Koch Brothers vs. the GOP: A fight for control


by Brian Washington

New reports suggest that things are getting ugly between the Republican Party and the Koch Brothers, the billionaire siblings who serve as two of the biggest threats to quality public education.

It appears key members of the GOP, who have often sought the Koch Brothers’ support, now see the infamous duo as a threat to the party’s political power.

According to a recent article in the Washington Post, the two groups have had some heated exchanges–going back and forth over whether GOP candidates will use the party’s voter information file or a new system created by the Kochs’ political operation.

Since then, relations between the two sides have soured, turning into what one Republican operative described as “all-out war.” Interviews with more than three dozen people, including top decision-makers in both camps, have revealed that the Kochs’ i360 platform for managing voter contacts — which is viewed by many as a superior, easier-to-use interface than what’s on offer from the RNC — is becoming increasingly popular among Republican campaigns.

The RNC is now openly arguing, however, that the Kochs’ political operation is trying to control the Republican Party’s master voter file, and to gain influence over — some even say control of — the GOP.

“I think it’s very dangerous and wrong to allow a group of very strong, well-financed individuals who have no accountability to anyone to have control over who gets access to the data when, why and how,” said Katie Walsh, the RNC’s chief of staff.

Click here to read more about the tug-of-war between the Kochs and the GOP in the Washington Post.

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Reader Comments

  1. As a complacent, disengaged electorate becomes increasingly aware of the sway moneyed interest, from the featured Koch brothers, to Wall Street, to our financial sector, has held in our “pay-to-play” legislature as well as the election process in the USA, there is likely to be an, at least public, distancing of the heretofore Corporatocratic GOP from their benefactors in the private sector who’ve paid them well for past favors to bolster their corporate bottom lines.
    It is high time national POLICY returns to that which is in our national interest in general and that of the refortification of a prosperous middle class in particular.
    Where have the investigative journalists been hiding for the past 35 years?

    1. Good question. One would think that in a “free society” journalism will ferret out window dressing from the more authentic positions and issues confronting society. We do have some good journalists like Bill Moyer, etc., but we need a much more active, daily vigilance that only an impartial, non biased, and vigorous press can deliver. Democracy cannot thrive in any of our social institutions if there is even a perception of partiality.

      The press must have enough courage to expose, corporations, politicians, and other individuals and groups who are corrupting our Democratic values.

    2. There are plenty of independent investigative journalists out there, but not on the rosters of corporate-sponsored news media! For a start, check out Mother Jones, The Nation (our country’s oldest news weekly, since 1865), Greg Palast, Brad Friedman, Democracy Now!, Thom Hartmann, Robert Reich (economist, actually), Common Dreams, Pacifica Radio Network, Progressive Radio Network, The Daily Kos, and, of course Ralph Nader’s ProPublica. There are many more, so feel free to add to this list of quality investigative reporting!

      1. To Marilyn Perona: You say it well!
        Robert Reich, the former Secretary of Labor, being one of my favorite commentators, along with economist, Paul Krugman. Jim Hightower can be depended on to hit the nail on the head, as can Paul Heise (here’s some of his work: http://www.ldnews.com/opinion/ci_24833119/paul-heise-wealthy-have-nearly-completed-class-war
        I guess my main point was that you don’t see a united message or the “daily vigilance” Tom has pointed out being blared from our media to point to the overwhelming dominance of “moneyed interest” in our political system and the corruption of our representative form of government this has led to.

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