‘Why I’m an Education Voter’: Meet PA ESP Rudolph Burruss


By Amanda Litvinov and Peter Duffy

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Rudolph Burruss, an educator of 20 years, is an instructional paraeducator at State College Area High School in State College, Pennsylvania. His job is to mentor and assist students with special needs, to do everything he can to make sure they are set to have a successful day.

He starts by making sure that each of his students has had a good breakfast. After helping his students meet the demands of their classes, Burruss talks to them before they head home so he can help resolve any issues they’ve encountered along the way.

He says seeing the light bulb turn on when a young person learns a new skill is like winning the lottery over and over again.

But he knows that getting students like his the services they need means having committed leaders in office.

Burruss meme 3“Education is at stake in this election,” he says of the November midterms. “I am engaging in this election to help remind others of the value of their vote. We can all use our vote to elect people who are committed to helping the education system continue to grow and meet the needs of all students.”

Governor Corbett’s education cuts had a direct impact on students: More than 20,000 educators lost their jobs, which increased class sizes in 70 percent of districts.

“I became an activist particularly because I see the wrongs that have been done to education,” said Burruss.

“We have to get to the polls and vote for education, vote for our students. Otherwise our students won’t have the future that they deserve.”


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