Hillary Clinton addresses world’s largest gathering of educators


by Félix Pérez

What better way to spend the day after Independence Day than with more than 7,500 patriotic educators in the nation’s capital? So will be the case for Hillary Clinton, presumptive Democratic nominee for president of the United States.

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Watch a live stream of Hillary Clinton’s remarks to the nation’s educators tomorrow, beginning at approximately 10:45 a.m. EST. Click here ›

Tomorrow, Clinton, former Secretary of State, U.S. Senator, First Lady of the United States and First Lady of Arkansas, will address active and retired teachers, education support professionals and higher education staff at the National Education Association’s 95th Representative Assembly.

A past recipient of the Friend of Education Award, NEA’s highest honor, Clinton was recommended for the presidential primary by the NEA Board of Directors last October. The 174-member board has voting representatives from every segment of the educator community. Secretary Clinton is slated to speak beginning between 10:45 and 11 a.m. EST.

At the time of her primary recommendation by the NEA Board of Directors, Clinton said:

I’ve stood with educators throughout my career — from my early days working at the Children’s Defense Fund to my success creating a new teacher recruitment program in the Senate. As president, I will fight to defend workers’ right to organize and unions’ right to bargain collectively, and I will ensure that teachers always have a voice and a seat at the table in making decisions that impact their work.

Tomorrow afternoon, the 7,500 delegates to the Representative Assembly, NEA’s highest decision-making body, will vote on whether to recommend Clinton for the general election. Support from at least 58 percent of delegates, who hail from every state, is required for a presidential candidate recommendation.

NEA members and their families are a significant voting bloc, totaling 5 million nationwide. In fact, one in every 100 Americans is an NEA member. NEA household voters account for one in every 32 votes. Additionally, NEA voter turnout rates exceed 90 percent in the most critical battleground presidential states.

Reader Comments

  1. I just have to say: follow a teacher around in her daily routine, her weekly routine! Honestly, it has to be a labor of love! How many hands will go up? ” Yes– that’s me! I want to work to educate these, children ( and often, their parents!) But, I don’t want or need a fair and honest salary!” That’s why we need a union! Annie Webb Blanton, founder of Delta Kappa Gamma in 1929 would agree!

  2. It’s a sad day to see educators that help mold the minds of our children and grandchildren support not only a socialist liberal democrat but a modern day mobster that is under federal investigation. These educators are now clones of the professors at colleges throughout the USA that have the same socialist values.
    I agree that teachers need to be paid a fair salary but I know of no professional that need to organize under a union to protect their job.

    1. You’ve obviously never BEEN a teacher–to see what teachers go through from administrators, school boards, politicians and parents–all with differing opinions on what education should look like. Plenty of opinions…and virtually no training as an educator. We need a union just to defend what goes on in our classrooms from the steady barrage of political bias and agendas. It’s not so simple as teaching a lesson.

      We need a union to protect teachers from people who assume teachers have a “socialist, liberal, democrat” agenda…and call a presidential candidate a “mobster.”

      1. Amen! To say teachers don’t need their union is just you showing your ignorance-that you are not a teacher, never have been one, and never will be one!

    2. She is the best candidate in the race for President. And, yes, educators need to organize to make sure their working conditions are good. Remember, those conditions directly affect each student’s learning environment. As far as negotiating salary and benefits– as long as taxpayers ( who don’t want to part with their money) are the source of the funds used, teachers need to have a united voice in what are fair and livable wages. It’s hard to raise a family on a teachers salary. Salaries have decreased as states underfund public education. Districts have also increased teacher expenses for healthcare. Is it any surprise the colleges have fewer and fewer people studying to be teachers? The teaching shortage has begun and will continue to grow!

    3. Oh please give it up already! Think outside the box for a change. It’s the media that makes everything worse.

    4. That’s because no other profession is under attack by the Republican legislature and big business the way the teaching profession is!!! They are attacking education from all angles and chipping away at teachers unions. Teachers in my district have not received their scheduled steps for 6 years now, and only a portion of a step before that!
      Not to mention bargaining rights have been slashed to the bone. How does union busting help students in any way? The teaching profession has beed degraded to the point that young people are not entering the profession. Professionals should be paid professional salaries, and teachers definitely are not. Furthermore, our salaries have been illegally garnished 3%, which has been ruled unconstitional at least twice and our Republican governor refuses to pay it back. State employees got their 3% back, but not teachers. That is blatant targeting of teachers! Obviously.

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