Microsoft dumps ALEC, pressure is on Google to do the same

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by Brian Washington

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If you haven’t heard, Microsoft has dumped the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)—a conservative right-wing group that uses lavish gifts to persuade state politicians to push its model legislation designed to benefit ALEC’s corporate sponsors and benefactors.

While this truly is a win on the side of democracy, the question now is, “Who will be next to part ways with ALEC?”

Many, including Arizona educator Marisol Garcia, are hoping that the next company to turn its back on ALEC will be Google. Garcia, who is an 8th grade social studies teacher, is rallying the online community to put pressure on Google to sever its ties to ALEC. More than 100,000 people have signed Garcia’s online petition—agreeing with Garcia that it’s time for Google to dump ALEC.

ALEC is responsible for some of the most detrimental legislation to middle class families—including proposals that siphon away critical tax dollars from public education to send a selected few to private and religious schools and huge tax breaks for individuals and corporations who can more than afford to pay their fair share. These tax cuts deplete public coffers used to provide key community services.

ALEC’s membership roster has deep pockets and includes billionaires Charles and David Koch, known to many as the infamous Koch Brothers. The Koch Brothers are not afraid to spend money to promote those political candidates who are willing to back ALEC-inspired legislation and do the will of the 1-percent.

The good news is many people are catching on to the ALEC agenda and the impact that it’s having on the middle class. Protests against ALEC and its policies have taken place in a variety of locations nationwide, including Kansas, Wisconsin, Missouri, and Washington, D.C.

But now, here’s your chance to get involved!! Sign our petition and tell ALEC to stop cashing in on our kids!

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  1. We are boycotting buying any products made by Koch Brothers’ businesses. We are especially concerned about their attack on public education, K-12 and also their attempt to use public funding to support “for profit K-12 schools.”

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