New video uses satire to underscore important message about charter schools


By Dmitriy Synkov

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A new video is providing a satirical take on a serious subject—the potential harms of turning over public schools to private companies.

“Wisconsin is on the leading edge of school privatization. But this is a national issue,” says Ruth Conniff, editor at The Progressive, the Wisconsin-based magazine which put out the video and is urging activists nationwide to rally together against public school privatization.

Several recent reports have criticized charter schools for lacking transparency and accountability. A report from the Annenberg Institute on School Reform [ed note: pdf link] is among those studies calling for better oversight of how public funds are being managed to avoid fraud and abuse in connection to charter schools.

“Charter schools, authorizers, and management organizations are sometimes exempted from transparency and public accountability regulations that other publicly funded institutions must adhere to,” researchers state. “Charter schools must be subject to the same process and transparency rules as traditional public schools.”

Educators believe that charter schools should be subject to the same transparency and accountability standards as traditional public schools, given that both are funded using public dollars.

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Reader Comments

  1. One thing I work at a charter school so I know at least in this case, they are held to the same standards as regular schools as far as high stakes testing and the results of that testing.

    They are terrible places to work. With no unions, teachers leave by the droves. The first summer after I was hired, 60% of the staff took other jobs. The next summer I guestimated at least 45% of the teachers were gone, probably more. I did a head count at the first meeting of the year, but I just counted as I looked around, not pointing and could have missed a new face in my count.

    One of the best teachers at our school is serving out her last week this coming week. She can’t stand it anymore. I will miss her friendly spirit and ready smile.

  2. I couldn’t agree more. However, there are charter schools that are also public – instrumentalities. Be careful with lumping them all together.

  3. please don’t subscribe to this. think – why do pols (Think Jeb) want anything – $$$. get their hands on public school $$$ w/o adequate oversight
    & please ignore comparisons w Scandinavian schools – they do NOT educate the diverse population we do & that’s just for starters . Go visit, research the FACTS.I used to teach propaganda tactics – check out the BIG LIE, a well used tactic. sure we can always improve BUT, WE’RE NOT AS BAD AS CHARTER PEOPLE WOULD LIKE US TO BELIEVE

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