BREAKING: Trump’s ed plan shows he’s “clueless about what works”


by Félix Pérez; image courtesy of Gage Skidmore

Donald Trump today delivered his long-overdue education plan at a for-profit charter school, and his policy proposals — private school vouchers and unaccountable charter schools — provide further evidence that he “has no understanding of what kids need to succeed.”


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To fund his plan, Trump said he would use $20 billion in existing federal funding to give to states in the form of a block grant. He said he would call on states to provide another $120 billion.

“I will be the nation’s biggest cheerleader for school choice,” proclaimed Trump, seemingly unaware that the Ohio for-profit charter school at which he spoke, Cleveland Arts and Social Sciences Academy, has received an F from Ohio for failing to meet the state’s standards.

“Donald Trump’s campaign has been smoke-and-mirrors with no substance,” said Becky Higgins, a first-grade teacher serving as president of the Ohio Education Association. “Donald Trump has no understanding of what kids need to succeed in school or in life. He’s only concerned with his bottom line.”

Lily Eskelsen García, former Utah Teacher of the Year and president of the National Education Association, said:

Donald Trump isn’t serious about doing what’s best for our students, and he’s clueless about what works. His silver bullet approach does nothing to help the most-vulnerable students and ignores glaring opportunity gaps while taking away money from public schools to fill private-sector coffers. No matter what you call it, vouchers take dollars away from our public schools to fund private schools at taxpayers’ expense with little to no regard for our students.

Trump lauded Ohio, saying it is a “leader in school choice.” Problem is, the data don’t bear that out. Alex Medler of the National Association of Charter School Authorizers, put it plainly to the Cleveand Plain Dealer. “Ohio has a real quality control problem.” He said, “Ohio’s more broken than the Wild West.”

More than $500 million in state aid was sent to Ohio charter schools that performed the same or worse than the local school district from which students transferred, according to

Trump used his remarks to go after teacher due process rights, or tenure, and to promote merit pay, two primary goals of corporate ed reformers and far right politicians.

Teacher “tenure,” however, does not mean what opponents of public education say it does.

Rather than a guaranteed job for life, tenure refers to the process that must be followed before tenured teachers can be dismissed. The reasons: to protect teachers against personal vendettas, personality conflicts or a political disagreement with an administrator — or because a local person of influence wants to give someone a job. It is common for teachers to serve as nontenured, probationary employees for three or four years. While on probationary status, a teacher can be dismissed for any reason whatsoever. And in some states, teachers are hired on a year-to-year contract.

As for merit pay, paying teachers based on on how students perform on a test has serious pitfalls: it only measures a narrow piece of the teacher’s work; such plans can pit employee against employee, especially when there’s a quota for merit increases; and it does not account for teachers who do not teach tested subjects.

Educators are not only concerned with Trump’s “vouchers for all” plan, but continue to be troubled by the effect of his campaign rhetoric on the nation’s students. Said Dan Greenberg, a high school English teacher in Sylvania, Ohio, “We teach our students to view the president as a role model, but when Donald Trump promotes a campaign built on racism, sexism and xenophobia, he’s no role model I would want for my students or my family. It doesn’t matter who you are — Democrat, Republican, or Independent — we have to vote our conscience over political party. Donald Trump is not fit to be Commander-in-Chief.”

Eskelsen García observed, “We’ve seen behavior from Donald Trump that we would never accept in a classroom. We teach children to reject prejudice and stereotypes like the ones Donald Trump embraces every time he hurls racial slurs, insults immigrants and women, and talks about banning Muslims from entering our country. We need a president who stands up to bullies — not one who embraces their tactics.”

Reader Comments

  1. I was going to re-post this article because I believe so strongly in what it says, but I can’t post an article about education that has a glaring mistake in it. The quote in the 2nd to last paragraph states “we have to vote our conscious..” Perhaps it is an editing error or maybe the error was on the part of the speaker, but either way, it’s embarrassing to write about education and appear not to know the difference between “conscious” and “conscience.”
    So, well, great article, but…

  2. I know you’re mostly (almost all?) Democrats and supporters of Herself, but more than that you are supporters of monopoly, unionized schools. School choice–REAL school choice–threatens you and your reaction is visceral denunciation of anyone who so much as mentions it. But its time is coming; you can get on the train or be struck by the train. The first seems the wiser course, and I advise you take it.

    1. Teachers are dedicated professionals who struggle to improve children’s lives. We face indifference and outright antagonism for asking for the things that would make our work easier and more successful. I advise you to visit the website: to find out what teachers do. It is disheartening to read your comments. They completely dismiss the excellent work done in public schools for all children.

    2. What you propose, “get on the train or be struck by it,” is the train to a perpetuated caste system in our entire US school model. School “choice” is just another term of masking profiteering, empire building, and pitting rich schools against poor schools. The equality in learning that the US founded its hopes on will only decline further as we put more schools in the hands of profit-motivated leadership at the expense of collective educational governance on the local, state, and federal level.

    3. I bet you don’t realize that private and charter school teachers are equally as dedicated as public school teachers.
      My major concern about the NEA is how can you can continue to support and force many students to attend failing schools. That is abominable.

  3. What if everyone chose to go to the same school in a certain area, not realizing that most high scoring schools have parents with higher education levels and increased average income levels? Schools can only hold so many students. The truth is “school choice” is yet another move to try and privatize public schools. Aside from “school choice,” what Trump doesn’t understand most about public schools in America is that both learning challenged and limited English speakers take the test along with gifted and advanced students alike. This is not the same with all countries, where most choose only their top students to take standardized tests. This is why public schools are “25th” as Mr. Trump says and no other reason.

  4. We, as parents, teachers, and administrators, across the nation must do all we can to keep Mike Pence as far away from education as possible. He has done everything except destroy public education in Indiana resorting to back room deals with his cronies in the state legislature to push through anti-teacher, anti-public school, anti-education legislation. He has publicly humiliated the duly elected State Secretary of Education Glenda Ritz (an actual classroom teacher) by calling for her removal so that he could put his own people in charge of education even though she garnered more votes in the election than he did. He panders to the charter school/voucher program even in the face of failing charter schools and scandals in Indiana involving funding for these dubious schools. Pence created his own appointed board of education and refused Mrs. Ritz a seat on the board. In addition, when the state legislature called for an overhaul of the high-stakes test which has had a history of many problems in this state, Pence created his own board to review the test, and after six months and tons of money, nothing, NOTHING, has been accomplished. In fact Pence appointed the head of this panel plus several members, and the chairman has publicly said he thinks Indiana should continue with the old problem plagued test, The publishers of this test monetarily support Pence and his cronies. None of these people except Glenda Ritz has ever stepped foot in a classroom, and here’s the real kicker: Mike Pence’s wife is a teacher! Please vote against this ignoramus or the future of public education in this country is deeply in doubt. In my opinion, schools and education of our children should not be up for sale as Mike Pence would promote if he is elected.

  5. “that charter has a failing grade,” says those who throw stones from their own glass houses!
    I have YET to find another single nea member who can admit seeing the movie “WAITING for SUPERMAN”. we need to shut down ALL ‘failing’ schools.
    it is interesting at how there are SO many other companies who do better than the us post office. yet there is little ‘upset’ over said.
    how is it SO different with education?? (google ‘no cow [or dentist] left behind’ and ‘education and blueberries’ and consider why one size does not fit all blueberries …err children. – if you already don’t know them.)

    the real problem is simple, it takes $ from educational (POLITICAL) associations!
    it does NOT remove $ from the schools. charters get less (per student) than public. so that means that there is MORE $ left to get to the public schools. less overhead as well. why do we have special ed? remedial classes? resource rooms? iss? awards or tokens …for only some??? simple, each child learns (and demonstrates understanding/mastery) DIFFERENTLY!
    my district USED TO have a cartoon; a classroom of various animals told by the teacher, ” for a fair selection …everyone must take the same exam. go climb that tree.” and the only one smiling is the monkey. why WAS that humorous and telling then, but NOW with COMMON CORE, it is only telling???

    I am NOT a troll, I am sick and tired of (many) private schools getting lumped in with the lousy ones while the PLETHORA of lousy PUBLIC schools (the ones where [many] teachers are forced to be nea members) are held as the ‘most holy standard’! it sickens me that I must be a part of this POLITICAL association but I must stay ONLY for the legal protection – the same as those loser teachers giving all of **YOU** great teachers a bad wrap!!!
    we need to stand up to those more interested in politics rather than children (and/or education)!!!! ad if that is our own NEA, well then so be it!

    I am calling each of you out!

    1. @ those who ‘dislike’ the post, please elaborate.
      (@josh wuuz it da lower kase, spellling and grammer?) 🙂

      Is the dislike because I am wrong? I ‘hit a nerve’? Was ‘Waiting for Superman’ all a bunch of bunk and propaganda? Or was it because you believe that the NEA is truly more for the children/students? I am blowing the political stuff out of proportion? (Ask your local rep for a copy of the NEA’s 400-page handbook ~ just don’t tell them what you want it for.) And tell me I’m all wet.)

      I’d love to have a discussion. And Josh, I’ll at least type it in Word first. 😉 

      1. Too funny! …or sad. You “hateful”, “bigoted” “NEA-a-phobe”. No body wants to discuss. Obvious as to why, there is really NO rebuttal …because you are right! That, or they have not gotten through that NEA handbook yet and are still deciding…HA!

        1. EDITORS NOTE: “spot on” and “for the children” are the same person. You are more than welcome to comment on our site, but please do not open multiple accounts.

          1. Was attempting to spark some discussion. Have not been challenged yet.
            Is that a win by forfeiture?
            I was hoping to at least understand the rationale.

            p.s. @ the editor, glad to see that you are truly checking up on us! Maybe Suki will feel better to know that there is a real person, (or at least a good software program).

        2. Well, at least I did not “lose” this “argument” to myself!

          It is so sad that there are TWICE as many people who disagree with my thoughts and frustrations than those who agree. ….AND without rebuttal at that! Telling indeed.

          Winning by default like this is like eating a rice cake, it is not really all that satisfying. I.e. no one has provided ANY rational for their “dislike.” Is that because they “have to say that” because they blindly support ALL four HUNDRED pages of the hand book??? Let me guess, Hillary also has the Midas touch while NOTHING that Trump says has any merit. (That was indeed a statement because again, there will be no response.)

          Either the NEA membership doesn’t spend time reading all the nonsense (knowing it as such) the NEA publishes or they don’t care that the NEA is not only putting words in their mouths, the NEA is thumping on the hill claiming that EACH of you are right behind them! Maybe the dissenters know that there is no rebuttal?

          Keep “Waiting for Superman” sheeple!

    1. You are apparently monitoring the comments I make that seem to be disagreeable to you.

      Some people think that Hillary Clinton and her philandering husband are a threat to this nation’s dignity, stability and future as the world’s preeminent democracy. I find it interesting that ( based on your sentiment) you disagree but also patently reject any such possibility. It would appear you do not like clear and in-your-face comments that are not in line with your thinking. So, the speaker must be a troll?

      My experience is such that most liberal thinkers (most likely your social-political leanings) follow the pattern you have demonstrated. Someone says something you do not like, so they are automatically wrong, and now, a troll. Throw them out and don’t let them back in. But a troll? To be honest I am not a regular on social media sites so I suppose that might be a contemporary term for describing some particular behavior.

      To me, I always think of a troll as a scary looking, slimy, monster like creature that periodically crawls out from a cave, swamp, or out from under a bridge. Seems to be an excessively extreme description for someone with whom you disagree or whose approach does not fit into your expectations. But if it works for you, fine.

      I think it is very immature to ask something ‘for a friend.’ I will tell you this, I spent a good number of years in the United States Marine Corps helping to preserve the rights we (all of us) enjoy in this country. I saw too many friends and colleagues die to let this country continue its descent into the abyss of Obama and Clintonisms. Our military has been stripped of its ability to wage war and kill our enemies when necessary. I am sure you will take exception to this but in fact our military has been emasculated. We have fewer and fewer warriors in charge, the political correctness and social engineering enabled by the current administration has destroyed the morale and ability of our fighting men and women. The killer instinct is being drained. God help us if we have to fight a real war anytime soon. Who ya’ gonna call? The NEA? Hillary? Oh yeah, I am a long term member of the NRA. Wonderful organization that does a hell of a lot more to protect constitutional rights that most other organizations.

      1. Bob, I believe what you are saying here is a bit of what psychologists call projecting. Aren’t you disagreeing and rejecting others’ (“liberal thinkers with social-political leanings” OR Americans who care about the welfare of ALL its people) viewpoints? I believe it’s easier to have an adultlike discussion and consider others’ beliefs when one doesn’t feel attacked. I think it’s your ‘in your face’ style that is the bigger issue, which Trump has modeled and encouraged. If Trump were to be elected I am fearful of how this type of behavior would become the norm and this “killer instinct” would insight an unnecessary war here at home and/or around the world. I think it’s high time we focus on the facts and then agree to disagree on certain things without attacking and name calling. Lastly, as a supporter of Trump, how do you explain what he said recently? He called on Hillary to have her bodyguards lay down their weapons (since she is against guns, which is inaccurate by the way), but added “…and we’ll see what happens.” He is off the rails again. We can’t have a president who says things like this. I’m sure you disagree, but I’m just wondering if you can disagree without any name calling and just state the facts as you see them.

      2. If you are worried about philandering, I find it hard to believe that you are supporting Donald Trump who is now on marriage number three after philandering during the first two. He has also stated publicly that he would like to have sex with his daughter. Makes me concerned about his moral compass.
        Hillary is not responsible for her husband’s behavior. She upheld her vow of “for better or for worse” in spite of his very public transgressions. Not many people have the moral fortitude to do that.

  6. Wow! Hit a nerve?? After being in education for fifty years (grade school and middle school teacher, college education instructor and workshop leader, member of a school board) I’m tired of simplistic answers for our educational malaise in this country – especially from the politicians, the press and the so-called pundits. Simply put, teachers CANNOT be held responsible for irresponsible parents and a society neglectful of the needs of our “at risk” students. Yet everyone seeks simple panaceas for the dark evils that beset education today: bad teachers, unionism, bureaucratic school policies and unthinking and uninformed politicians. The answer is simple. Prepare teachers to be creative, collaborative reformers, give them the resources and curriculum to teach , and GET OUT OF THEIR CLASSROOMS! An over watched teapot won’t boil.

  7. I guess what scares me the most is that we keep relying on people who have never set foot in a classroom to make decisions about education, decisions that really haven’t worked all that well (NCLB and of course Commom Core). What scares me even more is how we like to make claims that the only good form of education is public schools but not all can even perform well because we are too busy buying into programs and curriculums that, half the time, have no real research to back up their claims that they can make kids learn. When we have fourth graders who cannot comprehend what they read it seems to me the system isn’t working but just passing them along. In today’s world, we can give students of all learning abilities the opportunity to go to a school that fits them, but why we constantly bash private, charter, and all other forms of education is beyond me. I am a teacher and have always wanted to be one, but after 11 years of gross misuse of teaching to a test, letting parents tell us how to do our job, low pay, administrators who forgot where they came from, and the fact we don’t make kids accountable for their actions is making me want to leave. We have too many people following the research that they feel is right at the time but then when it fails we after only 2 or 3 years of trying it we move on instead of adding to it or tweaking it. We also don’t follow the good research that is out there like school times and the correct usage of technology. In the end, we will continue to have bad schools until we stop removing the things that worked in the classroom with the new, unresearched trends that keep coming our way. Teaching to a test and only making schools accountable for learning are the worse things we ever did to our system. We need parents, discipline, and the basics back or we will continue to argue about education and how to fix it and so far we are still 14th in the nation. Third world countries do better than us and have less or no resources at their disposal. Think about that one.

      1. Exactly right. I have been saying this for years. We are not on a level playing field. Educational comparisons from other countries are just not valid here.

  8. I hope none of you are projecting your positions (opinions) on “who to vote for” to students at all. That’s not the role of a teacher.

    That would be the only act (within this context, not overall) that would have me question your capacity in the classroom.

  9. I thought in this country you are innocent until proven guilty. Hillary has not been proven or convicted of anything.
    Every word Trump says is a lie or a spin on the truth. Trumps team are good spin doctors as noted he is now reading from a teleprompter non of which are his words

  10. Although I am not for pulling money away from public schools to give to private schools , I cant say that the dems have done anything to be proud of either. They’re the ones who let us get invaded by the common core and are hanging on for dear life when its clear everybody thinks its terrible.

  11. The first comment never said he is, or was, a teacher so it’s difficult to agree or disagree with the comment. Teaching is not a political football but the response is blatantly political.
    As a retired teacher, I can’t agree that tax dollars should be used for profit. I can’t agree that funding a charter school that can remove students considered a problem be “sent back” to public school without also refunding the tuition paid back to the public school. Public schools are a reflection of communities. To take kids out of their community is wrong. Parents want their kids in happy communities and having to choose to get their children out their own community sends a destructive and pervasive, generational misconception about a neighborhood. Charter schools are not a realistic reflection of the society in which kids will live in as adults. Charter schools are the receiving end of tax dollars for profit and promoting the sense of bad community.
    Merit pay is another stratifying trick to avoid giving all teachers a professional wage with a cola. Tenure is a predictor of commitment to the profession. I was proud to get tenure, but it was no big deal because I knew I was where I belonged. Things changed. In my district, I wasn’t able to qualify for merit pay unless I chose to give up tenure and go on a yearly contract. Buying someone’s integrity did not sit well with me so I retired. Teaching is about kids and giving them the tools to become productive adults and life-long learners. Not a single kid starts out at the same place and learns at the same rate. When a child makes gains, it’s at the ability of the child, which may or may not exactly match the one size fits all expectation.
    Yes, teaching our most precious human resource has become political. It’s not only sad that anyone thinks our kids are tools for politicians, IT IS WRONG. Based on the remarks of this particular businessman, and his lack of experience he has in understanding teaching or the teaching profession, his suggestions can be rejected as they are not original to him, it is not his plan and it does not address the real problem students, parents, teachers and administrations face on a daily basis.

    1. Obviously Hans is the alternate universe when he confuses rhetoric with reality. The POTUS does not decide educational policy, nor does he fund it. Educational policies are made by the individual states. Just because President Bush supported No Child Left Behind didn’t mean that the states had to follow it. Hans – you flunked.

      1. Netvet – I made a general comment about the fitness of these two candidates to hold political office and nothing else. You get an “F” for reading comprehension.

  12. Clinton has her faults, but Trump’s errors put him in a totally different universe. He’s not just unfit, he’s dangerous. That’s JMHO.

    1. Unfortunately, Clinton is not running an issues campaign where she offers a clear alternative to Trump on issues like education, but rather she is either trying to complete with him in who can insult the other with the best lines or she is defending herself with every new revelation that comes out about her e-mails because she was not candid from the very start. Yes, Trump is totally unfit to be president for a number of reasons, but he lucked out by having as his Democratic opponent the one person he could beat.

      1. It’s amazing that citizens created the Trump/Clinton presidential ticket when there were other options. Isn’t democracy sometimes puzzling? I guess the proverbial lesson is “be careful what you ask for, you just might get it.”

        1. There are 300+ million people in this country, obviously not all eligible for the presidency, but still….

          To my way of thinking the choices we now have are clearly the result of a terribly broken and corrupt political system. Because voters seem to not want to exercise their ability to invoke term limits, there needs to be a constitutional amendment that does just that. Maybe 2 or maximum 3 terms for any elected official.

      2. Too bad the primary couldn’t be about issues, but also became about a man attacking Hillary Clinton with smears and innuendos. If you’re looking for her detailed policies and plans check the website. Her speeches are available also. Do your research.

        1. All Hilliary has run on is attacking Donald Trump by claiming she is not as as bad or as corrupt as she is. Turns out she is projecting her corruption and failures.

    2. Hans, you are completely correct! Donald Trump would be the worst President in U.S. history. At this point in time there are too many people, newspapers, television news programs, and other news outlets that are treating this election as if the two candidates have possibly equally good or viable solutions to many of the issues that face the U.S. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Donald Trump versus Hilary Clinton is a case of a false equivalence. While Ms. Clinton may have some faults, she is clearly a better candidate than Trump in terms of experience, in terms of having a much better “feel” for what the majority of the American people want in their President, and in terms of knowing how our government works, both with regard to problems facing this country “within” this country and with regard to this country’s capabilities in dealing with international issues. Trump has show by his actions and by his speech that he is a racist, a misogynist, a homophobe. Trump is a liar and a tax cheat. Donald Trump seems to admire Vladimir Putin; why is that? Trump refuses to disengage himself from David Duke, a KKK leader. Trump owes a lot of people a lot of money. He has taken money (by not paying them) from people who work for him. He has cheated those people who attended Trump University. He has declared bankruptcy a number of times. Almost all of the products and merchandise that carry his name are made outside the United States. He thinks that he can build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico. It is physically impossible to build that wall and it is virtually impossible to pay for that wall. He has no known method of making Mexico pay for that wall. He has indicated a number of times that he wouldn’t mind if his supporters committed violence against anyone who disagrees with him at his rallies, against anyone who writes something that is negative about him, against supporters of Hilary Clinton, and against Hilary Clinton herself. Donald Trump is a bully. If you go to church and you listen to your minister or pastor speak about peaceful methods of solving problems and of how we need to help each other and get along with each other and not bully each other, it would be interesting to hear how you would reconcile your church’s teachings with how Trump responds to those who disagree with him or how Trump threatens others. Donald Trump does not really want to be the President of the President of the United States. The only thing he did was rise to the top of the Republican nominees mainly because all those others were poor choices. Trump has not the experience, the demeanor, and the good judgment to be the President. If you make less than, say, $1,000,000 a year, Donald Trump has no interest in you . . . and I doubt if he cares about you if you do make $1,000,000 a year. He is selfish narcissist who has no real interest in solving the problems that the United States faces. If you still think he does, name something that he would do that would make a real change. Don’t just vote for him just because you may not like Hilary Clinton.

    1. I am curious, how does one get a thumbs down when a rational suggestion is presented? Are some readers here afraid they may find out how criminal Ms Clinton really is? And then have to rationalize why she is an acceptable candidate? One other question to ponder: would you let your daughter intern in the White House knowing Billy Bumpkin was lurking in the shadows?

      1. Bob, just like Trump, it seems you may have difficulty distinguishing between your opinion and a fact. Which is it, when you stated that your suggestion is rational. With regard to Clinton Cash I must first consider the source. Who wrote Clinton Cash? The answer is Schweitzer, a Breitbart News Senior Editor-at-Large, an alt-right source. For this reason, I wouldn’t believe it. Further, Hillary (that’s her name) has done more for the education of children that Donald would ever dream of doing. Lastly, I can see why you like Trump; his behavior makes your frequent name calling, such as Billy Bumpkin and many others across just your comments here, seem appropriate. I have news for you. It is completely unacceptable! Not only that but your tone couldn’t convince anyone to consider your candidate. So keep responding like you are because you are only helping Hillary to win the race.

        1. Golly gee, Cindy, I think you are correct. Simply disregard a source because who authored the work. I’ve got news for you, that’s not a very mature or rational approach. Rather than categorically dismiss the review of the Clinton’s antics why don’t you examine some simple facts: Clinton Foundation gets about 10% of ‘donations’ to the needy. Where does the other 90% go? Look into the meetings HIllabeast had (how’s that name? pretty accurate I’d say) and the Bumpkin had with some pretty shady characters when she was Sec State.

          In case you were not aware, the resident of this country is in a position with responsibility that extends beyond education. You may have heard of the military? Economy? International trade issues? Energy concerns? National Security? Illegal Immigration? Health Care?

          Your comments make it clear you do not want to assess facts, but rather drink the liberal Kool-Aid fed to you from groups like the NEA and so forth.

          And you think Billy Boy is a good man? Would let your daughter work with him? Do you really think he deserves respect? Why?

          By the way, I am not sure exactly what Ms. Clinton has done for education. The best thing she or any other federal level politician can do is stay out of the way. As far as Trump, when has he been in an elected position where he might have had the opportunity to participate in education issues. Of course he could do a ‘Bill Gates’ and attempt to position his company as the provider of Common Core Testing across the nation.. Now there’s a guy who cares about education.

          And I am curious about your Trump dream assessment. How do you know what he dreams?

          Before you start telling others what is not acceptable, you really do need to sit back, take a deep breath, put down your copy of the ‘World according to Liberal Thinking’ (aka How to avoid facts you do not want to hear) and grow up as a mature American

          Seems your girl has some health issues she does not want to talk about. Said she had some allergies, a couple of hours later it is pneumonia. Anyone can get sick, but it takes a special person to lie about it. Her specialty.

          1. Did you watch the democratic convention, Bob? (I did and I watched the republican convention too!) If you had you would have learned more about Hillary.
            I attempted to have an open mind toward both candidates like I always do when determining who I will vote for. I am a mature American, who will not vote for someone who is so disrespectful and boorish.

            1. You are right, Hillabeast is about the most disrespectful and boorish person on the political scene today. Deplorables? Deleting emails after a court order? Violator of court orders? Pneumonia? Allowing her minions to handle classified materials without security clearance? Lots of 5th amendment claims? Oh my! Talk about disrespect for our political/legal system.

              If you think there is value in watching conventions, you might want to go back and watch the promises made by the current president. Now there’s some engaging TV comedy.

          2. Bob – You should listen to Cindy’s advice about monitoring your tone, level of partiality, and name calling. To be honest, I hope you’re just some troll and not a classroom teacher because your views show such a rigorous partisanship that I doubt you could be devoid of personal feeling in a real classroom setting. That disturbs me. Kids need to hear both sides of an issue w/o favoritism or bias.

            1. Yeah I am a troll, but many people here say its disgraceful to call people names. How about you take Cindy’s advice? It really is time to face the reality of the corruption in the Democratic party. Republicans are not much better. The root cause of the problems are politicians who have been in office for term after term, building their wealth at the cost of tax payers. Seems most voters do not mind that level of deceit in government and keep putting these bums back into office. How about teachers that openly support liberal ideas with outlandish vigor? I suppose that’s OK?

              I do not call people names but rather gives them descriptive names that indicate the contempt they have for the tax payers of this nation.

          3. Newsweek recently had an article with the real facts about the Foundation. 90% does go to charity. Turns out that Trump was spouting more lies.

            1. I am not sure Newsweek is an end-all source for accurate reporting. But in fact the Clinton Foundation is a bit too complicated to describe in a 2 or 3 word summary regarding the % they use as real, direct support for needy.

              Depending on who you read, the Foundation gets 5-10% directly to charities. The rest, managed by cronies, supporters, defenders of the family, goes to what is described as an operating charity: Groups managed by folks put into (I am guessing) very highly compensated jobs by the Clintons. Maybe soime of those people are qualifies, my money would be…well,,,,, maybe not??? Who knows? We’ll just take Hillary’s word on it.

              I have not yet found a list of the people, connection to the Clintons or their pay, but I am sure its around somewhere. That would seem to be the crux of the issue, who does what for how much? The organization is apparently not really open to scrutiny.

              One of the real problems facing discovery is the recurring theme that many big dollar contributors (we are talking millions of $$$) got what an average person would see as special government treatment when Hillary was Sec State. There are far too many examples for the action-reaction to be a coincidence. And Billy boy was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for speeches from groups associated with needing and receiving US government support during Hillary’s tenure as Sec State.

              The whole Clinton Foundation is operated in a manner that it is difficult to understand who does what, gives what and gets what in return. No simple answers but it is clear that their foundation does have a bit of three day old fish smell.

      2. Sir, I have three daughters whom I’d support their interning at the White House withstanding Mr. Clinton’s presence. Your comment implies that he was/is a dangerous person. However, Mr. Clinton didn’t assault anyone. He was not a threat to females…I believe that both political parties share faults and is responsible for the current American status. If citizens demand that politicians represent everyone’s best interest, unity would overshadow division, which is another inherent challenge.

        To respond to your other question: voters should absolutely conduct research and consider information from CREDIBLE sources before he/she makes an important decision. One’s challenge then becomes determining which agenda to support, the punishment or the whipping.

        Essentially, one must discern which candidate comprehends the American ills and strengths, and demonstrates that understanding through a solid comprehensive plan developed through teamwork with a diverse group of blue and white collar or grass roots and corporate citizens who share a common goal, future success through inclusion. Although power and politics are the polarizing catalyst dividing citizens, humanity and humility unites all. There is no one size fits all solution. A true leader maintains a toolbag, not merely a hammer.

        1. Bill Clinton is a dangerous man with regards his treatment of women. Do you really think his, let’s call it an exchange, with Monica was OK? Do you really think he was not at fault? Do you really think he would not do that again? Bullying, sexual harassment…. I suppose those issues pale with regard to his lying about the events to congress. And that allows him to be an OK person? WOW!

          1. At least 7 readers/contributors seem to think what Billy did with Monica, in the White House, as a married man, as president was acceptable? At least Kennedy didn’t get caught with Marilyn. How can anyone with any moral sense think that Bill’s actions and Hillary’s documented lies to congress are acceptable? How???

    2. I will watch that, because as a responsible voter I want to educate myself and make the best possible decision. You might want to read the Bible and see how Trump is fulfilling prophecy as we move toward the end of time. Many of the policies he wants have direct correlations in the Bible. I truly have a hard time understanding how Trump can spew racism, sexism, hatred, and lies and people continue to support him. I have been a teacher for 36 years, and I can’t understand how any teacher can support someone who wants to destroy public education.

  13. Any teacher who votes Republican in this election probably should not teach in our public schools for they simply are promoting an agenda of hate

    1. What an asinine statement. It’s stupid, thoughtless comments like this which are dividing this country so deeply. I think anyone with such a foolish position shouldn’t be allowed to teach. Yes, we’ve seen behavior from Trump that wouldn’t be accepted in a classroom. And we’ve seen a hell of a lot from Clinton, too. LIE, LIE, LIE. Is that ok with you?

      1. I would like to know WHY we, as educators, are so easily disposed to accept accusations, innuendo and downright lies without verification (fact checking) and then perpetuating the slander. Almost EVERYTHING that individuals who, for some reason or another, have an axe to grind with the Clintons and President Obama have repeated, created and even perpetuated the slanders and lies ad nauseum. Many of our colleagues proclaim their “Christianity” even to the point of wearing it on their sleeves but their comportment and the venom that spews from their mouths are NOT in keeping with the UNIVERSAL LAWS against bearing false witness (Thou shall not) nor following the GOLDEN RULE (Do unto others as thou would have them do unto thee). They also seem to forget “Judge not that thee be judged.” I for one, am sick of reading comments from supposedly intelligent individuals who continue to use blogs and other forums to spew what is ill-disguised bigotry. AND YOU CALL YOURSELVES “TEACHERS”? SHAME ON YOU!

      2. Seriously? You don’t think Trump I’d a LIAR??? He lies all the time! Almost everything he days is a lie! Check the so called”facts”he spouts! Lies lies and more lies! Mrs. Clinton has her faults but she has cared about Education her whole life!

        1. Clinton has more than ‘faults.’ She has one and only one focus, and that is to do anything, absolutely anything, to be president. That has been her goal for decades. This nation can not stand more of Obama like mismanagement that will the the theme of a Clinton residency.

          19 trillion dollars in debt? Our kid’s, kid’s, kid’s will be paying off that debt and taxes will go through the roof. The problem is the high taxes will not be paying for improvements or support infrastructure, the military, education. The taxes will be singularly aimed at paying the interest on our uncontrolled debt. Maybe we can hock the statue of liberty to China.

    2. I can’t go along with John’s comment.

      I am a Democratic leaning Independent. I believe that both parties have their strengths and weaknesses. While in general Democrats are more friendly to public schools, there are times when my overall assessment would lead me to vote for a particular Republican over a particular Democrat.

      I know many Republicans who are fine teachers and do well by their students. I may not agree with them politically, but I recognize what they do for their students.

    3. Wow, 2 to 1 agreement with this gem of wisdom? amazing! Maybe, just maybe its time to rethink our nation’s two party, either or , system. It would also seem reasonable to consider there are more issues associated with a federal level election than just education. From a broader perspective, it really is time to establish term limits for politicians at all levels. 20-30-or more years in one elected position? We have term limit power now, only the nation’s voters seem to not want to use their vote to purge the government of the long term officials who get rich off our tax dollars.

    4. What an ugly comment. I feel just the opposite. If you think that the Democratic candidate is fit for office and a good role model then …. I have no words. Look at the truth not what the media shows. I don’t see the agenda of hate and I have been to the rally, I have researched, I am not making blind statements.

    5. Isn’t that in itself a pretty hateful statement? I am Republican and work my arse off for my students. I don’t indoctrinate them, either, which I have seen from a number of my more left-leaning colleagues. How dare you judge me because I have a different political opinion than you!

  14. Everyone who cares about children and their education should be appalled by Trump’s inability to obtain factual information before he says anything. If his business acumen is anything like his political posturing, it’s no wonder he’s had to file bankruptcy so many times.

      1. How can one comment get a thumbs down when I ask how many times? Not sure how it rates a thumbs up either, but why is that a thumbs down?

        1. I believe the answer is four times, all within the law. The laws elected officials chose to leave in place. So Hillary violates the law, and that’s ok, but Trump uses a law you do not like and … Oh boy…what a jerk!

  15. I was part of a ‘reduction in force,” from my teaching job after 13 years. Most of my colleagues who were reduced with me, had tenure as well. Tenures isn’t what the enemies of education make it out to be.

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