Educators join others serving their communities to stop attacks on working people


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It is anticipated that the U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments in Fredrichs vs. California Teachers Association early next year. NEA is joining with other public employee unions in an aggressive campaign to increase public awareness of the danger this lawsuit poses for people trying to work together for more responsive public services — better outcomes in the classroom for students, quicker response times in emergencies, and better staffing for hospitals — and more vibrant communities.

The coalition will be drawing attention to the struggles of working families and the influence of dark money on the Supreme Court. The truth is that our economy has swung out of balance because corporate CEOs and wealthy special interests are manipulating the rules in their own favor. Meanwhile, we work longer and longer hours and still struggle to support our families.

Now, these same special interests are attacking our freedom to join together in unions, which will make this out of balance economy even worse. This time, it’s through a group called the Center for Individual Rights, backed by the Koch brothers. They are pushing the Friedrichs vs. California Teachers Association case to make it harder for working people to speak up together for better wages and benefits.

Will you take action now to help raise awareness?

Will you join the coalition Thunderclap to raise awareness about how wealthy special interests are continuing their attacks on working people? Sign on by enabling your Facebook or Twitter account to send out a message. Sign on here.

Giving working people the ability to speak up together through their unions leads to a balanced economy and fair wages for all workers. When we speak up together with one voice we get better pay, better benefits, and ensure a better quality of life for all our families.

Enough is enough! It’s time to stop attacking working people — including teachers, librarians, nurses and other public service workers who work to make our communities better.

If you agree, join the Thunderclap here!


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