Educators volunteer and turn out in Iowa presidential caucus, leaving imprint


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The results of yesterday’s presidential caucuses are in, and aside from all the headlines and news coverage of wins by Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Ted Cruz, there remains an untold story of educators working to mobilize other educators and their families to volunteer and turn out.

Among the takeaways of yesterday’s first-in-the-nation caucus:

  • Forty educators were trained by the National Education Association and the Iowa State Education Association as spokespersons. These educators sought out and asked candidates tough questions and used social media to spread pro-public education messages.
  • They and other ISEA members became fixtures at campaign events throughout the state. They were sought out by local and national media, including four who participated in CNN’s nationally televised candidate town hall.
  • ISEA members turned out at more than 125 campaign events. On average, 75 members each attended the targeted events.
  • ISEA members — joined by educators from Wisconsin and Minnesota — filled nearly 500 canvassing shifts, including more than 200 shifts during the final weekend. Educators knocked on more than 2,500 doors on the final weekend in Dubuque alone and nearly 25,000 doors throughout the campaign.
  • Educators made nearly 15,000 calls to ISEA members and other voters during the final weekend to encourage caucus attendance.

The results of the 2016 presidential election will have direct consequences for us as educators, for our students, and for working families across the nation. It’s very important for us to have an ally in the White House — someone who supports public education and working families. We need a candidate who recognizes the challenges facing students and working families in trying to get a good education, said Carrie Pugh, director of Campaigns and Elections for the National Education Association.

The unprecedented involvement by educators is all the more the noteworthy given how close the Democratic race was: Clinton beat Bernie Sanders 49.9 percent to 49.6 percent. On the Republican side, Cruz took 27.6 percent of the vote to Donald Trump’s 24.3 percent.

The next presidential contest, the New Hampshire primary, will be held February 9.

Reader Comments

  1. Mea Culpa, I meant to use my own word, ‘demeaner’ of women. And I can describe Billary as pathological. She demonstrates behavior that is not normal and any observer who is objective would realize many of her stories are fanciful, and lies


      HILLARY IS HIGHLY EDUCated, her positive enthusiasm is uplifting!

      The World is watching the Tea Party Haters tear apart the dignity of United States Presidential Elections that have been corrupt with greed and billions pouring on negative ads…to pull down Americas Only Smart Choice for Presidency!

      1. Ya know what is always, consistently interesting? Any time a criticism of a liberal is offered, the immediate progressive response is ‘stop’, your comments are not welcome, no one wants to hear them. My perfect Ms Billary should not be bad mouthed….she is s woman, so very woman should vote for her. Never mind her fanciful stores of heroic action, her dream laden stories of rejection by Marine recruiters, her coverup of inaction in Libya that caused deaths of Americans, her use of millions of Wall street money, her aid and abetting of cover-ups of her husband’s inappropriateness(a nice way to say it) with many women. Never mind all that, she’s a woman so you should vote for her.

        Grow up, and act like an American who can actually think for yourself, not listen to the empty rhetoric of these empty education associations who see nothing beyond school issues. There are plenty for sure, but this country is not just schools and progressive agendas allowing illegal aliens and continuing welfare.

        There is a special place in hell for people who vote for a candidate just because there are a certain race or gender.

        Last time you voted for an African American to prove you were not prejudiced, this time vote in a way that proves you are not stupid.

      2. How about we make this a year an actual competent candidate becomes president. From what I understand a woman or anyone who is qualified can be president any year

  2. It is interesting to me that many teacher organizations see nothing in a presidential election beyond a typically warped perspective of only education issues.

    Poor public school systems are a symptom of an ill working economy, strangled by government regulation and lack of individual accountability.

    Effective federal government stays out of the local issues of education, gun control, regulation of what we can and can’t eat.

    If the federal government supported the founding father’s concepts of only providing for national defense and regulation of interstate commerce, states, in the interest of their citizens would provide the best quality schools in their districts.

    Education associations seem to have no interest or concern in the exceedingly important issues of international respect for this nation, business other than destroying capitalism, wasting incalculable amounts on welfare and support for illegal immigrants. National defense and an all volunteer military will lead to real problems with defending the nation.

    There needs to be a wake up call: there is more to a successful America than public schools and pandering to illegal aliens.

  3. Bob, from Feb. 6 at 1:14: You mis-used “demeanor” in your third sentence. It means “comportment” not “one who demeans.” I know, it’s hard to come up with an appropriate word when one starts with an inappropriate thought. Try again.

  4. As a Parent, 15-year Special Education Teacher, Journalist and leader as President of the 550 member Olympia Fraternal Order of Eagles, I am deeply disturbed by your support for the war monger Hillary Clinton, who is receiving large sums of dark money from Saudi Arabia and other large arms buyers. I saw John F Kennedy in the streets of Milwaukee- was inspired by him, MLK and marched for civil rights as a child. My mother helped start the Sierra Club of Milwaukee. I am determined to only vote for candidates that have demonstrated morals toward the American People and not Corporate Domination. With YOUR feverish support of Hillary, only calling for mediocre reform of NCLB High Stakes Testing and mediocre efforts to oppose corporate domination of our field, I will not support the NEA’s electoral efforts this year.

    I absolutely insist you support Bernie Sanders. Clinton is a leader of the emerging Oligarchy, completely untrustworthy, funded by the banks that should have been eliminated and a significant warmonger blindly supporting Netanyahu and his bloodthirsty policies. I will NEVER vote for her and I will urge all my family, friends and neighbors to support Bernie Sanders. I am the PCO of my precinct and hosting phone banks for Bernie. I suggest you take a long, hard look at your blind support for Clinton as a huge impediment to Independent Education, world peace and fervently support publicity for viable and upcoming major candidates like Bernie and Elizabeth Warren.

    Hillary is so problematic, it is absolutely critical that we build a powerful Populist movement toward electing Bernie Sanders with Elizabeth Warren joining or leading the ticket. I will not give money or to ANYONE other than groups that support Bernie, Elizabeth or a progressive candidate. That includes Al Franken who presently supports Hillary as a favor for helping him over the top in his election. I would really rather be stabbed in the chest by Republicans than in the back like Hillary’s Husband’s NAFTA and Welfare Reform betrayals. Please focus on truth in media, not participate in it’s current trend of complete capitulation to corporate domination.

    YOU MUST help bring about REAL CHANGE, Clinton will NEVER reform Education or the banks that are supporting her run. I will not vote for Oligarchy Members, the DINO’s that have taken this nation and world to the brink of disaster over and over and over.

    Thank you and good luck.

  5. I think NEA should refrain from endorsing a candidate until the parties have made their selection. If NEA has already come out for Hillary, shame on NEA.

  6. Hillary won only by coin tosses. She won 6 out of 6 coin tosses. What are the odds of that? She is behind in New Hampshire, has lost her big lead nationally, and Sanders is making headway in North Carolina. NEA leadership should own up – they made a big mistake in their endorsement. They will have some explaining to do at the Convention.

  7. Sanders is the right Democratic choice for president. He can never be elected. But liar, teller of tales, demeanor of woman Hillary, seems to have cast a spell on too many people. She is a pathological liar. I would warn that you would to keep any women you like away from her lecherous husband. Hide the cigars!

    Are contributors to union dues not shocked and dismayed that their hard earned money goes to supporting this woman?

    1. Bob-ob, -ob, -ob, -ob….Get out of the echo, -cho, -cho, -cho chamber, and do some research. Think; don’t just repeat anti-fact, chauvinist propaganda. (Who made you psychologist enough to classify someone as “pathological?”) Then, learn how to write grammatically correct sentences. No newswriter student in my class would get away with your silly diatribe. Now, go back and try again; have your mom check it before re-submitting it for a re-do grade.

  8. I wish to know why WEA has endorsed Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders. I am a Bernie supporter and teacher who believes that our public education will be far better off once a President is in office who understands the corporate take over of our schools, and who I know will work to defend and improve our Public Schools.

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