, many young American students are being bullied in schools, as well as living in fear of deportation. Donald Trump, you are not setting a good example for any of our American citizens. PLEASE STOP YOUR INTIMIDATING REMARKS NOW!

    1. Sure, support illegal aliens who use your tax money. Maybe the NEA can divert some your dues to get legal aid for ILLEGAL aliens. Why not? They deserve taxpayer support.

  5. Bullying takes place when there is the ever increasing gap between the haves and the have-nots. Address the socio-economic issues and people become much more tolerant.

  6. Wait until Hillary hears the names her cell mates have for her in Federal prison. Seems there are more email issues. But still, keep supporting this arrogant criminal.

    1. You are misinformed. Please read, think, & quit believing those who make much ado about nothing. Hillary Clinton will be the next POTUS, deservedly so.

      1. Much ado about nothing? Compromising national security? Allowing Americans to die on foreign soil while you slept? Surrounding yourself with witches like Abadeen (sp?)? Cover-up after cover-up for a philandering husband? Deleting emails after a court order to turn them over? Selling Department of State influence to get pay for her dirt bag husband? Yeah, pretty much ado about nothing. All made up lies by white guys who do not want a great woman to be president.

        As the Dems like to say, vote early and often!

        This criminal may get elected but will be under investigation for years and accomplish nothing, other than keep herself out of prison. Maybe they will allow Bubba conjugal visits.

        1. Here’s a new slant: Hillary gets elected, 2 years involving indictments, trials, guilt. Then she pardons herself so she can’t be impeached and tossed from office. Apparently that could happen

  7. What a crock!
    Hillary is a crooked, lying, murderer! Who supports murdering babies! That’s really your choice for President?

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