Trump, Ryan would shortchange students to give tax breaks to corporations and CEOs


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By Amanda Litvinov

U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan and GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump aren’t aligned on all the issues. But their tax proposals have a lot in common. Both plans:

  • Slash income tax rates for corporations and the wealthy.
  • Give a huge tax break to multinational corporations that have $2.4 trillion in untaxed profits stashed offshore, allowing them to pay just a fraction of the $700 billion in U.S. taxes they actually owe.
  • Repeal the estate tax, which is designed to raise needed revenue and limit the accumulation of inherited fortunes at a time of growing wealth inequality.
  • Lose trillions of dollars in revenue needed to maintain and expand investments in public education and other critical services that we all rely on.

Americans for Tax Fairness has a detailed comparison of the two plans.

These tax plans are not supported by the American people. According to a recent Gallup poll (April 6-10, 2016):

  • 61% think upper-income people pay too little in taxes; just 15% say they pay too much.
  • 67% think corporations pay too little; just 12% say they pay too much.

It’s time Congress supports what the public actually wants–strong public schools in every zip code and an economy that works for everyone.

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Reader Comments

  1. Wait!!

    Trump wants to take education control away from the federal government and returned to local boards of education.
    What’s wrong with that?
    Clinton wants to take more educational control away from the local and state boards of education and given to federal control.
    What’s right with that?

    This article is misleading, slanted, biased, and downright dishonest. To use that a group THINKS as support for policy is dishonest. Shame on you. You’re writing for critical thinkers. I’d have given you an F and returned it to be rewritten.
    I don’t need Democrats talking points to represent our association. Shame.

    1. You are totally wrong. Corporate lapdog Repug governors want to hand over public schools to their business cronies to take away control from the teachers and the communities. They want to run our public schools like McDonalds and Walmart. Do your homework before you spew your clueless venom. You are the one that fails with your myopic views.

  2. The GOP plan to privatize everything to suit their over-riding imperative, “maximize the profit margins on every financial transaction on Earth,” for the Corporations and Wall Street Banks that have purchased their elections! This imperative leaves no room for investing in education, infastructure or even the hirina of the USAME workforce.
    Besides, the USA threw it’s military might behind the ventures of Big Oil all the way back in 1953 when they helped depose the democratically elected Prime Minister and impose the West’s tyrannical Shaw in his place in order to keep Iran’s cheap oil flowing, and now we need to perpetuate endless Middle East WARS that have cost us $10s of Trillions to keep us “safe” from Terrorism!

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