Who’s sweet on public education, and who’s breaking hearts?


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By Amanda Litvinov / graphics by Dmitriy Synkov / photo above by fractured-fairytales

Ah, Valentine’s Day. As schoolchildren across the country enjoy exchanging cards and candy, the EdVotes team would like to send a couple of greetings of our own.

This one is for friends of public education who are defending public schools and the students and families who rely on them. XOXOXO!

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And here is our nasty-gram to the elected leaders and decision makers whose policies and plots bankrupt public schools and take opportunity away from kids. Until you get out of the business of stealing candy from babies, may all your roses be thorny ones.

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Reader Comments

    1. Funny how few called it socialism during the boom years of the 50s, 60s, and into the early 70s…

      It was a time that witnessed the USA’s highest marginal tax rates (90% plus), our largest expansion through investments in infrastructure, Public Works, NASA, the Military, Government subsidized R&D that saw miraculous advances in medicine, and technology, the rebuilding of Europe and Japan (Marshal Plan), as well as a middle class working wage ranked among the world’s highest, thanks to The Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, The Wagner Act, otherwise known as The National Labor Relations Act, and later, the Employment Act of 1946. In addition, during those years of unparalleled, historic US expansion and investment, we even had a few years when there were budget surpluses (1951, ’56, ’57 and ’61).

      It strikes me a peculiar that any suggesting that we revisit some of those policy enactments that fortified the world’s largest, most prosperous middle class consumer economy the world has ever seen, is met with cries of “socialism.” Meanwhile, when our financial sector makes risky investments and wins, they capitalize their gains, but when they bet the farm and lose, they socialize their losses, and the corresponding outcry in protest (Occupy Wall Street), is likewise, labeled socialism…

  1. Some people just don’t appreciate progress! How else do you expect to boost corporate profit margins if you don’t cut costs? Sacrifices must be made! We need to offshore MORE middle class jobs! Labor costs must be significantly reduced! Jobs in exchange for larger Wall Street gains to suit investors; it’s just the way the cookie crumbles. If those displaced USA workers don’t find jobs, let alone become millionaires, it’s their own fault; they’re just not trying hard enough! Imagine the impact on corporate profits if every State got with the program and instituted Union busting “Right to Work” (for less) laws, forcing USA workers to capitulate to the downward pressure on wages and benefit packages to bring them more in line with those in Communist China ($1.36/hr. avg. wage, children work for 30 cents). Supply side economics on steroids… And if our complacent, fat & happy middle class develops a little cash flow problem; just offer them easy credit. If they’re stupid enough and find themselves in hopeless indebtedness? No problem; when the public debt bubble bursts, what the liquidation of middle class assets don’t cover, our corporate lackeys in Congress (Citizens United…) can always be counted on to bail out the banks’ remaining unfunded liabilities! BRILLIANT!!!

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