Ark. educators, community unite to thwart school privatization bill


By Dmitriy Synkov/Photo via Bill Kopsky (@bkopsky)

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“Public education is working in Arkansas, and it doesn’t need intervention from an outside entity.” This was the message heard loud and clear at the State Capitol in Little Rock last week, when education activists showed up to denounce a bill that would have privatized districts with low-performing schools.

The 300+ person rally — a congregation of educators, administrators, parents, students, and concerned community members — turned into an impromptu celebration when it was announced on Tuesday, March 17, that Republican Rep. Bruce Cozart had pulled the bill due to the staggering public outcry against it. The bill will not be brought up again this session.

The rally was held in opposition to House Bill 1733, introduced by Cozart, who admitted that it was pitched to him by the Walton Family Foundation, a proponent of private school vouchers. The bill would have allowed for the privatization of entire districts deemed to be in “academic distress” and the waiving of teaching-related standards and qualifications.

To summarize, HB-1733 would have:

  • Allowed the state government to close local schools
  • Dissolved elected school boards permanently
  • Forced children to attend corporate-run charter schools
  • Implemented weaker standards and unproven strategies

“It would have been a sad day for public education and for Arkansas,” said public school teacher and president of the Arkansas Education Association Brenda Robinson. Robinson added:

We know that when schools are privatized it’s not good for the community, who will lose their involvement and their voice in public education. And it’s not good for children, who will suffer from dumbed down standards and the unproven track record of private schools.

Public education activists banded together in opposition to the bill to get it withdrawn. Multiple groups throughout the state, including Little Rock’s PTA members, mobilized via email, social media, and a press conference the night before the rally.HB1733 In-Text FINAL

In addition to the protesters who showed up at the steps of the Capitol, Cozart claimed to have received more than 3,000 emails and “countless calls” against the proposal. Cozart was also reportedly pressured by the Walton family, owners of the multi-billion dollar Walmart corporation, to pull the bill after the public outcry.

“This was a huge victory for public education,” said Robinson, especially in light of who was behind it. The Walton Family Foundation has pushed similar legislation through multiple lobby groups — but this attack is not unique to Little Rock, or to Arkansas, said Robinson. “I expect them to forge ahead in another way.”

So what can education activists do to prepare in their state? “You have to rally the troops, get the community involved, get parents involved, take a stand,” said Robinson, stressing the immense impact that activists’ voices had in getting the proposal shut down. “We are for public schools and we make a difference. We in Arkansas know what’s best for our children.”

Reader Comments

  1. I commend the public and educators in Arkansas for defending a healthy system—their public schools. The Walton Family continues to try to do away with local public schools in several states, putting money into school board elections to get the “privatizer” elected. Want to know the real success story of public schools—read the book, Why America’s Public Schools Are the Best Place for Kids: Reality vs. Negative Perceptions available in all formats at

    Our public schools are strong and effective in every state, every city, and every little hamlet in America. Let’s continue to fight for our public schools, in which 89 percent of U. S. students attend!

  2. Why would anyone in their right mind trust the likes of the Walton Walmart family or their foundation on education policy? Walmart has famously and repeatedly shown its lack of a social conscience, and it continues to do so.

  3. WARNING TO ROGUE SCHOOL BOARDS: When the fox gets in the hen house, he obviously doesn’t care which hen he attacks.

  4. It is always curious to me that Public Officials run to the task of building private institutions. One may suggest that those elected individuals see if they could initiate Charter Congress, get elected as Charter senators and representatives, and be awarded only and the same pay and benefits as Charter school workers.

  5. While this was a great victory, we have have to be vigilant. They have two years and billions of dollars to regroup.

  6. I only dream of something this great happening in Colorado. My hat is off to you who worked so hard to do the right thing by kids.

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