Trump Poison: Educators do damage control


by David Sheridan

Campaign rhetoric usually flies right over the heads of students, going largely unnoticed. But not in 2016.

This year the rhetoric has been so inflammatory, especially Donald Trump’s, that it has incited both bullying and violence in schools.

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Last week, for example, a Wichita State University (Kansas) student Khondoker Usama was attacked at a Kwik Shop near the campus by a white man who called him “brown trash” and yelled, “Trump, Trump, Trump.”

When the attacker got back on his motorcycle, he circled around Usama, repeating, “Trump will make America great again.” Usama is a senior from Bangladesh.

“Build the wall!” That was the chant at a high school basketball in Indiana. It was directed at the players and fans from a predominantly Hispanic school by kids from a majority-white school who were waving Trump signs.

In a third grade class in Fairfax, Virginia, two laughing white students let the immigrants in the class know that they would be sent “home” when Trump becomes President. Fortunately, the teacher acted decisively, communicating with the students that they were engaging in inappropriate classroom behavior and letting the parents of the bullied students know what had happened.

The incident went viral on social media, and one educator in another school described what happened as “Trump poison.”

Trump Poison Meme 400x400In Buffalo, NY, NEA member and English teacher Kelly Gasior is the go-to person for bullying prevention in her school, Lorraine Academy. She has organized 5K runs to raise money for bullying prevention professional development for the staff and anti-bullying dramatic presentations at student assemblies. And she is very concerned over the campaign’s impact on the students.

“We’ve made great progress in our school in preventing bullying, but we still have a lot of work to do. Now we have these candidates who are using bullying and insults to win the Presidency. What a horrible example they’re setting for our students.”

Gasior led a Student Council discussion about the impact of the Presidential campaign, and the students voiced both concern and confusion. One student said that if he said the things some of the candidates were saying, he’d be punished. “How come they get away with it?” Another student wanted to know, “If a candidate bullies his way to the White House, is he going to support bullying prevention in our schools?”

Kelly Gasior has taken the NEA Bully Free: It Starts With Me pledge. So can you.

Reader Comments

  1. Kyle, if I did not know how bullying is defined, I would say you are a bully. Instead it is sufficient to say you display the characteristics of many liberal educators I know.

    You distract: tell me illegals have nothing to do with the conversation (which they do, as they suck up $$ that tax payers put into the system that conservatives want to stop)but you then expend effort demanding I leave. Again a myopic view. Only what you believe and imagine as reality is important.

    Who I am is of no consequence to you. Who you are means nothing to me other than I do suspect you have little idea of how the real world works. I don’t need to search your name: I will guess you spend time on social media like Facebook, Snapchat and those type media outlets posting pictures of your weekend adventures, favorite entertainment and other generally useless information.

    Sadly there are many other people in our society who do the same and think everyone is interested in your/their daily activities: like what you do minute to minute is of any real consequence.

    I cherish my privacy and fully recognize with digital media no one is truly anonymous, but I do my best to maintain my low profile.

    How is that for more irrelevant information?

    The idea I do find interesting is that when there is a comment I make with which you disagree, or in your small mind find offensive, your response is : get out of here.

    Seems that there is at least one person who reads what I post, don’t you agree?

    Are you afraid that you may have to face the reality that your narrow minded view of your blindered world is not reality? Do you not have room for people with views that do not match yours?

    Because you have no power, by definition, you can not be a bully. But you seem to try to want to act like one.

  2. When it comes to deciding whom to support, we as educators have to decide which candidates, organizations, or political parties have the best interests of our profession at heart. Unfortunately, the GOP has not shown itself to be a friend. It’s consistently waged a war to cut funding for public education. You only need look at states such as Kansas and Missouri controlled by republican lawmakers as evidence. So it’s surely no surprise why people in this profession tend to vote democratic, favor union membership, and largely support the choices recommended by the NEA.

  3. I have been in education for 50 years – public grade and middle schools, teaching teachers at the college level, teaching in a private academy and on an Indian reservation and running teacher workshops. I’ve been self employed in an educational consulting business and am writing a book on teaching. I have “lived education” my whole life and am disgusted about these people who bash “education” solely because they are anti-union. Being in a union as a teacher and now on the school board facing those same unions, I can honestly say that they are neither the cause of nor the answer to today’s education muddle. The problem with education lies with the Three P’s of modern education: the Press, the Pundits and the Politicians. Let’s ask ourselves why college kids -as altruistic as ever- are choosing to avoid teaching as a career? It’s simply because teaching no longer is a PROFESSION, it’s a JOB. Why would any young, creative person choose teaching when tthey hear such comments as have been made here? Why would they want a job where they are told what to teach, when to teach it and how to teach it – yet they get blasted from the public because they are members of a union??? The union has little to do with a dysfunctional public policy about our schools caused by tectonic shifts in educational policies and philosophies every eight to ten years. Go ahead an spew your anti-union and anti- teacher rhetoric. Just like the school ground bully, you’ll have your say. But bullying (i.e. Trumpism)never solves a problem, it only makes it worse!

  4. I was bullied into joining the union on my first day of work. The teacher who spoke to me used the phrase, “if you know what’s good for you, you’ll make the right choice”. Seems to me to be a union tactic rather than that of an educational association. Don’t get me wrong because if not for associations, the teachers would still be treated like dirt by many school boards. I would have preferred to have been given a choice to join or not to join.

  5. As a teacher in Missouri, I take a day every year to go to Jefferson City to speak with legislators about the importance of education and NEA in our schools. It just so happened that this past February, legislation was passed (by Republican majority) that we will now have to fill out and renew paperwork every year now to reapply for our union status. Not only do they cut annual educational spending, but now this? Do they realize how much this will affect school boards and paperwork all over every school in our state, causing just more wasteful spending? And to think that (most Republicans) like smaller government, it just seems absolutely hypocritical that they would cause even more paperwork just to frustrate the unions and especially the educators. This clearly does NOT sound like a party of support for educators! Good luck and blessings to our democratic Governor Jay Nixon and his efforts of veto on their destructive measures against us.

  6. In my country as I grew up I was taught that I was one of the most fortunate people in the world. I could make or break my life. I had choices about my ultimate beliefs and my navigation through life. I had a lot of great an honorable people who came before me that had my back before I was a gleam in my daddy’s eye. At some point I realized that it was only me who decided what kind of person I was going to be. How I would project that person to others was a part of my job in life.

    How fortunate I was to be born into an affluent American home! My parents worked through hard times but stayed together. They taught my brothers and sisters fair play, how to communicate, how to care for others, and they helped us to stay safe even in the ’60’s and ’70’s while allowing us make our own choices, both the bad and good. They taught us that our freedom balanced on having rules that all people followed. Respecting and tolerating those with different looks, beliefs and traditions was the American way. We still had a sense of oneness with our country and many other people wanted to be like us. I’m not so sure that my childhood was an exception to the rule, but back then I thought that all children were learning the same things. I knew nothing of neglect, brutality, hunger, abuse or the other horrors that life can offer.

    Our “oneness” is deteriorating at an amazing speed and turning into a dangerous “us and them” rivalry with egocentric humans steering us into who knows what. Simple articles written by and organization and sent to members who FREELY choose to be a member are responded to with such fierceness! Why? Are we even still free? Are some knowingly working had to divide and create extreme opposition? Most of us work too hard to be able to begin to know everything that goes on in the different camps that simply want to win, win. Jobs exist for those to run the numbers and write the speech that resonates with “the people” at the moment without regard to accuracy. At some point I learned that not everything I see and hear are true or even real. These days there’s a lot to sort out if we want to be truly accountable, which is a word that gets under my teacher skin. Please show me the accountability of our nations leaders….please.

    I have my personal beliefs that I’m sure extreme liberals and extreme conservatives would ALL balk at. I guess that makes me an irrelevant minority. I’m good with that. I’m not good with the joke that we are becoming as Americans or even humans and wish that we could begin to “keep the circus under the tent” a bit better. Us and them will only fail, but we can do better.

  7. I have not supported Trump and I cringe at his comments. But, I also think there is plenty of blame to assign to the media. Throughout this whole campaign I read article after article, watched news cast after newscast, debate after debate, and saw other candidates completely ignored or never mentioned. Even as they were on stage in debates they were NOT ASKED questions and the camera never panned on them. It was as though they were not there. WE GOT WHAT THE MEDIA GIVES US! WE GET WHAT SELLS. The majority of the people watched, talked, and played right into the media’s hands. There are always two sides to every story, every person, hopefully we’ll see Trump’s other side if he wins. Maybe if the media reported more positively, he’d behave that way.

  8. No one “signs up” to teach. A college degree and renewing certifications are required to hold and maintain a professional certificate. Political views are held by the general public, (teachers are in that group too), and it is quite unfair to project what you think all teachers think. Not all teachers think the salary is the bottom line, teach in their communities and don’t have bleeding heart liberal views. Many teachers work at businesses that have to make a profit to supplement income. In my state, there is no requirement to join a union. And it’s not the fault of teachers that their profession has become unrecognized as a true profession. That image certainly isn’t promoted by teachers! lol
    Personally, I taught for 19 years at my school and loved it. Of course there were ups and downs, but what profession is totally free of trial? I miss the sea of faces that were “my kids”, and love to see them grow up and become functioning members of my community.
    Until you walk a mile in a teacher’s shoes, you really have no idea what the profession entails and you really need to stop telling the professionals how to think. You all sound more like a commercial advertising some drug that a patient needs and should tell the doctor what to try! Is the doctor now not a professional because of a commercial?

  9. NEA you do not speak for me and my voice is saying bullying and the like is a societal problem due basically by the Democratic Party. Please I did not ask for NEA to endorse Democratic nothing.

  10. Oh boy! You people should listen to yourselfs. You talk bullying and candidates. You sound just like them. Bullying each other. Forcing your opinions on each other and saying hurtful things. I’m not saying whom I’m voting for that’s why votes are not public information. But the woman’s comments were directed to nea. If they want to defend themselves they should and not be abused by people with there personal opinion. You all sound like bullies to me! And you wonder were the children of today get it from.

  11. If Trump is responsible for bullying (which by definition is not what his approach to things really is, so check the rule book) I suppose that Hillary’s complicity in covering up her philandering husband’s abuse of women makes her responsible for that problem? She has her own problems but that’s another story. She can not discern truth from fiction or what is reality. Her mental capacity to lie is amazing.

    The NEA and local union organizations are run by a few ultra liberals who have likely never worked at a for-profit job in their lives. People who sign up to teach and then bitch they don’t make enough money are either not too smart or have some other sort of problem. Pander to the minority students who come here illegally then complain there is no money for the mainstream.

    These are the same people who want open borders and I suppose then just hope those who work hard will pay for everything.

    The most amazing part of teacher organizations is their arrogance in telling people for whom to vote. It is hard to imagine that people tolerate the insolence of another person telling them in what direction their vote should be cast. Do the union representatives really think they are that smart and everyone else is so stupid? People can’t make their own decision?

    1. I find it interesting to note that as I was reading this article my thoughts wandered to the idea that someone somewhere is going to read this very same article and have the reaction that this “is just a whole lot of ultra liberal hooey…” that none of what’s spoken about in the article ever happens or has happened. And then I saw your post and realized how ‘spot on’ I was. As a Caucasian woman,

      I find your response to be offensive in the worst sort of way. Trump has spent his entire candidacy espousing hatred and fear. He has encouraged his followers to respond with violence all the while he denies doing so. According to PoltiFact, a NONPARTISAN fact checking organization rates Trump as lying almost 76% of the time with over 1/2 of his statements rated as “pants on fire.” (Cruz BTW doesn’t fare much better.) By comparason, the same organization rates Clinton as telling the truth over 61%+ of the time, and Sanders as running a close second in his telling of the truth.

      If you have any capacity for critical thinking, I suggest that you GOOGLE PoltiFact & Trump or PoltiFact & Clinton. You might just learn a thing or two… unless you are so blinded by your own hatred that you are unable to see.

      1. Ewwww…. pants on fire… that’s a serious accusation. All politicians lie. Why would any responsible organization endorse any of them? I have heard too many times that so-and-so isn’t great but he/she(usually she) is the best. Best is not necessarily acceptable, it is subjective. Because Trump is a loud mouth, exaggerating now-politician , that does not make him a bully. By definition, if you think Trump is a bully you believe that he has power over you. Otherwise its not bullying. Maybe loud mouth nonsense, but not bullying. You can chose to not listen to him. Or can you?

        Whatever happened to sticks and stones can break my bones, but names will never hurt me? Oh yeah, that leads to bullying.

        One part of the answer to many of the issues this country now faces is term limits for every reeking, stinking, embedded politician. Two, maybe three terms, never more than 10 years in any elected position.

        Politicians are afraid of Trump. They know because he has his own money (oh yeah, that’s bad, like the Kennedy’s money gotten from bootlegging, but that’s OK I suppose) and can not be bought. The reign of Pelosi’s, Kennedy’s, Reid’s, Clinton’s, Bush’s and so forth are in dire danger if someone like Trump with no ‘beholdings’ to big dollar interests is elected.

        Both Clintons are likely to be investigated unless she is elected.

    2. NEA does not tell people who to vote for. They invite all candidates to submit their views on education issues and to participate in an oral interview. Based on the candidates’ responses, NEA will endorse those candidates whose views align with the positions set by over 10,000 delegates at the NEA national Representative Assembly. This is not telling people who to vote for, but it is telling them which candidates support public education. Voters can use these recommendations when they are considering who to vote for.

    3. Bob, you are begging the question. Your comment starts with the construction of a straw man: ‘if Trump is responsible for bullying…’
      which is neither stated nor implied in the article on which you are commenting. What is being stated in the article is that Trump (as well as Cruz and Rubio) has been loudly and publicly bullying people as a primary campaign strategy. This Republican primary campaign falls so far below any reasonable standard of civil discourse that its dialogue would not be permitted in any reasonable public school student council election in the country (I speak as a former student council advisor here). It is difficult to cultivate in students the empiricism and rationality so basic to the function of our constitutional republic in the presence of such loud and inappropriate behavior by national candidates. Your response here is polemical, and seems to be recognized and rejected as such by your colleagues – please reflect on this.

    4. Unions recommending candidates they believe will be supportive of education is no difference from religious leaders who tell you which candidates are the most rightous. They have an opionion, you choose if you want to support it. Both sides have narrow viewpoints.

      1. The problem with endorsements is exactly what has been stated: narrow, myopic views. The NEA cares only about education and there in lies the problem. Groups like the NRA have much broader views, even though focused on the gun fearing, wepon confiscating politicians, they recognize many liberal organizations and individuals would strip Americans of constitutional rights far beyond the 2nd amendment.

        So to be a rational endorser, one needs to look at all the issues, understand that no one candidate will bring everything you want to the table. But from a broad view we must elect a person who, at the end of the day, we can say: we, as a nation are better off. A single focus will not achieve that end. Instead single minded endorsements polarize.

        1. Of course the NEA is focused on education that’s its mission statement Bob, but to suggest that a group like the NRA has a broader focus is ridiculous. The NRA is in every way the lobbying arm of the gun industry and is single mindedly designed to protect and perpetuate gun sales to the exclusion of all else. I can think no group with a more myopic viewpoint.

  12. If it’s pro liberal Democrat it’s okay to disrupt, disparage or be violent. You can do as you please and it’s because you’re in the right. Actions taken are never the fault of the perpetrator or the candidate. I do not condone the actions of a few over the top conservatives yet neither do I blame THEIR actions on someone else. That’s the domain of Liberals. I am proud to be an educator serving special needs children and thoroughly ashamed to be linked in any way to the political stupidity of the NEA.

  13. It is tragic that the rhetoric of GOP candidates has given the green light to this kind of behavior. Yes, bullying is as old as the human species. It has always been wrong and perpetrated by individuals with emotional problems. The same is true today.

  14. NEA, you don’t speak for ME!! I am a conservative teacher and your untruths about the Republican candidates makes me sick. I am so glad that I am retiring this year and won’t be FORCED to me a member of this group any longer! Bullying has been going on for years. Mr. Trump is not the reason for bullying. You people are delusional! Why don’t you take a look at the black lives matter group, you know, the ones who think that white people deserve to die and should be killed. How about that for bullying????? Doesn’t fit your agenda does it? I am proud, yes, proud, to vote REPUBLICAN!!!!

    1. I am so sorry for all the pain you must have endured in your life to hold the angry beliefs that you do. Perhaps retirement will allow you to learn more about those who suffer also in this country with our current societal priorities and institutional racism. Travel also enlightens. Good luck.

    2. What a moronic thing to say! Your advocating for the violet rhetoric that Donald Trump spews shows how mixed up you are! The man has done nothing but preach hate and advocate violence and if you can’t see that they you have no business stepping foot in a classroom!

    3. I think the teaching profession will be better off without you. Your ability to reason and apply logic have deteriorated (I hope they have not improved) to a level where you will be better off retired. Trump is morally and ethically the equal of a cockroach.

    4. Shame on you for those lame remarks. Indeed you don’t belong in a classroom, you don’t even belong in America! The school system will be better off without you.

    5. @ Laureen. You can resign right now , find work with a non union school & negotiate your own contract. Best of luck with that….. You seem rather upset that you are an NEA member. How many decades have you been a member & why would you belong to an organization you apparently dislike vehemently? Because it pays the best probably…… You can thank organizations like the NEA when you are collecting your pension in the years to come. Enjoy your retirement.

    6. Thank you for being one of the few intelligent people educating our young. The morons bashing you and Trump have no place in our education system as they cannot think or reason past their own narrow minded views. When they have finally taken over tihis country completely not one person with any self esteem of a brain of their own will ever want to come here. Thank you Liberal Idiots! Yes, I’m bashing you and it’s not Trumps fault.

    7. Donald Trump is not the reason for bullying, in or out of schools, but has given many bullies new hope, and has indeed demonstrated that such behavior gets attention. The fact that you are in the teaching profession and happen to be a conservative voter does not need to have any connection to Trump’s candidacy; many would argue that he is not reflective of Republican (or conservative, or even small-d democratic) values.
      Your railing against the NEA for and article which simply recognizes how much damage is done to people of all ages by divisive language and behaviors is way off target. As an educator, please consider how you would frame the thesis of this article, or the essential questions it is based from. What supporting arguments are made to support the thesis?
      Finally, it is an unfortunate truth that overall, Republican candidates have not made constructive choices in their advocacy of policies, funding, or structures with regard to moving educational efforts forward in this country – not solely because of socially conservative views, but primarily because of their fiscal choices aimed at avoiding financial responsibility for our nation’s youth as a whole, regardless of their ethnic or social background.
      Best wishes to you. I imagine part of the frustration you feel, leading to your support of any of Trump’s rhetoric, is from a sense of economic insecurity as you head into your retirement… no doubt made less secure by the Republican efforts to quash our profession.

    8. Laureen, the arrogance of these organizations is way beyond delusional. Sadly, many of the members of these teacher groups have never worked at a job where the enterprise would fail to exist if they did not make a profit, a job where their myopic view of the world is shrouded in the beliefs of single minded, though good intentioned people, who came before them.

      There ought to be rules for teaching at a public school:

      (1) Can’t teach in the town you live in (oh boy, here we go!)
      (2) Can’t teach unless you are at least 26 years old (and off Mommy and Daddy’s insurance)
      (3) Must have work experience for at least 4 years at a for profit company (or military experience)
      (4) Rules changed such that union membership is not required
      (5) No one can teach at the same school for more than ten years

      Once teachers are recognized as real professionals and stop complaining there will then be an opportunity for salary movement and respect.

      And stop the bleeding heart liberal nonsense. Grow up!

      1. Bob,

        Have you ever taught before? One of the issues teachers face from those outside the profession is that people believe education should be run as a business. Failing charter schools around the country should be evidence enough that the business model doesn’t work. You can’t squeeze profits out of already strained teachers and students and it is quite obvious you are disconnected from the reality of teaching.

        Additionally, teachers work harder than many people realize. I personally work 70 hours a week and when legislation is consistently passed that directly and negatively affects my students and my profession I will speak out and the union gives us a voice. Clearly you are not an advocate for education and I’m not sure how you found yourself in a community of those who continue to advocate for students and teachers.

        1. Dear Katherine, how I found myself in community of liberal thinking generally well educated people is I taught at the high school level for many years. After working at a Fortune company for 20+ years and many years in the United States Marine Corps.

          I marvel at several things I constantly heard teachers complain about: ( let me offer some rational solutions)

          (1) I spend my own money on school supplies.

          Don’t. If the school wants you to have certain supplies, they will supply them. If the school does not, it not your problem. Really, its not. But if you want to contribute, that is your decision and so you then lose the opportunity to complain.

          If the school says you must purchase X, Y, Z with your own money, where is your union? Why don’t you refuse? You pay them hundreds of dollars per year. Why does the NEA not support you? Where are the lawyers to protect your rights?

          (2) I work sooooooo many hours. Really?

          If you do not want to work outside working hours, find an hourly job. Try working at a publicly owned company where profits are not something that just happen, they are mandatory, results matter, no one asks how long it took, you produce results.

          Or if you have learned to hate money making organizations that allowed this country to become great, try the military. Oh wait, you are likely to heap high praise on military men and women but at the same time say ‘not my son or daughter.’ You are likely part of the 99% who are not veterans.

          If you are not a fan of long hours, try being away from home for months at a time.

          (3) I don’t get paid enough. May be true depending where you live/work

          But, if you don’t check the pay before you ‘sign up’ (yeah, yeah, I understand the moronic licensing and relicensing and retraining nonsense) its your own fault to get shocked at the low pay.

          If you do not like the pay, vote with your feet. Problem is there will be a long list of people to fill the hole you just left. Tells you something about the pay. Supply and demand?

          (4) The administrators do not support me-us

          Probably true.

          A person can be a teacher one day, after some training and yet another license, be an administrator the next day. Yeah, I know its not that simple but in essence that’s what is required. So now, a person in all likelihood probably did not like teaching, never managed or led anything, is in charge of perhaps as many as hundreds of professional, knowledge workers.

          No other organization in the world would ever, ever put such an unproven person in that sort of responsibility. So the reaction is pretending to be the boss, be everyone’s friend, pretend , pretend. Not to say there are not many good administrators, a few great ones but in general, many fall into the ‘other’ category.

          1. Bob, your rhetoric is disturbing. I feel truly sorry for your students. You, sir, should’ve stayed in the private sector and the military where your small-minded, intolerant, venom-spewing views would not infect children. I also feel sorry for your obvious disillusion and anger. The world is a far better and beautiful place than your myopia allows you to see. One only has to see a classroom of kids eager to learn to know that as gospel.

            1. Paula, what is truly disturbing is the idea that the world of education is populated by a huge majority of liberal thinking, bleeding heart, well educated people who will not accept that the only way to move America forward is to accept the empty, tax wasting actions of people like Pelosi, Kennedy, Reid, Clintons.

              It is sad to think that people, for what ever reason, can not accept that Hillary Clinton9et al) has so much baggage with her philandering, woman abusing husband she ought to be in jail, not on a quest to run the country.

              The real disappointment is that of the 300 odd million legal residents of the USA, no one seems to be able to find a suitable candidate that can lead. Trump and to a degree, socialist Sanders, are actually the best candidates, both acceptable because of their lack of connection to campaign supporters. Neither is beholden to special interests.

              Trump is accused of being a bully. Those who make that claim have apparently not read laws which define what conditions must exist for bullying to occur.

              I see another real issue with many teachers. They tell kids that people like Trump are bad. I know my district has rules that tell teachers to not support any political agenda in the classroom. I know that is not always followed, other than by me and a few others. Kids tell me, teacher so-and-so tells the class that…. and what follows is an amazing party line diatribe.

              Any teacher who, in a classroom, openly supports one candidate or an other ought to be censured. Political trends and support needs to come from families, not teachers in public schools. If families can’t/won’t have rational discussions with their kids, its not for a school to point kids in one direction or another.

              If you feel a real need to direct kids’ beliefs, don’t forget to tell them about Billie boy and his actions in the White house with Monica. Make sure to have them research Hillary’s shady deals along with Trump’s egotistical boasts.

              Once again, I see a typical liberal view and approach: because you likely spout your views in classrooms, you assume everyone else does.

        2. Katherine, in many areas charter schools are not failing and in fact are much better performing than every day pubic schools.

          Before everyone starts, charters do not belong on the public dime. They pick and chose, have the ability to not take any and all students. There ought to be tuition if they are going to exist.

          Charters are not the answer to the myriad of public education problems but they do show that if you (as a school) can pick and chose your students, you can produce good results. A huge part of charter success is parental involvement at many levels. You can’t regulate that in a public school.

            1. Gee whiz Kyle, seems you just proved the point made several times here. You disagree, so angrily tell the dissenter to go away. Very mature, very good approach. Sounds like a union meeting. Solidarity, no dissent. Continue to complain, carry signs and march around the town hall when you do not get your way. Mature.

              Tell you what Kyle, when you have no more money in your pay check because its all going to taxes to support illegal aliens, yes ILLEGAL, you might start to wonder why you think dissent or disagreement with your ideas is not all that bad.

              You sir, are the most narrow minded, and I suspect, stupid person posting here. If you do not agree with me, that’s your choice, if you do not understand what I write you are stupid, if no one wants to read what I write, why are you reading it?

              Just curious, have you ever had an original idea? Or are you an association clone? I might guess you still in Mommy and Daddy’s basement, wear a hat, sometimes backwards, indoors.

              Ever have a job where the real issue was coming home alive at the end of the day?

            2. Bob. I told you to leave. No one wants to read what you want to write & neither do I. I based this on the likes to dislikes I observed on the prior posts you left. No one agrees with you Bob.
              Also, when did ILLEGAL ALIENS jump into this conversation. Your all over the place Bob. Stop it. That’s a whole other conversation.
              Finally, I do not live in my parents basement. If you are interested about myself, Google my name & you will find out all you need to know. I, unlike yourself, do not hide in anonymity & then post foolish & outrageous posts like the ones you made…. What’s your real name, Bob?

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