Clinton speaks out on behalf of students in her Super Tuesday victory remarks


by Félix Pérez; photo credit: Ted Eytan

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Super Tuesday was a big day for Hillary Clinton: she won seven of the 11 Democratic primaries and caucuses and strengthened her bid to become the party’s nominee. And in the heart of her victory remarks, she made time to speak out in behalf of students.

Speaking last night before thousands of supporters (starting at 7:42 in the video below), Clinton said:

Together we can break down barriers for our kids so they get the education they need and deserve. Every child in America should have a great school and a great teacher no matter what their ZIP code.

Educators in state after state, recognizing the importance of having a pro-public education president, played a key role.

  • In Minnesota, more than 400 retired and active educators participated in caucus trainings and volunteer programs. Volunteer phone banks resulted in nearly 2,600 conversations. And joint union member-to-union member neighborhood canvassing reached more than 1,600 workers at home.
  • In Colorado, 10 educator-to-educator volunteer phone banks were held, logging 2,377 calls. Educators filled 22 precinct captain positions.
  • In Virginia, educators from Maryland joined their Virginia peers in a weekend canvass that reached 461 homes. Volunteer phone banks reached more than 300 educators, and a phone program reached another 3,900 homes.
  • Texas educators, along with educators from 30 other states at an education conference, participated in a phone bank the weekend before Super Tuesday, completing 2,300 calls.

Clinton, a former U.S. Secretary of State and U.S. Senator, has built a large lead over U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders in the all-important delegate count necessary to win the party’s nomination. While Sanders won four states yesterday, Clinton’s wins give her a nearly insurmountable 1,055 delegates and superdelegates to Sanders’ 418.

On the Republican side, reality TV star and real estate mogul Donald Trump won seven of 11 primaries in a dominating performance. He solidified his front-runner status.

Reader Comments

  1. I don’t believe our union should endorse any political candidate. I personally have not seen a politician I would trust. We all have our own views and I for one do not agree with most of the political choices our unions have made. Hillary in my opinion is a dishonest person and after the Benghazi affair I feel she is less than honest and is a deceitful and lying woman. I don’t want to see her in my children’s, grandchildren’s or great-grand children’s future.

    1. I find it insulting and a challenge to my intelligence when a group or individual tells me for whom to vote. Early on with my association involvement I made it very clear (in terms I learned in the USMC)to never, ever, ever, call me and tell who I ought to vote for. Every individual who pays union dies needs to do the same.

      Do the people running these groups really think you are too dumb to think for yourself?

  2. I don’t believe that any of the politicians are very honest at all. It has been the worst group that I have ever seen.

  3. Anyone concerned that she can not tell the truth form fiction? title 18 laws prohibit her from serving in a public office. Wait until Trump demands her to tell the truth. The fangs will come out

  4. Too often when politicians talk about every child deserving a great teacher and or a great school, they are the very politicians who do not support public school districts and public-school teachers. Even within the Democratic Party, there are many who promote charters, Parent trigger laws, and the destruction of teacher unions.

  5. What the article above tells me is that Clinton supports charters, schools that siphon off the stronger students in a district and leave the poor and disabled in public schools. I also haven’t heard her address testing. Since November, all my kids have done is test. For the life of me, I don’t understand how I am supposed to teach kids the material they will be tested over when all I do is administer benchmark tests. I will never vote for Clinton-although I caucused for her against Obama-until she details a plan to eliminate the current over reliance on testing in our public schools.

  6. Serious this is so sick do you really believe this? her education has only allowed her to be better at manipulation to enable her sexual harassing husband, and students like Monica to be taken advantage of. Please stop allowing her and her husband to take advantage of educators there has got to be someone who will truly beieve in education that has integrity and hasn’t lied and has a back bone to stand up against her sexual predator husband

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