Our unfair tax system is hurting schools—help us change it


Tax Day 2016 is upon us. Just imagine—if everyone were paying their fair share, we would have the funds needed to provide every student in every zip code with a well-resourced public school.

If the federal government stopped giving tax breaks to rich corporations and wealthy individuals who don’t need them, it could instead fully fund education programs like Title I, which provides targeted assistance for low-income students, and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), which has never received even half the funding Congress promised 40 years ago.

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Instead, we have a system that gives handouts to the rich and balances our budget on the backs of school children and hardworking people.

There’s only one way to counter the powerful corporate interests that protect these tax advantages and demand more. We have to speak up together on behalf of our students and schools. Simply sharing one of our graphics can help get the word out.

If you agree that it’s time to rewrite the rules that put the wants of the ultra-wealthy before the needs of our students, share this graphic today!

Reader Comments

  1. How about this fairness idea? Everybody pays 10%. No deductions, no exemptions, no different rates for anything. If you make 0-2000 pay 1%, 2001-4000 costs 2% until you get to $20,000 income, Everybody have skin in the game, everybody knows they are contributors, everybody gets to share in the benefits of a fair taxation system.

    Hell, getting rid of the IRS might give nut job Bernie enough money for free college. And a new rule that says no money can be earned by ex politicians giving speeches.

    And most importantly, term limits for every politician at every and any level. No more than 8 years or 2 terms. Done and out.

    Fair for everyone

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